Super Bowl Betting Odds History

Super Bowl Betting Odds History: Historical Odds for every Super Bowl

As the pinnacle of football, the Super Bowl sets the stage for not only epic battles on the gridiron (and a halftime show that sets the entertainment world ablaze), but it's also the cornerstone of sports betting around the world.

A study of the Super Bowl betting odds history is nearly as vivid and colorful as the games themselves. Betting on the NFL’s greatest Sunday matchup requires skill and a basic knowledge of sports wagering. We’ve compiled the scores, ATS and OVER/UNDER results of each Super Bowl to date to help you handicap your bets.

Check out the Super Bowl betting odds history below for a better idea on how the big game usually plays out.

Understanding Super Bowl Point Spread & Totals

The Super Bowl point spread is a handicap applied to create a more balanced betting field. For Super Bowl 58, the San Francisco 49ers will need to win by more than two points to cover the spread. On the flip side, the Kansas City Chiefs will simply need to lose by less than two points or win outright to cover the spread.

For OVER/UNDER bets, a total point threshold is set, such as the 47.5 total point mark for Super Bowl LVIII. Bettors then predict whether the combined score of both teams will be OVER or UNDER this number. Super Bowl LVII blew past the 50-point mark to finish with a score of 38-35, delighting OVER bettors around the world.

Super Bowl History For Spread And Totals Betting

Historical data shows that Super Bowl winners almost always cover the spread. A comprehensive look at past winners reveals this trend to be a constant, as the eventual winner has covered the spread in nine of the last ten games, and 17 of the past 20. In fact, only seven total Super Bowl victors have failed to cover the spread.

Now that their 24-year dynasty has officially come to an end, New England Patriots fans can rejoice at the fact that they hold the record for most Super Bowl appearances with 11. The Pittsburgh Steelers are next on the list with eight Super Bowl appearances. Remarkably, the Patriots have covered the spread in seven of their trips to the big game.

Underdogs have performed remarkably well in recent years, covering the spread in 15 of the last 23 Super Bowls, including last season when Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs pulled off a slight upset over the Eagles. Although, favorites are an impressive 36-21 SU and 29-26-2 ATS.

Other Super Bowl Betting Insights

  • The smallest Super Bowl spread of the past two decades was Seattle -1 against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX
  • The largest Super Bowl spread over the past 20 years was New England -12 versus the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII
  • Recent Super Bowls have been closer contests, with two of the last three games decided by just a field goal
  • 12 of the past 20 Super Bowls have finished as one score games
  • The UNDER has dominated of late, hitting in four of the last five contests
  • The team to score first has won 37 of 57 Super Bowls
  • Wide Receivers have scored the first touchdown in 25 Super Bowls

Super Bowl Betting Odds History

In this table, you’ll see a list of Super Bowl winners, including who won the last Super Bowl, with the totals in parentheses.

