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The Most Exotic Betting Props of Super Bowl 51

Year in and year out, there's nothing quite like the Super Bowl for the sports betting community. Oddsmakers and bettors alike rejoice for the big game, and the number of ridiculous exotic props grows every season.

If you're looking for a full list of fun Super Bowl props, you've come to the right place. From J.J. Watt to Deflategate to Donald Trump to Gisele Bundchen, online sportsbook Bovada is offering a wide variety of hilarious prop specials.

Joe Osborne's ultimate Super Bowl prop page takes a look at every side betting opportunity, which you can read here. Looking to spice up your Super Bowl party? Download our printable props party game and play along with your friends.

See anything you like? Take a look:

Will any player on the Falcons or Patriots roster be seen kneeling during the national anthem on TV?

Odds as of January 30 at Bovada

  • YES +250
  • NO -400
What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday?
  • Tom Brady's rushing yards +170
  • Donald Trump's interview with Bill O'Reilly in minutes -250
Will the word "lacrosse" be said on TV?
  • YES -250
  • NO +170

How many times will J.J. Watt be mentioned on the broadcast?
  • OVER 1 +110
  • UNDER 1 -150
Will "Houston we have a problem" be said on the broadcast?
  • YES +250
  • NO -400
How many times will "Gronk" or "Gronkowski" be said on the broadcast?
  • OVER 3 -120
  • UNDER 3 -120
Will any player other than Tom Brady or Matt Ryan attempt a pass?
  • YES +250
  • NO -400
Will there be a flea flicker attempted in the game?
  • YES +400
  • NO -700
Which team will have more dropped passes?
  • Patriots -130
  • Falcons -110
How many times will "deflate" or "Deflategate" be said during the broadcast?
  • OVER 1.5 -120
  • UNDER 1.5 -120
Will either Brady or Ryan record 415 or more passing yards to break the Super Bowl record?
  • YES +400
  • NO -700

If the Patriots win, will Brady, Belichick or Kraft be seen shaking Roger Goodell's hand on TV?
  • YES -175
  • NO +135
Will both teams combined score 76 or more points to break the Super Bowl record?
  • YES +550
  • NO -1000
Who will be mentioned first after kickoff on the broadcast?
  • Dan Quinn -120
  • Bill Belichick -120
How many times will Arthur Blank be shown on TV during the broadcast?
  • UNDER 2 -140
How many times will Robert Kraft be shown on the broadcast?
  • OVER 2.5 -110
  • UNDER 2.5 -130
Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first after he's presented with the trophy?
  • Team/teammates +150
  • God +225
  • Does not mention any of the above +250
  • Family +900
  • Coach +1000
  • Owner +1000
  • Donald Trump +3300
Who will Donald Trump pick to win the game?
  • Patriots -1000
  • Falcons +550

How many timeS will Gisele Bundchen be shown on live TV during the broadcast?
  • OVER 1.5 +150
  • UNDER 1.5 -200
How many times will Trump be said on the broadcast?
  • OVER 1.5 EVEN
  • UNDER 1.5 -140

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