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2021 Austrian Grand Prix Odds: Verstappen Tops F1 Odds

Lewis Hamilton is +200 in the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix Odds.

In last weekend's race, Max Verstappen won a second straight event with a lights-to-flag win in the Styrian Grand Prix to extend his lead in the driver’s standings. Lewis Hamilton had to settle for second as his Mercedes just did not have enough power to compete against Red Bull. Will that narrative continue this weekend? We break down the 2021 F1 Austrian Grand Prix odds below.

According to the Austrian Grand Prix odds at Betway, Verstappen (-162) is the heavy favorite to win the race, followed by Hamilton (+200), Valtteri Bottas (+1100), Sergio Perez (+1100), and McLaren’s Lando Norris (+4000).

If you’re new to betting on Formula 1 racing or just need a refresher after the sports layoff, you’re in luck because we have a handy How to Bet Formula 1 guide to gear you up to speed.

Who Are The 2021 Austrian Grand Prix Betting Favorites?

2021 Austrian Grand Prix Odds
Max Verstappen-162
Lewis Hamilton+200
Sergio Perez+1100
Valtteri Bottas+1100
Lando Norris+4000
Charles Leclerc+5000
Pierre Gasly+8000
Carlos Sainz+10000
Daniel Ricciardo+10000
George Russell+30000
Antonio Giovinazzi+50000
Esteban Ocon+50000
Fernando Alonso+50000
Kimi Raikkonen+50000
Lance Stroll+50000
Mich Schumacher+50000
Nicholas Latifi+50000
Nikita Mazepin+50000
Sebastian Vettel+50000
Yuki Tsunoda+50000

Odds as of July 2 at Betway

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Previous Race

Max Verstappen was simply unstoppable at Red Bull’s home race to extend his lead in the driver’s standings and help his team extend their lead in the constructor’s championship. Verstappen took pole position and led from start to finish, apart from pit stops, to complete one of the most routine victories this year.

Lewis Hamilton started at P2 and finished there as well. There was just not enough strength in that Mercedes car to overtake Red Bull at any point in the race. In fact, he conceded in a post-race interview that it was “impossible to catch up” with the speed of Verstappen’s Red Bull, which does not bode well for Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas finished third in a rare podium finish for him as Mercedes still picked up 33 constructor points. Sergio Perez, on a fresh set of tires, pushed Bottas to the absolute brink in the last lap but was not able to overtake, eventually finishing fourth. Lando Norris completed yet another solid race with P5 after starting the race at P3.

Verstappen Overtakes Hamilton In F1 Odds

Verstappen (-163) is starting to prove himself as one of the best drivers in the sport. Sure, he has a terrific car. Sure, he has a stunning Honda engine. He has used these strengths and raced immaculately against the might of Mercedes. He now has 156 driver points this season. In stark contrast, his colleague Sergio Perez, who has the same car and engine, has just 96 points.

“Straight away I felt good balance in the car and it was good to manage the tires basically from the start. I felt like also until the end I always had tires left. They pitted one lap earlier than us, we reacted to that and we just kept on going, trying to hit our lap times, and that worked really well today. It’s very positive but of course we have to show it again next week. We’ll definitely have a look at what we can do better, but I’m looking forward to next week,” Verstappen said after the race.

His dominance has been neatly exhibited by his F1 odds jumping drastically. From being behind Hamilton in the F1 odds board, he is now a -163 favorite to win for the third straight race after Le Castellet and Styria. Verstappen has an implied probability, according to Odds Shark’s calculator, of winning of 61.83 percent.

Hamilton (+200) is a curious case. He is no slouch, no pushover under any circumstances. But he had just nothing that could challenge Verstappen in the last race. The Mercedes car seemed atypically slow along the straights, which Hamilton confirmed after the race. Hamilton also suggested that Mercedes needed to pick up the performance and power of the car. These are all crucial indicators that the Mercedes of Hamilton is currently lagging behind the Red Bull of Verstappen. Will that continue this weekend?

"If we’re not going to develop and improve our car for the rest of the year, this is the result you’re going to see, because, as I said, they have really eked out performance in these last few races, wherever it’s been, whether it’s been in France with the engine or the new wing, whichever it is. Give us an upgrade, we would love an upgrade, but I don’t think it’s in the pipeline at the moment,” Hamilton said in the aftermath of the Styrian Grand Prix.

Left-Field F1 Betting Predictions for Austrian Grand Prix

There are only two left-field picks really because other than Mercedes and Red Bull, there does not seem to be a car in this F1 calendar that is capable of winning a race based on the technical aspects.

Sergio Perez (+1100) has already won a race this season. He has done so with the Red Bull in Azerbaijan. He has also won a race with the Racing Point last season to close out the calendar. He has plenty of skill and confidence in that Red Bull, at least more than Alex Albon had from the early evidence of this season. Red Bull, however, have been using him as a tactical tool to throw Mercedes off their strategy, which makes prudent business sense but that also means that Perez will not win races if Verstappen has even a decent race.

