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Super Bowl Point Spreads History: Odds for Every Matchup

The Kansas City Chiefs raise the Lombardi Trophy after winning Super Bowl 54.

Betting on the NFL’s biggest Sunday matchup requires skill and a basic knowledge of sports wagering. We’ve compiled the scores, ATS and OVER/UNDER results of each Super Bowl to date to help you handicap your bets.

The Super Bowl point spread is the number of points given or subtracted from either team to create a more even betting field. For instance, the odds for Super Bowl 55 now look something like this:

  • Kansas City Chiefs -3
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3

Ahead of Super Bowl 55 between the Chiefs and Buccaneers, the line is currently sitting at Chiefs -3. 

To cover the spread, the Chiefs would need to win the game by four points or more, while the Buccaneers would need to win the game outright or lose by two points or less.

Odds History for Spread and Totals Betting

Check out the Super Bowl odds history below, which shows definitively that the team that wins almost always covers the spread as well. This has not been scientifically proven – NASA is busy with other things – but if you look at the table below of the Super Bowl point spread and outright game winners, you’ll notice a pattern.

You’ll also notice that the New England Patriots have made more appearances in the big game than any other team with 11, and the Pittsburgh Steelers trail closely behind with eight. The Pats have also covered the spread in seven of their trips to the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl has gone to the dogs 23 times with the fave covering the spread 28 times. There have also been two PUSHES – when the score hits the oddsmaker’s set number exactly.

In this table, you’ll see that the totals are also listed (in parentheses). This is the combined score of each team where bettors would need to decide if the final score will be OVER or UNDER the oddsmaker’s set number.

Super Bowl Betting Odds History

Odds, ATS and Scores
SBFinal ScoreSpread (Total)Betting ResultsAFC/NFC SU/ATS
LIV (Feb 2, 2020)Kansas City 31, San Francisco 20KC -1.5 (53)Favorite (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
LIII (Feb 3, 2019)New England 13, Los Angeles 3NE -2.5 (55.5)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
LII (Feb 4, 2018)Philadelphia 41, New England 33NE -4.5 (49)Underdog (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
LI (Feb 5, 2017)New England 34, Atlanta 28NE -3 (57.5)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
L (Feb 7, 2016)Denver 24, Carolina 10CAR -4.5 (43)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XLIX (Feb 1, 2015)New England 28, Seattle 24SEA -1 (47.5)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XLVIII (Feb 2, 2014)Seattle 43, Denver 8DEN -2 (47.5)Underdog (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XLVII (Feb 3, 2013)Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31SF -4.5 (48)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XLVI (Feb 5, 2012)N.Y. Giants 21, New England 17NE -2.5 (53)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XLV (Feb 6 2011)Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25GB -3 (45)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XLIV (Feb 7, 2010)New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17IND -5 (57)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XLIII (Feb 1, 2009)Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23PIT -7 (46)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU ONLY
XLII (Feb 3, 2008)N.Y. Giants 17, New England 14NE -12 (55)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XLI (Feb 4, 2007)Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17IND -7 (47)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XL (Feb 5, 2006)Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10PIT -4 (47)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XXIX (Feb 6, 2005)New England 24, Philadelphia 21NE -7 (46.5)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU ONLY
XXXVIII (Feb 1, 2004)New England 32, Carolina 29NE -7 (37.5)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU ONLY
XXXVII (Jan 26, 2003)Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21OAK -4 (44)Underdog (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXXVI (Feb 3, 2002)New England 20, St. Louis 17STL -14 (53)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XXXV (Jan 28, 2001)Baltimore 34, N.Y. Giants 7BAL -3 (33)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XXXIV (Jan 30, 2000)St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16STL -7 (45)Push (UNDER)NFC SU ONLY (P)
XXXIII (Jan 31, 1999)Denver 34, Atlanta 19DEN -7.5 (52.5)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XXXII (Jan 25, 1998)Denver 31, Green Bay 24GB -11 (49)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XXXI (Jan 26, 1997)Green Bay 35, New England 21GB -14 (49)Push (OVER)NFC SU ONLY (P)
XXX (Jan 28, 1996)Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17DAL -13.5 (51)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU ONLY
XXIX (Jan 29, 1995)San Francisco 49, San Diego 26SF -18.5 (53.5)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXVIII (Jan 30, 1994)Dallas 30, Buffalo 13DAL -10.5 (50.5)Favorite (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XXVII (Jan 31, 1993)Dallas 52, Buffalo 17DAL -6.5 (44.5)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXVI (Jan 26, 1992)Washington 37, Buffalo 24WAS -7 (49)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXV (Jan 27, 1991)N.Y. Giants 20, Buffalo 19BUF -7 (40.5)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XXIV (Jan 28, 1990)San Francisco 55, Denver 10SF -12 (48)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXIII (Jan 22, 1989)San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16SF -7 (48)Underdog (UNDER)NFC SU ONLY
XXII (Jan 31, 1988)Washington 42, Denver 10DEN -3 (47)Underdog (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XXI (Jan 25, 1987)N.Y. Giants 39, Denver 20NYG -9.5 (40)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XX (Jan 26, 1986)Chicago 46, New England 10CHI -10 (37.5)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XIX (Jan 20, 1985)San Francisco 38, Miami 16SF -3.5 (53.5)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XVIII (Jan 22, 1984)L.A. Raiders 38, Washington 9WAS -3 (48)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XVII (Jan 30, 1983)Washington 27, Miami 17MIA -3 (36.5)Underdog (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
XVI (Jan 24, 1982)San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21SF -1 (48)Favorite (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XV (Jan 25, 1981)Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10PHI -3 (37.5)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
XIV (Jan 20, 1980)Pittsburgh 31, L.A. Rams 19PIT -10.5 (36)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XIII (Jan 21, 1979)Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31PIT -3.5 (37)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
XII (Jan 15, 1978)Dallas 27, Denver 10DAL -6 (39)Favorite (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
XI (Jan 9, 1977)Oakland 34, Minnesota 14OAK -4 (38)Favorite (OVER)AFC SU & ATS
X (Jan 18, 1976)Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17PIT -7 (36)Underdog (OVER)AFC SU ONLY
IX (Jan 12, 1975)Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6PIT -3 (33)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
VIII (Jan 13, 1974)Miami 24, Minnesota 7MIA -6.5 (33)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
VII (Jan 14, 1973)Miami 14, Washington 7MIA -1 (33)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
VI (Jan 16, 1972)Dallas 24, Miami 3DAL -6 (34)Favorite (UNDER)NFC SU & ATS
V (Jan 17, 1971)Baltimore 16, Dallas 13BAL -2.5 (36)Favorite (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
IV (Jan 11, 1970)Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7MIN -12 (39)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
III (Jan 12, 1969)N.Y. Jets 16, Baltimore 7BAL-18 (40)Underdog (UNDER)AFC SU & ATS
II (Jan 14, 1968)Green Bay 33, Oakland 14GB -13.5 (43)Favorite (OVER)NFC SU & ATS
I (Jan 15, 1967)Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10GB -14 (N/A)FavoriteNFC SU & ATS