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NCAAF Betting News & Analysis

Betting on college football offers a thrilling and unique experience compared to its professional NFL counterpart. The sheer unpredictability and emotional investment of backing schools puts NCAAF betting over the top. A massive amount of teams, and many players being teenagers, presents a significant variance in team strengths. NCAAF betting offers distinctive challenges and opportunities for bettors.

The main betting markets in College Football betting are the spread, moneyline, and totals (over/under). Unlike in the NFL, where the talent level is controlled by the salary cap and the draft, college games can see powerhouse teams - like Georgia - facing much weaker opponents - like the University of Alabama-Birmingham. These matchups create a different dynamic for spread and over/under bets.

NCAAF Betting Guides

At Odds Shark, we equip you with all the necessary tools to refine your NCAAF betting strategies. Key resources include:

  • How to Bet on NCAAF: Learn the fundamentals of placing college football bets and understand the odds.
  • Futures: Think Michigan can win back-to-back National Championships? Dive into long-term bets and how to capitalize on them.
  • NCAAF Database: Create your own NCAAF betting reports with our treasure trove of historical and conference data.
  • NCAAF Trends: Identify key betting patterns to aid you in beating the books.

What’s the Best College Football Betting Site?

Choosing a reliable sportsbook is crucial for a successful college football betting experience. It’s extremely important to select a book that offers comprehensive coverage of NCAAF games, competitive odds, and a user-friendly experience.

Use our sportsbook review pages to help.

How to Use Odds Shark’s Tools for Your NCAAF Strategy

Use Odds Shark’s sports betting tools to build your NCAAF strategy. You can look find all of Alabama or your team of choice’s recent matchups on their team page, browse our algorithm’s computer picks to spot a trend, or dive into the consensus picks to see where the public is at.


College Football Betting News FAQ

What is a totals bet in college football?

A totals bet in college football is a wager on the combined number of points scored in a game. You bet on whether the total points will go over or under a set number. If the total in a Cincinnati vs Michigan game is 58, and Cincinnati wins 34-30, the “over” wins as both teams combined to score more than 58 points. If Cincinnati wins 34-23, the under wins.

How do point spreads work in college football?

Point spreads in college football are wagers on the margin of victory. If Alabama is -2.5 against Georgia, then the Bulldogs have to win by 3 points or more in order to cover the spread, and win the bet. If Georgia loses by one (1) or two (2) points or wins the game outright, anyone who bet on Georgia wins their wager.

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