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About NBA Consensus

Betting the NBA is one of the toughest challenges for sports bettors and having accurate NBA consensus data is mission-critical to having success at the sportsbook. At Odds Shark (and many other sites where we gather consensus votes and picks), thousands of opinions and NBA wagering predictions are offered on every game. It provides a solid look into the public's betting habits on the games, information you can use to go with the flow or bet against the flow. Bookmark this page for daily NBA trends to help your basketball handicapping.

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You read that 77.4% of the basketball betting public is betting on the Lakers at -7.5 points. That means only 22.6% of bettors are backing the underdog Celtics. What should do with this information and why is it important for my handicapping? There are betting strategies that involve simply betting against the NBA consensus, otherwise known as "fading the public." It/s a contrarian view of betting that says the public will be wrong more often than they are right, because many are casual bettors who just like to bet favorites or bet their favorite teams. However you interpret the data, knowing the NBA consensus numbers gives you critical information. Here at Odds Shark, we rank the consensus NBA picks, showing you which games the public likes best and we also dig out which online sportsbooks boast the best lines on those games.

You will also be encouraged to add your own opinion to the discussion by clicking on the matchup report links. Tell us which side of the NBA point spread or total you are picking and that tally goes into the database to be shared with the community. Together, all hoops bettors produce a definitive NBA consensus percentage representing a large cross-section of betting society. We also provide the same data for college basketball, football, hockey and baseball. So bookmark this important page and tell your friends.