How to Bet on Golf

Golf used to be a game for retired old men to take up when their working days were behind them.

Not anymore. Golf has become a game for all ages and is used as a conference table on the fairways for business meetings. As popularity in the sport has surged, so has betting on golf.

The most popular form of golf betting is obviously betting on who is going to win this week's tournament outright. For more than a decade Tiger Woods has owned the top of the odds at the sportsbooks and his big wins and even his big losses have made a lot of bettors tons of cash.

With Tiger out of commission and his game in shambles picking the winner every week has gotten a little more difficult. However, it's become a lot more profitable too. Even the favorite in a tournament pays pretty well.

Just look at Rory McIlroy in the British Open a few weeks ago as a +745 favorite. Getting 7/1 would have been a solid payout had McIlroy actually won and betting on the real winner Darren Clarke would have paid huge at 125/1.

Another popular form of golf betting is player matchups. The books matchups up two golfers and the bettors must decide which will post the better finish in the tournament.  If a bettor can correctly predict which golfer will win the tournament they can also pocket some extra cash by taking all of their matchups.

Matchups are also available for each round during most tournaments and bettors who do their homework and figure out which round certain golfers tend to shoot well or shoot poorly can put themselves in a good position to clean up on these matchups.

Golf betting is also a very popular option for future bettors. Golf futures are available at most books for Major Tournaments and the Ryder Cup. This means you can bet on who will win the Masters weeks and even months before the first ball is teed off at Augusta.

Ryder Cup futures are also available well in advance of the teams even being selected.