NFL Betting Reports

NFL Betting Reports

General NFL Primetime Game Betting Trends

Our Primetime betting report follows betting trends under the bright lights.

Explore the most profitable primetime game trends, and the top coaches on Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football over the past five years.

Primetime Game Trends (Last 5 Years)
Underdogs SU 123-201-1 SU (38%)+$1288.78
Underdogs ATS180-142-3 ATS (55.9%)+$2279.9
UNDERs187-133-7 (58.4%)+$3708.83

Primetime underdogs offer up a fantastic historical profit center for bettors. As underdogs have performed brilliantly under the lights, covering the spread at a 55% clip. But, there's an even bigger fish to target on your TNF, MNF, and SNF wagers:

Primetime UNDERs are the NFL's most profitable Bet

The NFL's hottest betting trend in 2023-24, and dating back a few years, has been primetime UNDERs. Going below the point total has hit at an absurd 58.4% clip over the last five seasons and so far this year, it's hit in nearly 70% of Thursday, Sunday, and Monday Night games.

It seems almost inexplicable how every team forgets how to score during these primetime affairs. Clearly, there are some scheduling reasons behind these low scores, especially in Thursday Night Football games.

Top NFL Coach In Primetime Games

NFL Coaching Spread Trends - Primetime Games (Last 5 Years)
NFL Coach Primetime ATS RecordProfit
John Harbaugh19-8 (70.4%)+$921.22
Sean McVay16-7-1 (65%)+$769.49
Matt Lafleur20-12 (62.5%)+$635.31

John Harbaugh's 19-8 ATS record in primetime is impossible to ignore. He always has the Ravens ready to shine under the bright lights. Keep this trend in mind as we navigate through the playoffs.

Back Josh Allen In Primetime

NFL QB Data - Primetime Games (Last 5 Years)
NFL QB Passing TDs/GamePassing Yards/GameCompletion %
Josh Allen2.4262.467%
Aaron Rodgers2.3237.367%
Patrick Mahomes2.0275.666%

Josh Allen's spectacular 359-yard two touchdown performance against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday Night Football is just another example of why he's been a profitable play in primetime.

NFL underdogs have quietly been huge moneymakers in recent times. Unfortunately, dogs haven't been nearly as profitable in this campaign. Use our underdog report to follow the underdog trends SU and ATS, as well as the most profitable NFL underdog teams to bet on.

Take a peek below for the current profitability of NFL dogs, and underdog trends to keep an eye on.

NFL Underdog Betting Trends In 2023

Through Week 18, the dogs sit at 87-183 SU on the year. Blindly betting underdogs on the moneyline is not a profitable play.

Straight Up NFL Underdog Betting Records

SU RecordSU Win %SU Profit


Against The Spread NFL Underdog Trends

ATS RecordATS Win %ATS Profit

Oddsmakers have adjusted to underdogs' early season success ATS. As sportsbooks collect more and more data, betting on underdogs ATS has been brutal through the NFL regular season. Look elsewhere for profitable picks.

Best 2023 Underdog NFL Teams To Bet On

2023 Top SU NFL Underdogs
Team Underdog RecordUnderdog Profits
Houston Texans7-5+$630
Pittsburgh Steelers6-4+$505
Green Bay6-7+$470
Kansas City4-1+$441.96

CJ Stroud and the Houston Texans run as underdog darlings finally came to an end in the Divisional Round, as they were soundly beaten by the buzzsaw that is the Baltimore Ravens. San Francisco derailed our other playoff underdog, defeating the Green Bay Packers by a score of 24-21, and killing +390 Packers ML bettors.

However, the Kansas City Chiefs came through as road underdogs, beating the Bills' after Tyler Bass game-tying field goal went wide right. Bettors have another opportunity to bet on the Chiefs as +156 ML underdogs in the AFC Championship game.

Why You Should Bet On Road Underdogs

Everyone’s always looking for the edge in football betting. Having said that, sportsbooks have reacted swiftly to the road underdogs betting trend this season. After beginning the season on a hot streak, betting road underdogs has become a lesson in futility. Look elsewhere for profits.

