Even though we've seen a sixth unique titleholder in as many years, oddsmakers are still favoring the newly-crowned Boston Celtics in the race for the 2025 NBA championship. 

The No. 1-seeded Oklahoma City Thunder currently have 7.5-to-1 odds, followed by the 2023 champion Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers.

Here's a look at where all 30 teams across the Association sit to potentially capture the Larry O'Brien trophy next year.

2024-25 NBA Championship odds

Boston Celtics+300
Oklahoma City Thunder+750
Denver Nuggets+850
Philadelphia 76ers+850
New York Knicks+900
Dallas Mavericks+1000
Minnesota Timberwolves+1100
Milwaukee Bucks+1500
Los Angeles Lakers+3500
Orlando Magic+4000
Memphis Grizzlies+4000
New Orleans Pelicans+4000
Phoenix Suns+4000
Miami Heat+4500
Golden State Warriors+4500
Indiana Pacers+5000
Los Angeles Clippers+5000
Sacramento Kings+5000
Cleveland Cavaliers+5000
Houston Rockets+10000
San Antonio Spurs+15000
Atlanta Hawks+35000
Portland Trail Blazers+100000
Detroit Pistons+100000
Chicago Bulls+100000
Toronto Raptors+100000
Charlotte Hornets+100000
Washington Wizards+100000
Brooklyn Nets+100000
Utah Jazz+100000

Odds as of July 8

Why are the Boston Celtics favored to repeat?

It's incredibly difficult to forge a "dynasty" in this day and age, what with the league's ever-changing thresholds which severely tax those willing to spend an arm and a leg to build a championship-worthy roster. The top-tier talent is spread far and wide, so capturing consecutive titles - as evident by the last six seasons - is next to impossible.

However, with this iteration of the Celtics, they're perhaps best equipped to differ from the norm. Jayson Tatum is about to command the largest contract ever received, and Finals Most Valuable Player Jaylen Brown is locked in for the long haul, with both players 27 years of age or younger. Jrue Holiday inked a four-year extension, as well, while Kristaps Porzingis is signed through the 2025-26 campaign. 

Finishing the regular season with the best overall record and then steamrolling through the playoffs with only three losses along the way rightfully makes Boston the betting favorite to do it all again next year, but the rest of the league won't go away quietly. 

NBA Offseason Trade Reactions/Championship Odds Impact

  • Oklahoma City Thunder acquire Alex Caruso
  • New York Knicks acquire Mikal Bridges
  • New Orleans Pelicans acquire Dejounte Murray
  • Philadelphia 76ers sign Paul George
  • Dallas Mavericks acquire Klay Thompson

NBA Championship Betting Strategy

Much of what formulates odds for NBA title contenders obviously stems from regular-season success. However, once the postseason comes and goes, how far a team advances can greatly impact the championship odds heading into next year before free agency and the draft gets underway.

What Impacts NBA Championship Odds?

  • Winning and losing streaks
  • Injuries to key players
  • Seeding in the standings
  • Win-loss records against specific opponents
  • Postseason success

How To Bet On NBA Futures

An NBA futures bet tends to revolve around the outcomes of both the regular season and playoffs as opposed to specific games the day of.

Here are some examples of some of the more popular futures bets:

  • Which team will win the NBA Championship?
  • Which player will win the Most Valuable Player award?
  • Will Team X qualify for the NBA playoffs?

Last 10 NBA Championship Winners

NBA Champions (2014-2024)
YearWinning TeamPreseason Odds To Win TitleOpponent In FinalsSeries
2024Boston Celtics+350Dallas Mavericks4-1
2023Denver Nuggets+1800Miami Heat4-1
2022Golden State Warriors+900Boston Celtics4-2
2021Milwaukee Bucks+550Phoenix Suns4-2
2020Los Angeles Lakers+450Miami Heat4-2
2019Toronto Raptors+1850Golden State Warriors4-2
2018Golden State Warriors-187Cleveland Cavaliers4-0
2017Golden State Warriors-128Cleveland Cavaliers4-1
2016Cleveland Cavaliers+280Golden State Warriors4-3
2015Golden State Warriors+2800Cleveland Cavaliers4-2

The Celtics' win in 2024 marked the sixth-different champion in as many years, a feat which hadn't been accomplished by the league since 1975-80.

The last team to win consecutive championships was the Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018. That capped off a 10-year run in which only five different teams (Warriors, Lakers, Mavericks, Cavaliers, and Spurs) won a title.

NBA Teams With The Most Championships

TeamNBA TitlesNBA Finals AppearancesMost Recent NBA Title
Boston Celtics18232024
Los Angeles Lakers17322020
Golden State Warriors7122022
Chicago Bulls661998
San Antonio Spurs562014
Philadelphia 76ers391983
Detroit Pistons372004
Miami Heat362013
New York Knicks281973
Milwaukee Bucks232021

Boston's 2024 win moved it past the Los Angeles Lakers for the most championship wins by a single franchise in league history. 

The Bulls are the most efficient, sweeping six titles during the 1990s, and the Warriors have the most recent title wins, with four in the last ten years.

NBA Teams That Have Never Appeared In A Finals

TeamNumber Of SeasonsFurthest Finish
Los Angeles Clippers49Western Conference Final (2021)
Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats30Eastern Conference Semifinals (1993, 1998, 2001, 2002)
Minnesota Timberwolves29Western Conference Final (2004)
Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies23Western Conference Final (2013)
New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans17Western Conference Semifinals (2008, 2018)

What a sad, sad list of teams. If you’re a fan of these squads, apologies in advance — your team (probably) isn’t breaking the curse this year. Never say never though! The Clippers and Pelicans have made exciting runs recently, we’re all rooting for them to make it eventually.

NBA Championship Odds Trends

  • Four of the last six NBA Finals have been decided in six games.
  • In the last 21 years, the Western Conference is 12-9 in NBA Finals.
  • Also over the past 21 years, the No. 1 seed has won the championship 13 times. Those are solid odds.
  • The lowest-seeded team to win the NBA Finals in recent history was the sixth-seed 1995 Houston Rockets.
  • Since 2010, the top team in the regular season has won the championship five times.
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