Best Super Bowl 58 Exotic Prop Bets

Best Super Bowl Exotic Prop Bets: Commercial, Broadcast & More

Exotic prop Super Bowl betting has taken on a mind of its own. Over the past few decades sportsbooks have offered odds for almost anything you can think of. These are the "think outside the box" wagers for those who wish to bet on something that has very little to do with the outcome on the field. As the hub of NFL football entertainment, and a halftime show that has become a pop culture must-see, there are plenty of markets to wager on for this year's Super Bowl exotic props. At the end of the day, we all want to see Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift on the field after the game, right? Right??

If you don’t want to bet on all the best Super Bowl exotic props, you can instead wager on the color the Gatorade thrown over the winning coach, the outcome of the coin toss or even some Super Bowl halftime prop bets.

If you are looking for more prop options specific to the actual game, our ultimate Super Bowl props page takes a look at all the different betting opportunities. 

Best Super Bowl 58 Exotic Prop Bets

Dive into our best Super Bowl 58 exotic prop bets and check out all the odds below.

Taylor Swift OVER 4.5 Super Bowl Appearances (-175)

The highlight of the night for many Swifties watching around the world be will seeing their icon in Las Vegas. As everyone already knows, Taylor Swift will be playing the final show of her "Eras Tour" in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday, February 10th. Presumably, she will then board a thirteen hour flight to head to Las Vegas and cheer on her man. The OVER 4.5 is an excellent bet here. You've gotta think broadcasters will want to recap her whirlwind weekend, and highlight Kelce's superstar girlfriend every time he, or the Chiefs make a big play. There's also the potential to show Taylor near the end of the game, either as the team begins to celebrate, or check in on her vibe as Kansas City chases a win.

The NFL has reportedly raked in an extra $331.5 million dollars of exposure due to the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift relationship. You can bet they will want to continue to feed their brand new golden goose. To the delight of Swifties everywhere, Taylor is very likely to make a multitude of Super Bowl 58 appearances.

Super Bowl 58 MVP to thank Teammates first (-145)

Patrick Mahomes stepped up and thanked his teammates last year. You'd have to think the men around him would be his first mention yet again. As the Super Bowl MVP favorite, betting on teammates here is an excellent play. Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey are also likely to heap credit onto their teammates, should the San Francisco 49ers win the game. The guys who share the blood, sweat and tears that go into a Lombardi Trophy victory are the play here.

Super Bowl 58 National Anthem Forgotten Word Prop

Will Any Word Be Forgotten In The National Anthem?

Odds as of February 10

The national anthem props are a favorite of Super Bowl bettors. However, it seems unlikely Reba Mcentire will forget any words during her rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner".

Super Bowl 58 MVP Speech Prop

Who will the Super Bowl 58 MVP mention first in his speech?
Family or Family Members+1400
Does Not Mention Any of the Above+1800

Odds as of February 10

Super Bowl 58 First Minute Score Prop

Score In the First Minute Of The Game

Odds as of February 10

Super Bowl 58 Travis Kelce Proposal Prop

Will Travis Kelce Propose to Taylor Swift on the field after the game?

Odds as of February 10

Swifties around the globe have spread their opinion far and wide on this one. On one hand, many seem to love the idea of a sports hero romantically taking a knee in front of the whole world to propose to his pop icon girlfriend. However, Travis Kelce is unlikely to want to steal the spotlight from the sum of his teammates blood, sweat and tears. You can safely bet no on this one.

Super Bowl 58 Ejection Prop

Will any player be ejected for throwing a punch or fighting?

Odds as of February 10

Super Bowl 58 Field Goal Doink Prop

Will Either kicker hit the upright or crossbar on a missed field goal or extra-point attempt?

Odds as of February 10

Super Bowl 58 Color Liquid Poured On Winning Coach

What Color liquid will be poured on winning coach?

Odds as of February 10

Orange has traditionally been the most popular color of Gatorade splashed on the Super Bowl winning head coach. Dousing the coach in a joyous affair the most times since 2001. However, Andy Reid was splattered with purple gatorade last year, making it the heavy favorite at +225 yet again. That being said, orange was the play back in 2020, when Reid and the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54. Is history set to repeat itself after Super Bowl 58?

Super Bowl 58 Result Of First Coaches Challenge

What Will be the result of the first coaches challenge?
Play Stands-110
Play Overturned-110

Odds as of February 10

Super Bowl 58 Coin Toss Winner

What Team Will Win Coin Toss?
Kansas City Chiefs+100
San Francisco 49ers+100

Odds as of February 10

Kansas City has won the Super Bowl coin toss in two of their last three appearances to the big game.

Super Bowl 58 First Missed FG

What Will The First Missed FG Of The Game Be?
Wide Left (Including Left Goalpost)+115
Wide Right (Including Right Goalpost)+115
Short (Including Blocked And Crossbar)+325

Odds as of February 10

Super Bowl 58 Measurements

How Many Times Will Chains Be Used For Measurements?
UNDER 1.5+150
OVER 1.5-200

Odds as of February 10

Super Bowl 58 Player To Record Octopus

Will A Player Record An Octopus?


No, there will not be any sea creatures on the field. In case you’re wondering what an octopus is in football terms, it occurs when the same player who scores a touchdown also scores a two-point conversion. Jalen Hurts scored three touchdown, and recorded an octopus while running in a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 57.