Recent Road Underdogs Spread Records
Year ATS RecordUnderdog Profits

Traditionally, NFL home teams are given a 3-point advantage on the spread. For example, if a team was a 2-point favorite at a neutral site, they’d be a 5-point fave at home. Now, most books have whittled that advantage down to 2.5 points. However, there is still a ton of value to be had when betting on road underdogs.

Remember, the public loves to bet the favorite. Thus, sportsbooks handicap their NFL matchups appropriately. However, the price variance hasn't affected road underdogs so far this season. Home-field advantage is becoming less and less of a factor in NFL games.

If you want to be more selective, here are a few teams that stand out as successful road dogs ATS so far this year:

The Best Road Underdogs ATS

2023 Top Road Underdogs ATS
Team Underdog RecordUnderdog Profits
Tampa Bay Buccaneers8-2+$536.37
Washington Commanders6-2+$337.88
Houston Texans5-2+$256.06

Alas, with the elimination of both Stroud and the Texans and Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers this weekend, our most profitable road underdogs have all been eliminated. That being said, road underdogs went 2-2 ATS in the Divisional Round, with both the Green Bay Packers, and Kansas City Chiefs covering the spread.

    What Is Net Yards Per Play?

    The stat combines yards per play and yards allowed per play by deducting the number of yards a team allows per play from the amount it gains on offense.

    Why Is Net Yards Per Play Useful?

    Net yards per play is a useful stat because it eliminates random factors such as turnovers, botched kicks, and special teams touchdowns. 

    Of course, randomness plays a large role in the outcome of most sports, but it’s impossible to predict. Analyzing net yards per play gives us a great indication of how good a team truly is. It’s no surprise that the top of the net yards per play rankings is typically crowded with many of the best teams in the league while the bottom is full of sub-.500 and last-place teams. As you can see the top eight teams in the latest Net Yards Per Play report all made the playoffs.

    This report follows each team's net yards per play results for the entire season, the last three games, and home/away splits.

    *The record in parenthesis is the team’s ATS record in that situation.

    TeamThis SeasonLast 3HomeAway
    49ers1.55 (10-11)0.67 (1-2)1.79 (4-7)1.29 (6-4)
    Ravens1.19 (12-9)1.08 (2-1)1.57 (6-5)0.77 (6-4)
    Dolphins1.12 (11-10)-1.55 (0-3)1.77 (6-4)0.53 (5-6)
    Chiefs1.11 (13-8-1)1.36 (3-0)1.04 (7-4)1.17 (6-4-1)
    Bills0.5 (9-13)-0.71 (2-1)0.73 (6-6)0.22 (3-7)
    Packers0.41 (13-9)1.58 (3-0)0.27 (6-4)0.53 (7-5)
    Cowboys0.3 (11-10)0.22 (1-2)0.55 (7-4)0.03 (4-6)
    Texans0.2 (12-10)0.8 (2-1)0.52 (5-6)-0.12 (7-4)
    Seahawks0.15 (10-8-2)0.17 (0-2-1)0.62 (5-4-1)-0.33 (5-4-1)
    Vikings0.12 (8-9-3)-0.06 (0-3)0.11 (3-7)0.12 (5-2-3)
    Colts0.11 (11-9)-0.19 (0-3)0.49 (5-5)-0.26 (6-4)
    Browns0.1 (12-9-1)-0.72 (1-2)1.2 (9-2)-1.0 (3-7-1)
    Falcons0.09 (6-14)0.71 (1-2)0.8 (3-7)-0.62 (3-7)
    Lions0.09 (15-7)-0.85 (2-1)0.38 (7-5)-0.26 (8-2)
    Jaguars0.02 (12-8)0.91 (1-2)-0.51 (5-5)0.55 (7-3)
    Rams-0.02 (11-9-1)0.42 (2-1)-0.01 (5-5)-0.02 (6-4-1)
    Titans-0.06 (9-10-1)-0.42 (1-1-1)0.6 (6-3-1)-0.73 (3-7)
    Jets-0.12 (8-12-1)0.05 (1-2)-0.13 (4-6)-0.11 (4-6-1)
    Saints-0.15 (8-11-1)-1.32 (2-1)-0.3 (4-6)-0.0 (4-5-1)
    Eagles-0.17 (8-11-2)-1.01 (0-3)-0.4 (3-6-1)0.05 (5-5-1)
    Raiders-0.19 (12-7-1)-0.4 (3-0)0.13 (7-2-1)-0.52 (5-5)
    Buccaneers-0.19 (14-8)0.61 (2-1)0.26 (5-6)-0.64 (9-2)
    Bears-0.29 (10-9-1)-0.35 (2-1)0.41 (6-3-1)-0.99 (4-6)
    Steelers-0.38 (13-8)-0.21 (2-1)-0.59 (6-4)-0.19 (7-4)
    Patriots-0.39 (6-13-1)0.12 (2-1)-0.57 (1-8-1)-0.2 (5-5)
    Chargers-0.47 (8-12)-0.76 (1-2)-0.87 (3-7)-0.08 (5-5)
    Broncos-0.51 (7-12-1)-0.54 (1-2)0.16 (5-5)-1.18 (2-7-1)
    Panthers-0.81 (6-13-1)-0.65 (1-2)-0.47 (3-6-1)-1.15 (3-7)
    Cardinals-0.81 (10-10)-0.07 (2-1)-0.44 (6-4)-1.17 (4-6)
    Football Team-0.91 (8-11-1)-1.24 (1-2)-0.81 (1-8-1)-1.01 (7-3)
    Bengals-0.98 (9-9-2)-1.12 (1-2)-0.59 (4-4-2)-1.36 (5-5)
    Giants-1.01 (8-11-1)-0.08 (3-0)-0.12 (5-4-1)-1.89 (3-7)

