USA Presidential Odds: 2016 Futures

Having now officially thrown her hat into the ring Hillary Clinton remains the favorite on the odds to win the 2016 US Presidential Election on the political betting lines at online sportsbook Bovada, with Jeb Bush sitting in the second spot on that props list.

Clinton is the 13/10 favorite on the odds to become the 58th President of the United States, with Bush at 4/1, Scott Walker at 10/1, Marco Rubio at 12/1, Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul at 14/1, New Jersey governor Chris Christie at 18/1, and Ted Cruz back at 33/1. Current Vice President Joe Biden is at 40/1.

The Democrats are then the -200 favorite over the +160 underdog Republicans on the winning party prop bet at Bovada, with 'male' the -170 favorite over +130 'female' on the wager asking what the gender of the new President of the United States will be in 2016.

2016 US Presidential Election -
58th President of the USA Odds @ Bovada

Hillary Clinton 13/10
Jeb Bush 4/1
Scott Walker 10/1
Marco Rubio 12/1
Elizabeth Warren 14/1
Rand Paul 14/1
Chris Christie 18/1
Ben Carson 33/1
Bobby Jindal 33/1
Martin O'Malley 33/1
Ted Cruz 33/1
Joe Biden 40/1
Kirsten Gillibrand 40/1
Andrew Cuomo 50/1
Bob McDonnell 50/1
Deval Patrick 50/1
Jim Webb 50/1
John Kasich 50/1
Mark Warner 50/1
Michael Bloomberg 50/1
Paul Ryan 50/1
Rick Santorum 50/1
Condoleeza Rice 66/1
Rahm Emanuel 66/1
Rob Portman 66/1
Susana Martinez 66/1
Al Gore 100/1
Donald Trump 100/1
George Clooney 100/1
Michelle Obama 150/1

2016 US Presidential Election - Winning Party

Democratic Party -200
Republican Party +160

2016 US Presidential Election - Gender of Winner

Male -170
Female +130

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2016 U.S. Presidential odds were on the move in early January after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the Republican favorite, took a hit over a flap over a bridge connecting his state to New York City.

Emails showed high-ranking members of Christie’s staff arranged traffic jams along a busy bridge from Fort Lee, N.J. to New York City in a form of punishment for the Fort Lee mayor, who didn’t support Christie for re-election.

Christie claims he was blind-sided by the scandal and fired his deputy chief of staff. It’s still a big blow to his political future, as most believed Christie was the best candidate for the Republicans.

Before the controversy, Bovada was giving both parties, Republican and Democrat, equal shot at succeeding Barack Obama in the White House; both were listed at -120. However, Bovada adjusted the numbers after Thursday’s news.

The Democrats, as of January 9, are now even-money to win the White House, with the Republicans now +140 underdogs. 


Barack Obama won the U.S. Presidential election in November, and the Democrats also opened as the favorites at the sportsbooks to claim victory in the White House race once again in 2016.

At Bovada the Democrats opened as the -130 favorites to win the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, with current Vice President Joe Biden and departing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both among the potential candidates to run for the party in 2016.

The Republicans opened as the -110 underdog on the odds to win the 2016 U.S. Presidential election at Bovada after Mitt Romney went down to defeat in November. Possible Republican candidates in 2016 include former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and former VP candidate Paul Ryan.

2016 US Presidential Election - Winning Party (from Bovada)

Democratic Party -130
Republican Party -110

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