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MLB Baseball Betting Options

Betting on baseball games is actually more popular in terms of overall bets than even the NFL at many top sportsbooks.

With how many MLB games are available for betting and how long the MLB season runs, there are moneyline, runline, and OVER/UNDER wagers to be placed daily throughout the summer. Those are the three main ways of baseball betting, focusing on the individual outcomes and scoring in a game, but there are plenty of ways to lock in MLB wagers.

Some of the secondary baseball betting options include MLB props and futures bets. Props are niche bets on events that don't necessarily impact the outcome of the game, such as first-inning runs or a player's number of hits. Futures are longer-term bets, where you can bet on the result of a season well in advance. Common MLB futures bets include World Series odds or MLB award odds.

MLB Betting Guides

We've got betting guides for all things MLB and baseball, setting you up to succeed when you place a bet. Here are the main MLB betting guides to get you started:

How To Use Our MLB Tools

After you've read through some MLB betting guides let's get down to the real stuff — the betting tools. If you're just looking to tail picks, we've got our MLB Computer Picks page or if you're looking for daily trends, check out MLB betting trends. For a complete list of MLB betting tools, check out the selection below:

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