    Did you forget to lock in your NFL bets before kickoff? Don't worry we've got you covered with our NFL live betting reports. Explore how each team fares when leading, and when trailing after the first score to aid in your live bets as the season rolls on.

    The first table examines how NFL teams fare after scoring the first touchdown of the game — that’s what the first column represents — and then the rest of the chart explores how teams fare when leading after the first quarter, after halftime, etc. The number in parenthesis is the scoring differential after each phase.

    Our second table further down the page analyzes the opposite — it explores how NFL teams fare after falling behind at the same checkpoints. The results on that end are quite surprising, so we’re excited to show you where to find all the juicy come-from-behind betting value. 

    NFL Teams When Leading
    teamAfter Scoring FirstAfter 1st QuarterAfter 2nd QuarterAfter 3rd Quarter
    Arizona2-4 (-0.83)2-3 (4.0)2-4 (7.0)5-4 (6.67)
    Atlanta6-4-1 (0.55)3-2 (4.4)4-3 (4.29)2-1-1 (4.5)
    Baltimore13-5 (10.22)8-4 (6.5)10-1 (10.55)11-2 (7.31)
    Buffalo10-2 (11.25)10-1 (7.0)7-4 (8.0)8-3 (5.45)
    Carolina0-5 (-10.2)0-4 (8.75)0-2 (2.0)0-7 (5.71)
    Chicago5-4 (6.56)6-3 (6.89)5-1 (9.33)6-4 (6.1)
    Cincinnati6-3 (7.0)5-2 (8.43)5-3 (5.88)5-1 (6.0)
    Cleveland8-3 (5.64)5-2 (8.29)9-2-1 (6.92)6-4 (5.2)
    Dallas11-2 (20.15)12-1 (7.69)11-2 (6.92)6-3 (6.0)
    Denver8-4 (7.33)9-3 (6.17)7-4 (4.73)1-3 (3.75)
    Detroit12-0 (9.92)10-0 (9.3)9-2 (9.91)3-3 (4.33)
    Green Bay11-3 (7.64)8-4 (5.58)10-2 (5.0)8-6 (5.79)
    Houston9-1 (9.8)7-0 (6.29)9-3 (7.67)6-1 (6.0)
    Indianapolis7-2 (2.56)5-2 (5.14)6-2 (8.75)5-4 (6.11)
    Jacksonville12-1 (11.31)10-1 (6.0)8-0 (9.12)7-3 (5.8)
    Kansas City12-2 (9.79)10-0 (7.0)9-3 (8.75)10-2 (8.08)
    LA Chargers5-4 (6.22)5-4 (5.67)5-2 (6.14)2-3 (3.8)
    LA Rams7-1 (9.12)6-1 (5.86)5-4 (6.44)6-3 (6.22)
    Las Vegas9-4 (5.92)8-2 (6.6)7-0 (9.71)5-2 (4.71)
    Miami8-3 (12.73)7-3 (6.4)11-1 (10.33)9-1 (7.2)
    Minnesota5-7 (0.75)3-3 (5.83)4-7 (5.36)4-3 (6.71)
    NY Giants5-1 (6.0)3-2 (4.0)6-5 (7.91)2-3 (8.4)
    NY Jets6-1 (10.43)5-3 (6.5)3-2 (5.4)4-2 (5.83)
    New England4-3 (-2.86)3-1 (5.0)3-3 (6.33)3-2 (8.2)
    New Orleans8-1 (10.44)4-2 (7.0)7-3 (6.7)8-4 (6.33)
    Philadelphia7-4-1 (2.58)5-6-1 (5.33)5-2 (6.71)7-2 (7.22)
    Pittsburgh9-1 (7.8)8-1 (8.11)6-0 (7.33)5-2 (7.14)
    San Francisco13-3 (12.69)9-2 (6.82)9-2 (7.64)9-1 (6.9)
    Seattle5-3 (3.88)5-2 (5.29)4-3 (5.14)7-3 (5.3)
    Tampa Bay7-0 (12.29)5-1 (5.5)8-2 (6.9)7-0 (7.29)
    Tennessee5-4 (4.11)5-4 (4.78)5-5 (7.8)5-2 (5.86)
    Washington3-3 (-0.67)2-2 (3.5)5-3 (7.12)4-5 (6.0)