Super Bowl Scores History
SBFinal ScoreSpread (Total)Spread/Total Betting ResultsAFC/NFC SU/ATS
LVIII (Feb 11, 2024)San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs49ers -2 (47.5)TBDTBD
LVII (Feb 12, 2023)Kansas City Chiefs 38, Philadelphia Eagles 35Eagles -2 (50)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
LVI (Feb 13, 2022)LA Rams 23, Cincinnati 20LA -4 (49.5)Favorite (UNDER)NFC SU ONLY
LV (Feb 7, 2021)Tampa Bay 31, Kansas City 9KC -3 (56)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
LIV (Feb 2, 2020)Kansas City 31, San Francisco 20KC -1.5 (53)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
LIII (Feb 3, 2019)New England 13, LA Rams 3NE -2.5 (55.5)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
LII (Feb 4, 2018)Philadelphia 41, New England 33NE -4.5 (49)Underdog (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
LI (Feb 5, 2017)New England 34, Atlanta 28NE -3 (57.5)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
L (Feb 7, 2016)Denver 24, Carolina 10CAR -4.5 (43)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XLIX (Feb 1, 2015)New England 28, Seattle 24SEA -1 (47.5)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XLVIII (Feb 2, 2014)Seattle 43, Denver 8DEN -2 (47.5)Underdog (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XLVII (Feb 3, 2013)Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31SF -4.5 (48)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XLVI (Feb 5, 2012)N.Y. Giants 21, New England 17NE -2.5 (53)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XLV (Feb 6, 2011)Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25GB -3 (45)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XLIV (Feb 7, 2010)New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17IND -5 (57)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XLIII (Feb 1, 2009)Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23PIT -7 (46)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU ONLY
XLII (Feb 3, 2008)N.Y. Giants 17, New England 14NE -12 (55)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XLI (Feb 4, 2007)Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17IND -7 (47)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XL (Feb 5, 2006)Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10PIT -4 (47)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XXIX (Feb 6, 2005)New England 24, Philadelphia 21NE -7 (46.5)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU ONLY
XXXVIII (Feb 1, 2004)New England 32, Carolina 29NE -7 (37.5)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU ONLY
XXXVII (Jan 26, 2003)Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21OAK -4 (44)Underdog (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXXVI (Feb 3, 2002)New England 20, St. Louis 17STL -14 (53)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XXXV (Jan 28, 2001)Baltimore 34, N.Y. Giants 7BAL -3 (33)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XXXIV (Jan 30, 2000)St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16STL -7 (45)Push (UNDER)NFC SU ONLY (P)
XXXIII (Jan 31, 1999)Denver 34, Atlanta 19DEN -7.5 (52.5)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XXXII (Jan 25, 1998)Denver 31, Green Bay 24GB -11 (49)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XXXI (Jan 26, 1997)Green Bay 35, New England 21GB -14 (49)Push (OVER)NFC SU ONLY (P)
XXX (Jan 28, 1996)Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17DAL -13.5 (51)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU ONLY
XXIX (Jan 29, 1995)San Francisco 49, San Diego 26SF -18.5 (53.5)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXVIII (Jan 30, 1994)Dallas 30, Buffalo 13DAL -10.5 (50.5)Favorite (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XXVII (Jan 31, 1993)Dallas 52, Buffalo 17DAL -6.5 (44.5)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXVI (Jan 26, 1992)Washington 37, Buffalo 24WAS -7 (49)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXV (Jan 27, 1991)N.Y. Giants 20, Buffalo 19BUF -7 (40.5)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XXIV (Jan 28, 1990)San Francisco 55, Denver 10SF -12 (48)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXIII (Jan 22, 1989)San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16SF -7 (48)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU ONLY
XXII (Jan 31, 1988)Washington 42, Denver 10DEN -3 (47)Underdog (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXI (Jan 25, 1987)N.Y. Giants 39, Denver 20NYG -9.5 (40)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XX (Jan 26, 1986)Chicago 46, New England 10CHI -10 (37.5)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XIX (Jan 20, 1985)San Francisco 38, Miami 16SF -3.5 (53.5)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XVIII (Jan 22, 1984)L.A. Raiders 38, Washington 9WAS -3 (48)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XVII (Jan 30, 1983)Washington 27, Miami 17MIA -3 (36.5)Underdog (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XVI (Jan 24, 1982)San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21SF -1 (48)Favorite (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XV (Jan 25, 1981)Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10PHI -3 (37.5)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XIV (Jan 20, 1980)Pittsburgh 31, L.A. Rams 19PIT -10.5 (36)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XIII (Jan 21, 1979)Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31PIT -3.5 (37)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XII (Jan 15, 1978)Dallas 27, Denver 10DAL -6 (39)Favorite (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XI (Jan 9, 1977)Oakland 34, Minnesota 14OAK -4 (38)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
X (Jan 18, 1976)Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17PIT -7 (36)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU ONLY
IX (Jan 12, 1975)Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6PIT -3 (33)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
VIII (Jan 13, 1974)Miami 24, Minnesota 7MIA -6.5 (33)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
VII (Jan 14, 1973)Miami 14, Washington 7MIA -1 (33)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
VI (Jan 16, 1972)Dallas 24, Miami 3DAL -6 (34)Favorite (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
V (Jan 17, 1971)Baltimore 16, Dallas 13BAL -2.5 (36)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
IV (Jan 11, 1970)Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7MIN -12 (39)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
III (Jan 12, 1969)N.Y. Jets 16, Baltimore 7BAL-18 (40)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
II (Jan 14, 1968)Green Bay 33, Oakland 14GB -13.5 (43)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
I (Jan 15, 1967)Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10GB -14 (N/A)FavoriteNFC SU & ATS

Super Bowl Points Spread History FAQ

Can I bet on who will win this Super Bowl?

Yes, of course you can bet on who will win this Super Bowl. You have two options to choose from. You can bet on whether you believe the Philadelphia Eagles will win this year’s Super Bowl or you can bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win this year’s Super Bowl.

What was the largest winning margin in Super Bowl history?

The largest winning margin in Super Bowl history was in 1990 at Super Bowl 24. That game is the most lopsided match in the history of the Super Bowl. The San Francisco 49ers routed the Denver Broncos 55-10, scoring the most points ever by a single team. San Fran’s 45-point margin of victory was also the largest ever in Super Bowl history.

How many Super Bowls have been won by a single point?

There has only been one Super Bowl that has been won by a single point in the entire history of the big game. Super Bowl 25 back in 1991 saw the New York Giants knock off the Buffalo Bills 20-19 after Bills kicker Scott Norwood missed a field goal wide right in the final seconds of the Super Bowl.

Which teams lead the NFL in Super Bowl appearances?

The New England Patriots lead the NFL in Super Bowl appearances, having made it to the big game 11 times. The Pats covered the point spread seven times in those 11 Super Bowl matchups. The Pittsburgh Steelers are second on the list of most Super Bowl appearances, having advanced to the NFL championship eight times.

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