NFL: Stats for 2-0 Teams and 0-2 Teams

So your team is 2-0, and you can pencil them in for the playoffs. So your team is 0-2, and you can be pretty much be assured they won’t be in the playoffs. Does two games really make that much of a difference? Does an 0-2 start doom your team with 14 games remaining to rebound? The odds say yes. So does our OddsShark NFL Database.

Since 2007, 66 teams have started 0-2. Only five of them turned it around to make the playoffs and one (the 2008 San Diego Chargers) made it with an 8-8 record. The Indianapolis Colts from last season, the 2013 Carolina Panthers, the 2008 Minnesota Vikings, and the 2007 New York Giants are the only others.

Starting 2-0 doesn’t guarantee your team a spot in the playoffs, and this trend has been cooling off in recent seasons. Still, in those 66 games where teams started 2-0, 38 made it to the postseason while 28 missed. And among those hard-luck teams to miss the playoffs, the 2008 Patriots failed with an 11-5 record, so they hardly collapsed after a 2-0 start.

Carolina will look to make another playoff run after a 2-0 start. Since 2007, the team has started 2-0 twice and made the playoffs each of those times. The Patriots and Packers also have a good track record after 2-0 starts since 2007. They both made the playoffs three times after four 2-0 starts.

A 2-0 start has eluded traditional playoff outcasts Cleveland, Jacksonville, St. Louis, and Oakland over the past eight seasons. Also, based on their recent history, the Saints will have a tough road ahead of them after another 0-2 start. The team has started 0-2 three times since 2007, failing to reach the playoffs each of those times.

NFL Playoffs - 2-0 & 0-2 Teams
2015New England Baltimore 
 Cincinnati Houston 
 Denver NY Giants 
 Dallas Philadelphia 
 Green Bay Detroit 
 Atlanta Chicago 
 Carolina New Orleans 
 Arizona Seattle 
 NY Jets Indianapolis 
 CincinnatiYKansas CityN
 DenverYNY GiantsN
 CarolinaYTampa BayN
 ArizonaYNew OrleansN
 New OrleansYJacksonvilleN
 MiamiNNY GiantsN
 New EnglandYCarolinaY
 Kansas CityYTampa BayN
 HoustonYKansas CityN
 PhiladelphiaNNew OrleansN
 San DiegoNOaklandN
 San FranciscoYTennesseeN
 Green BayYKansas CityN
 New EnglandYMinnesotaN
 NY JetsNSeattleN
 WashingtonNSt. LouisN
 Green BayYDallasN
 Kansas CityYBuffaloN
 New OrleansYCarolinaN
 PittsburghYSt LouisN
 Tampa BayNSan FranciscoN
 IndianapolisYKansas CityN
 MinnesotaYSt LouisN
 NY GiantsNJacksonvilleN
 NY JetsYTampa BayN
 New OrleansYClevelandN
 San FranciscoNMiamiN
 DenverNKansas CityN
 Green BayNMiamiN
 NY GiantsYMinnesotaY
 New EnglandN (11-5)San DiegoY (8-8)
 TennesseeYSt LouisN
 DetroitNKansas CityN
 Green BayYMiamiN
 HoustonNNew OrleansN
 IndianapolisYNY GiantsY (Super Bowl)
 New EnglandYNY JetsN
 San FranciscoNPhiladelphiaN
 WashingtonYSt LouisN