However, with neither of these quarterbacks being the dual threat Hurts is, an octopus is unlikely to occur in Super Bowl 58. As the odds suggest, no is a safe bet at -2500.

Super Bowl 58 Bitcoin

What will happen to the price of Bitcoin (BTC) During The Super Bowl?
Price Goes Up-125
Price Goes Down-105

Odds as of February 10

Best Super Bowl 58 Stadium Sales

Are you good at those party games of predicting how many marbles are in a jar? Or maybe you’re a math wizard. Regardless, there are a couple of props for you to predict the number of products sold to a full house at Allegiant Stadium for Super Bowl 58.

Super Bowl 58 Allegiant Stadium Sales

How Many Beers Will Be Sold?
120,000 Or UNDER-175
OVER 120,000+130

Odds as of February 10

How Many Hotdogs Will Be Sold?
17,000 Or UNDER-225
OVER 17,000+185

Odds as of February 10

Best Super Bowl 58 Commercial Props

If you’re not into betting on what the commentators may say during the broadcast, don’t go run and grab a beverage or snack during commercials because you can bet on them too!

Super Bowl 58 First Commercial Prop

Commercial To Play First - BMW vs Coors Light
Coors Light-130

Odds as of February 10

Commercial To Play First - Vs Hellman's

Odds as of February 10

Commercial To Play First - Drumstick vs Uber Eats
Uber Eats-140

Odds as of February 10

Halftime Show Props

You can check out our full list of Super Bowl 58 Halftime show props, but here is one exotic halftime prop to get you thinking before Usher takes center stage:

Super Bowl 58 Halftime Set Length

Number Of Songs In Set
OVER 8.5-125
UNDER 8.5-125

Odds as of February 10

Usher will presumably perform a whole wrath of hits during his performance on the Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show stage. But, how many songs will be in his set? Rihanna went OVER her 9.5 song prop betting mark last year. Will Usher follow the same path?

All Super Bowl 58 Record Props

It’s the biggest game of the NFL season and players are aiming to go down in the annals of Super Bowl history. So, there’s plenty of opportunity for the athletes to break league records on their journey to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Super Bowl 58 Records 

Will Longest Field Goal Record Of 54 Yards Be Broken?

Odds as of February 10

Buffalo Bills’ kicker Steve Christie booted a 54-yard field goal in Super Bowl 27 way back in 1994. However, the Bills fell to the Dallas Cowboys 52-17 as the Cowboys waltzed to their third Super Bowl in franchise history.

Will Single-Team Record Of 55 Points Be Broken?

Odds as of February 10

The San Francisco 49ers are credited for scoring the most points in Super Bowl history in 1990. The 49ers piled up 55 points in their 55-10 rout of the Denver Broncos.

Although, this year's big game may be more of a defensive showdown than many predict. The Chiefs and 49ers ranked second and third respectively in points per game allowed this season. They combined to allow just 35.2 points per game this season, and you can bet Steve Spagnuolo and Steve Wilks' have a few exotic (ha, see what I did there?) looks to try to discombobulate the offenses. There is little chance of either the Chiefs of 49ers surpassing 55 points on Sunday.

Will Passing Record Of 505 Yards Be Broken?

Odds as of February 10

You probably guessed it: Tom Brady holds the record for most passing yards in a Super Bowl, throwing for 505 yards in 2018 when his New England Patriots lost to the Eagles 41-33. Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa led the NFL with 4,624 passing yards this season.

Super Bowl 58 Drake Curse 

What Team Apparel Will Drake Be Wearing On Super Bowl Sunday?

Odds as of February 10

You know the Canadian rapper won’t be missing out on Super Bowl action. But it begs the question, who will Drake be rooting for on February 11th? Find all you need to know about the Drake Curse here.

Super Bowl 58 America the Beautiful

Who will be shown first during "America the Beautiful"?
Travis Kelce-250
Christian McCaffrey+185

Odds as of February 10

With Travis Kelce at the heart of the sports and entertainment worlds right now, he's an excellent bet to seen first during the Super Bowl 58 rendition of America the Beautiful.

Super Bowl 58 Taylor Swift

How many Times will Taylor Swift be Shown on Super Bowl 58 broadcast?
Over 4.5-175
Under 4.5+135

Odds as of February 10

Best Super Bowl Exotic Props FAQ

What is an exotic Super Bowl prop bet?

Exotic Super Bowl prop bets are special prop bets on the possibility of different occurrences that may not relate directly to the outcome of the big game, like the amount of time the camera will pan to show certain celebrities in the crowd or how many times Joe Biden will tweet during the Super Bowl.

When are exotic Super Bowl prop bet odds released?

Exotic Super Bowl prop bet odds are released as soon as an AFC champion and an NFC champion have been determined. The majority of online sportsbooks will release exotic Super Bowl prop bets for you to wager on, such as will an athlete propose to his partner on the field following the big game.

What kinds of exotic Super Bowl prop bets can I make?

You can make exotic Super Bowl prop bets on the color of the Gatorade shower, whether the Super Bowl MVP will mention God or his family first in his post-game speech, if a fan will run onto the field during the big game, or broadcast props like how many times will Tom Brady be mentioned.

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