    As you can see, many of the NFL's Super Bowl contenders, such as the San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and Detroit Lions excel when scoring first. In fact, Dan Campbell's Lions are a perfect 12-0 when scoring first this season. Detroit is a perfect 2-0 when scoring first this postseason, as they got on the board quickly against both the Rams and Bucs.

    NFL Teams When Losing
    teamAfter Not Scoring FirstAfter 1st QuarterAfter 2nd QuarterAfter 3rd Quarter
    Arizona4-10 (-10.43)2-8 (-6.4)4-9 (-7.38)1-9 (-6.2)
    Atlanta2-7 (-7.33)1-6 (-6.14)2-8 (-6.8)3-7 (-5.7)
    Baltimore2-1 (12.33)4-2 (-4.17)3-3 (-6.67)2-1 (-6.0)
    Buffalo4-6 (1.1)2-6 (-7.25)3-3 (-5.33)2-2 (-4.0)
    Carolina2-12 (-11.29)0-8 (-6.5)2-15 (-8.29)0-6 (-8.67)
    Chicago3-8 (-7.45)1-6 (-6.57)2-6 (-9.75)1-6 (-7.29)
    Cincinnati3-7-1 (-9.09)3-5 (-5.0)3-7 (-8.7)4-6-1 (-5.09)
    Cleveland4-6-1 (-5.18)4-7-1 (-6.67)1-6 (-7.86)3-4 (-8.57)
    Dallas2-6 (-10.25)0-6 (-6.33)1-6 (-8.14)5-5 (-5.2)
    Denver1-7 (-13.12)0-5 (-5.6)2-6 (-10.12)5-6 (-7.0)
    Detroit4-6 (-4.8)3-5 (-8.12)5-3 (-8.0)6-3 (-6.56)
    Green Bay1-7 (-5.5)3-4 (-5.29)1-7 (-7.25)2-4 (-6.67)
    Houston4-8 (-6.42)5-6 (-5.18)3-4 (-6.43)5-7 (-5.92)
    Indianapolis4-7 (-2.27)4-5 (-6.44)1-6 (-7.0)5-5 (-5.7)
    Jacksonville0-7 (-15.0)2-6 (-5.0)2-6 (-6.75)4-4 (-6.75)
    Kansas City3-5 (-1.38)2-6 (-8.12)6-3 (-4.78)3-4 (-5.71)
    LA Chargers1-9 (-9.1)0-5 (-9.0)1-10 (-6.36)3-7 (-4.7)
    LA Rams3-10 (-9.38)2-7 (-7.56)4-7 (-6.55)2-4 (-3.67)
    Las Vegas1-5 (-7.33)2-4 (-4.5)1-9 (-6.7)2-6 (-6.5)
    Miami4-6 (-5.8)3-3 (-7.0)0-8 (-10.12)1-4 (-4.6)
    Minnesota1-6 (-7.14)1-8 (-6.33)1-3 (-4.25)2-8 (-6.7)
    NY Giants2-12 (-13.43)2-10 (-7.58)1-6 (-12.71)5-7 (-6.58)
    NY Jets3-11 (-9.79)3-8 (-7.45)3-8 (-6.55)2-7 (-5.78)
    New England1-11 (-10.58)1-11 (-6.0)1-8 (-9.22)1-8 (-5.56)
    New Orleans3-8 (-1.45)2-5 (-7.57)2-6 (-7.5)2-3 (-7.0)
    Philadelphia4-5 (-7.11)1-3 (-6.75)6-5-1 (-9.33)1-6 (-9.0)
    Pittsburgh4-7 (-6.0)1-6 (-8.29)6-6 (-5.25)4-4 (-4.75)
    San Francisco1-4 (-8.8)3-4 (-4.86)4-4 (-3.75)5-6 (-6.73)
    Seattle6-6 (-4.5)3-5 (-4.25)4-6 (-6.7)3-4 (-6.86)
    Tampa Bay4-10 (-3.86)4-7 (-4.64)3-5 (-4.62)1-9 (-6.2)
    Tennessee3-8 (-7.36)2-7 (-4.56)2-5 (-8.0)1-9 (-6.6)
    Washington4-10 (-12.86)5-9 (-8.07)2-10 (-6.58)3-5 (-6.75)

