Live NFL Betting: Gambling Wave of the Future

If the last decade has been about the establishment of online sportsbooks, then the latest wave in NFL betting is wagering of the live variety.

With sportsbooks always looking to push the envelope for new revenue streams and with the development web technologies keeping pace, live betting is the new ‘have-to’ of every smart and engaged NFL bettor.

Simply put, live betting allows bettors to bet on a given game while it’s being played, opening up a pandora’s box of wagering opportunities once unheard of.
There are a ton of advantages to live betting, from the bevy of options centered on proposition betting, to the sheer excitement of laying money down on the fly. Some of the sizable returns available don’t hurt matters, either.

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The key to live NFL betting is to avoid getting carried away. Discipline and money management is the name of the game. Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of the teams and players, and focus on statistics such as offensive and defensive ratings.

Often overlooked when it comes to successful live betting is coaching philosophy. You can know Tom Brady’s stat sheet inside and out, but if you haven’t a clue about Bill Belichick’s tendencies as the man calling the plays, you could be left with a bruised bankroll.

If you’re looking to profit (and let’s face it, who isn’t), gather a gameplan, and stick to it. Decide on a unit measurement for your bankroll, and decide pre-game how much – and how often you’re going to wager.

Don’t bet on emotion. If you lose three or four straight live bets, take a break. On the other hand, don’t double down after a hot streak. Be satisfied with a few wins in a row, and don’t feel like you’ve lost out if you end up breaking even by the end of the game.

Winning more live NFL bets is a marathon, not a sprint. And it takes training to avoid the pitfalls that can damage your bankroll.