Valtteri Bottas (+1100) has the same F1 odds as Perez, which is fair. But there is one key difference: Bottas has often been faster than Hamilton along the straights in some of the last few races. That was also the case in Styria as Bottas climbed from P5 to finish with a spot in the podium. Mercedes will have to do something to put Red Bull off their game. From a strategic standpoint, it might just make sense to throw out the rulebook and just back the faster driver and have the slower one being the tactical tool.

Lando Norris (+4000) and Charles Leclerc (+5000) have impressed in the McLaren and Ferrari respectively. However, they have both had solid qualifying finishes but have not come close to winning a race. Pierre Gasly (+8000), in fact, has shown previously he can win a race despite facing incredible adversity. He had to retire early last weekend and will be keen to make up in the Alpha Tauri.

History of the Austrian Grand Prix

The Red Bull Ring was created in 1995-96 when Hermann Tilke was entrusted with making the Osterreichring a newer track. The original Osterreichring was created in 1969 as a replacement for the Zeltweg airfield circuit.

Race Technicals

This is the same circuit as the Styrian Grand Prix, which means not much will change from a technical standpoint. The circuit length at the Styrian Grand Prix will be 4.318 kilometers, with a total race distance of 306.452 kilometers, divided into 71 laps of racing. The lap record at this circuit was set in 2020 by Carlos Sainz with a time of 1:05.619.

The uphill and downhill areas of this circuit will pose a bit of a challenge for some engines, but there are several key straights at this track that will aid the stronger engines of Mercedes and Red Bull. This was certainly the case in the previous race as well. There are three detection zones along the straights that will aid overtaking: the first just after the starting line ahead of turn 1, the second between turns 2 and 3 and the third along the short straight between turns 9 and 10.

There are a few high-, and medium-speed corners, including turn 1, that will be imperative to the classification of drivers because it’s unlikely there will be 20 classified drivers in this race. Pierre Gasly had to retire early from the Styrian Grand Prix. There could be another early retirement here.

Weather Conditions

Mercedes will be pleased with the weather forecast for this Sunday. After a dry race in the Styrian Grand Prix, weather conditions are expected to be very different for the Austrian Grand Prix. There is a high chance of rain right from the morning, around 6 a.m. till the evening. Put away the dry tires because we might need the wet slicks with at least some rain forecast during the race.

Betting Strategy For the Austrian Grand Prix

There are plenty of options for the Austrian Grand Prix. There were some telling statements made from Hamilton after the Styrian Grand Prix, which may suggest that the Mercedes cannot keep up with Red Bull in their home race. Hamilton likes to play these mind games to try and even up a situation though. From the technical evidence of Styria, it just looks like the Red Bull is far too strong for Mercedes. As a result, this would be my betting strategy.

Let’s say you have about $100 to invest on the Austrian Grand Prix. Based on his F1 odds, Hamilton has an implied probability to win of 33.33 percent, which is not a low number. There has to be some part of that $100 invested on Hamilton and Mercedes, especially when the F1 odds are as high as +200.

I’d divide the total investment into 75-25. The majority, or close to 75 percent, would be invested on Verstappen and the rest on Hamilton to hedge the bet in case Verstappen has a bad day or a technical failure as was the case in Baku. It just does not seem likely that any driver apart from Verstappen or Hamilton will win a race so that should ensure a return on investment, albeit a much smaller one.

Prop Bets For the Austrian Grand Prix

There are several interesting prop bets to consider from the Austrian Grand Prix. Here is a look at some of those props.

Fastest Lap: Lewis Hamilton (+175)

The fastest lap market does not depend on the speed of the car, it is almost entirely reliant on the state of the race. If a driver has a gap of more than 25 seconds (which is about the time required to make an additional stop and change tires), the team will call that driver in, put in a new set of tires and go for the additional world championship point. That was exactly the case in the previous race when Hamilton was far enough ahead of his colleague to pit and change his tires. In the last lap of the race, he picked up the fastest lap and the extra point. That same narrative could be repeated here at the same circuit.

Podium finish: Sergio Perez (-110)

Perez was far off the pace in his Red Bull in the Styrian Grand Prix. Quickly, he was changed into a new set of tires and asked to push Bottas, which he did right to the end of the race. The Red Bull is the faster car in their home circuit. In the battle of Bottas against Perez, backing the Red Bull is the shrewd call considering the aerodynamics and strength of the car.

Double podium finish: Red Bull (+110)

These F1 odds are excellent for Red Bull. Verstappen and Perez should both finish on the podium if they can begin at reasonable positions on the starting grid come Sunday. Even in 2020, there was enough evidence to suggest that the Red Bull is too quick for Mercedes at this venue. This is a similarly logical decision.

We will return at the conclusion of the Austrian Grand Prix to look forward to Lewis Hamilton’s home race in Silverstone. Till then, happy F1 betting!