NFL 1st Quarter and 1st Half Betting Report

NFL First-Quarter & First-Half Betting Report

Are you using our NFL 1st quarter and 1st half betting reports? Well, you really should be. With these reports, you'll find new ways to make money betting on pro football.

To aid your bets, we’ve broken down the latest NFL betting trends into a first-quarter and first-half betting report below.

NFL First-Quarter Betting Trends

Betting MarketSU Record (Profits)ATS Record (Profit)
Home Teams68-72-40 (-$2158.04)82-98 (-$2607.60)
Road Teams72-68-40 (+$664.50)98-82 (+$761.51)
Underdogs51-84-40 (-$2121.79)92-88 (-$1970.56)
Favourites89-51-40 (+$628.25)88-92 (+$124.47)


Road teams are where the profits are at. They've generated over $660 SU and over $760 ATS in the first quarter. As are the favorites. 

When it comes to those profitable favorites, the top team in the first quarter is the Los Angeles Chargers at 4-0-2 for $270.14 in profits. This week, the Chargers are on the road against a pathetically poor New England Patriots side. LA is favored at -162 in Q1. You have to smash that.

NFL First-Half Betting Trends

Betting MarketSU Record (Profits)ATS Record (Profit)
Home Teams88-81-11 (-$1728.73)87-92-1 (-$1376.69)
Road Teams81-88-11 (-$329.53)92-87-1 (-$267.86)
Underdogs54-114-11 (-$3298.85)77-101-1 (-$3202.81)
Favourites114-54-11 (+1249.68)101-77-1 (+$1567.35)


It's still all about the favorites in the first half. Of the four angles we cover, it's the only one that's profitable.

This weekend, the Colts are favored in the first half against the Titans at -118. Those Colts are 3-0 when favored in the first half, generating $291.96 worth of profits. So take Indi in the first half this weekend and make $8.47 on a $10 bet

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