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Who will be leading the way in the 2017 SuperContest, hosted by the Westgate Las Vegas, and where will the OddsShark Super Computer rank? Both are great questions and we’ll update the contest standings here each week. See the computer and team member's five selections for each week here and bookmark this page for future reference.

Anthony Riccobono

Currently covering NFL for International Business Times, he’s also covered NBA and MLB, boxing, and professional wrestling for IB Times since joining the site in February 2012.Anthony's Picks

Benjamin Eckstein

Vegas veteran Benjamin Eckstein, author of America's Line, brings three decades of experience to his challenge for the title.
Benjamin's Picks

Clay Travis

The sports wagering voice of Fox Sports 1 and a longtime expert in both college and pro football, Clay joined Team OddsShark in 2015 and is back again in 2016.
Clay's Picks

Dan Lyons

Dan is an Editor at College Spun Media and while his main focus is College Football he’s ready to try his luck at NFL.
Dan's Picks

David Fucillo

Founder of the Niner Nation blog and SBNation’s authority on all things gaming, David Fucillo is a veteran of Team OddsShark and last year's team winner. 
David's Picks

Frank Schwab

Writing about the NFL for the Yahoo! blog Shutdown Corner, Frank is one of the top NFL voices on the internet. The Super Contest will test his knowledge and see if it translates to more wins than losses ATS.
Frank's Picks

Jason Kirk

The College Football Editor for SB Nation, Jason joins Team OddsShark for the first time in 2017 hoping a little beginner’s luck will take him all the way to the top.
Jason's Picks

Jhenny Andrade

Another Team OddsShark member from the world of MMA who also happens to be an NFL fan. Jhenny and Jon Anik prove the football fans are everywhere.
Jhenny's Picks

Joe Ostrowski

Host, executive producer and anchor at 670 The Score in Chicago, the Joe O Show and Twitter account of Joe Ostrowski is a mainstay in that market's top-rated radio talk show scene.
Joe's Picks

Jon Anik

Former ESPN anchor and current commentator for the UFC, Team OddsShark brought an MMA fan to a football fight last year and Anik is back again with his brand of betting know-how.
Jon's Picks

Jon Campbell

OddsShark’s Industry Expert and Sports Analyst, Jon is set to compete against the OddsShark Super Computer and the rest of Team OddsShark – may the best man, or machine, win.
Jon's Picks

Kelly Stewart

More than just a pretty face, Kelly can dominate the boys at the sports betting window and the blackjack table and run them off the track in go-karting too.
Kelly's Picks

Matt Ufford

Featured writer at SBNation and host of Uffsides video blog, Matt is an NFL guru and third-time Team OddsShark contestant. He finished 3rd on Team OddsShark last year. 
Matt's Picks

Michaela Vernava

NESN reporter covering the NHL, NFL, Boston Bruins and New England Patriots, Michaela Vernava is a first-timer on Team OddsShark. Equipped with beginner's luck and sharp intuition, this rookie is ready to win.
Michaela's Picks

Mike Cole

A writer and editor for NESN, Mike Cole will be representing Massachusetts but (to the horror of his co-workers) cheering for Green Bay.
Mike's Picks

Nick Kostos

Nick hosts a variety of shows for CBS Sports, including NFL pregame shows on Thursday and Sunday. He loves nothing more than cold beer and fading the public, and is jacked up to be back with Team OddsShark for the third consecutive year.
Nick's Picks

Paulo Antunes

Working as an NFL and MLB commentator, presenter, and reporter for ESPN Brazil, Paulo is one of two Team OddsShark members from Brazil!
Paulo's Picks

Pete Prisco

CBSSports' senior NFL columnist brings more than 30 years of football reporting experience to the job and his famed Prisco's Picks to the Contest and Team OddsShark.
Pete's Picks

Randall the Handle

Toronto Sun Media columnist, Randall the Handle, knows his way around football odds and is back for a third straight year on Team OddsShark. 
Randall's Picks

Richard Roeper

You know him from the world of movies but Richard Roeper is a hard core sports fans and can’t wait to show the rest of Team OddsShark how it’s done. ​
Richard's Picks

Rob Pizzola

An expert in predictive modeling, Rob recently joined PredictionMachine.com as the Business Manager and face of the company.
Rob's Picks

Ryan Fowler

Fantasy sports expert and football writer Ryan Fowler will head to Vegas again this year for his third shot at victory on Team OddsShark.
Ryan's Picks

Sam Panayotovich

A radio and podcast host from the Windy City, Sam Panayotovich is joining Team OddsShark for his first run at the Super Contest’s top prize.
Sam's Picks

Ty Schalter

A free agent NFL writer, Ty hosts B/R Radio's NFL Inside Read on SiriusXM, and writes for VICE Sports and The Comeback
Ty's Picks

Will Brinson

Senior NFL writer for CBS Sports and rookie Team OddsShark member, Will Brinson is ready to go for Super Contest 2017 where he’ll take on his CBS colleges Pete Prisco and Nick Kostos.
Will's Picks