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It’s Over for the NFL’s 0-3 Teams

The Saints, Browns, Jaguars and Bears are absolutely toast. The fat lady is singing and the only thing left to play for is pride. Or, instead of pride, maybe just embrace the shame that comes with throwing a season to ensure the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Yes, it looks like it’s over for the NFL’s 0-3 teams as history hasn’t been kind to slow starters. Going way back to 1980, there have been 164 teams to start a season 0-3, with only five of them going on to make the playoffs — a whopping 3%. If you’re a fan of one of the 0-3 teams and that 3% number is giving you hope, it shouldn’t. The last team to start 0-3 and make the playoffs was the 1998 Bills, who followed up their 0-3 start with five straight wins.

The Browns and Bears are three games back in their divisions, while the Jaguars already lost two home games and were beat down by the bottom-feeding Chargers in Week 2. So go ahead, tear up those futures tickets and start scouting the upcoming draft class.

If you’re a fan of one of the five 3-0 teams, you should be feeling pretty good about your team’s chances of making the playoffs. Since 1980, 131 of the 170 (77.1%) teams to start 3-0 made the playoffs. Taking a look at this year’s crop of 3-0 clubs — the Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, Eagles and Vikings — there’s certainly a few question marks, but the Patriots, Broncos and Vikings look like sure things.

The Ravens haven’t exactly faced the stiffest competition but John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco have made the playoffs in six of their eight seasons together. The Eagles, meanwhile, have six games remaining vs playoff teams from 2015, with two of those games being against the Redskins, so they should have an excellent chance to win the NFC East. Philly entered the season with the longest odds to win the division at +400.