    One of the reasons behind the Jacksonville Jaguars astonishing late season collapse is their failure to overcome deficits this season. Doug Pederson's Jags were a paltry 0-7 when failing to score first, with an average point differential of 15 in those situations. Jacksonville were front runners all year, and were exposed as frauds down the stretch.

    Take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs 3-5 record when not scoring first. With the point differently a lowly 1.38. Sure, you can bet on the Kansas City Chiefs moneyline at +156 for the AFC Championship, or the spread at +3.5. But, why not wait to see if the Baltimore Ravens score first? Baltimore is generally quick out of the gates this season, scoring first in 18 games.

    Our first-quarter & first-half betting report examines the NFL teams who start the strongest. Use this to find and back teams that start games strong.

    NFL First-Quarter Betting Trends

    Betting MarketSU Record (Profits)ATS Record (Profit)
    Home Teams137-128-66 ($-2901.96)160-169-1 ($-2927.13)
    Road Teams128-137-66 ($-839.02)169-160-1 ($-1214.97)
    Underdogs96-168-66 ($-4352.08)163-166-1 ($-4868.28)
    Favourites168-96-66 ($711.1)166-163-1 ($726.18)

    As the table above attests, playing favorites on the first quarter betting line is the only discernable betting trend to follow. Though they are usually juiced, favorites generally get off to better starts than their opponents.

    The Denver Broncos went an incredible 13-4 ATS in the first quarter this season, to finish with a bonkers $922.02 of total profit.

    NFL First-Half Betting Trends

    Betting MarketSU Record (Profits)ATS Record (Profit)
    Home Teams156-153-22 ($-4033.52)157-172-2 ($-3095.22)
    Road Teams153-156-22 ($81.63)172-157-2 ($66.19)
    Underdogs102-204-22 ($-5297.7)146-180-2 ($-4759.36)
    Favourites204-102-22 ($1377.03)180-146-2 ($1765.18)

    Much like the first-quarter results, betting favorites are far and away the only profitable way to play first-half spreads this season. Although, road teams have made up a ton of ground lately, especially in the playoffs as the pace of play begins to slow, and teams batten down the hatches. The Baltimore Ravens are the NFL's poster boy for first-half plays, going 14-3 ATS for an incredible $986 worth of profit. Back John Harbaugh's team in the first-half this postseason.

    What is an NFL teaser bet?

    Teaser bets are an effective way to play with point spreads given by oddsmakers to better fit the wager you would like to place. Sometimes point spreads are too constrictive or are often set so that sports bettors have a tough time picking which way they want to bet. 

    By placing a teaser, you can modify a spread however you like (often by six points in either direction). Our teaser report examines how teams have fared as favorites, and underdogs in teasers this season.

    NFL Teasers
    TeamFavourite RecordFavourite %Underdog RecordUnderdog %Over RecordOverall %
    Green Bay5-30.6211-20.8516-50.73
    LA Rams8-20.87-40.6415-60.71
    Kansas City13-40.765-01.018-40.82
    New England1-3-10.2511-40.7312-7-10.6
    New Orleans11-50.694-01.015-50.75
    NY Jets4-20.679-60.613-80.62
    Las Vegas6-30.6710-10.9116-40.8
    LA Chargers7-1-10.887-30.714-4-10.7
    San Francisco12-80.61-01.013-80.62
    Tampa Bay5-1-10.8312-30.817-4-10.77
    NY Giants2-10.6711-60.6513-70.65

    The Las Vegas Raiders finished the 2023 NFL season an unreal 16-4 as a teaser team.

    For the upcoming championship weekend, an intriguing teaser bet has taken shape. The San Francisco 49ers went 12-8 as a teaser favorite this season. You can bet them down to -1 from their -7 perch against the Detroit Lions in the NFC Championship game on Sunday. Likewise, the Kansas City Chiefs were an outstanding 5-0 as underdog teaser bet this season, so you can take them from +3.5 on the spread to +9.5 in a teaser with the 49ers.

    Our NFL bounce-back report explores that NFL teams with the highest profitability both straight up and against the spread after a loss over the last five seasons.

    Top Straight Up Squads After A Loss

    TeamRecord After LossSU Profit
    Las Vegas24-24+$565.14

    While he lost his job, Mike Vrabel clearly understood how to galvanize his team after a loss, leading them at a 25-21 record (and a healthy $967.23 of profit for bettors). Tennessee has moved in a new direction with reports suggesting they have hired Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan as their head coach.

    Top Against The Spread Squads After A Loss

    TeamATS Record After LossATS Profit
    Kansas City16-10-1+$455.75

    Meanwhile, the top ATS team after a loss resides in the AFC North. John Harbaugh's Baltimore Ravens are now 20-10-2 with a healthy $811 profit coming off a loss in the last five years.

    Bet the Vikings OVER after a loss

    The Vikings are averaging just 20.2 points per game this season. But, after a loss over the last five years, that mark jumps all the way up to 27.38.

    It may not result in wins or spread coverages, but boy does it help the OVER. Minnesota is 25-12 on the OVER in the last five seasons after a loss, resulting in 10 units of profit.

    The Vikings OVER after a loss is actually the most profitable bounce-back trend in the league over the last five years. So, sit back and wait for the next Minnesota loss and then hop on the points the next week.

    Handicapping NFL football can become a chore. Ever have thirty windows of reports, data and statistic open to aid you in your quest to beat the books? Thankfully, we've consolidated an immense amount of data to simplify your research. Explore the Odds Shark NFL betting reports.

    What Are the Odds Shark NFL Betting Reports?

    • Primetime Betting Report: Our Primetime betting report follows betting trends under the bright lights.
    • Underdog Betting Report: Explore the profitability of NFL underdogs, and trends to keep an eye on.
    • Net Yards Per Play Report: The stat combines yards per play and yards allowed per play by deducting the number of yards a team allows per play from the amount it gains on offense.
    • Live Betting Report: Take a peek at how teams fare when scoring first, and when losing.
    • First-Quarter and First-Half Betting Report: Explore which NFL teams start games in the strongest in the first-quarter and first-half betting report.
    • Teaser Team Report: Examining how teams fare as 6-point teaser legs as both favorites, and underdogs this NFL season.
    • Bounce Back Report: This report looks at the very best NFL teams at recovering after a loss, and how they've fared in their next game.

    How to use Our NFL Betting Reports

    Looking for that extra edge to ensure your NFL wagers have value? Our NFL betting reports provide savvy bettors with a goldmine of data to help you make knowledgeable betting decisions. For example, our net yards per play report allows you to examine which teams excel at moving the football, while at the same time limiting opponents' yardage gained. A crucial statistic that often gives a great indication of how good an NFL team truly is. Dive in to Odds Shark's NFL betting reports to discover everything from the very best underdog squads ATS to those teams who bounce back best after a loss.

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