Super Bowl Odds

Betting on the Super Bowl is the most common sports wager in America, but many believe that you can only bet the NFL title game after the teams are set.

Truth is, there are Super Bowl betting odds all season long as online sportsbooks offer future bets on every team.

Preseason favorites start as early Super Bowl picks and injuries and hot streaks shape the line all season. By the time the Super Bowl rolls around in February the lines on all the teams will have morphed and changed dozens of times. And shortly after a champ is crowned, Super Bowl odds go up for next year’s game!

Super Bowl Point Spread

And the spread is not where betting ends, it’s just where it starts. Sportsbooks offer literally thousands of Super Bowl prop bets and variations on the traditional NFL point spread, over under, and moneyline.

Bet the coin toss? Sure why not? Bet how many times the quarterback’s hot new girlfriend will be shown during the telecast? No sweat. Which Super Bowl ad will have the highest Nielsen rating? There are Super Bowl props on that too.

Super Bowl Bonuses

With so much wagering and so many betting options, sportsbooks do their best to help fans boost their bankroll before Super Bowl Sunday.

Many will offer special perks and deposit bonuses to turn your $100 deposit into $50 in bonus cash. Others will offer free bets if you place a certain number of wagers or deposit a certain amount of money. Check out the latest bonus specials.

Super Bowl Contests

And for bettors who like to have just a few wagers on the go but who love the challenge of a Super Bowl Contest, many shops will offer props games where you pick many outcomes. Who will score the first TD? Will the longest field goal be over or under 44.5 yards? Which QB will have the most passing yards? These comprise some of the typical questions in free Super Bowl competitions offered by sportsbooks such as Bovada and others.

Check out the Super Bowl point spread and final score for every game since 1967 . . .

Game Year Winner Opponent Score Odds
XLVIII 2014 Seahawks Broncos 43-8 +2 Sea
XLVII 2013 Ravens 49ers 34-31 +4 Balt
XLVI 2012 Giants Patriots 21-17 +2.5 NYG






-3 GB

XLIV 2010 Saints Colts 31-17 +4.5 NO
XLIII 2009 Steelers Cardinals 27-23 -6.5 Pit
XLII 2008 Giants Patriots 17-14 +12.5 NY
XLI 2007 Colts Bears 29-17 -6.5 Indy
XL 2006 Steelers Seahawks 21-10 -4 Pit
XXXIX 2005 Patriots Eagles 24-21 -7 NE
XXXVIII 2004 Patriots Panthers 32-29 -7 NE
XXXVII 2003 Buccaneers Raiders 48-21 +3 TB
XXXVI 2002 Patriots Rams 20-17 +14 NE
XXXV 2001 Ravens Giants 34-7 -3 Balt
XXXIV 2000 Rams Titans 23-16 -7 Rams
XXXIII 1999 Broncos Falcons 34-19 -7.5 Den
XXXII 1998 Broncos Packers 31-24 +11 Den
XXXI 1997 Packers Patriots 35-21 -14 GB
XXX 1996 Cowboys Steelers 27-17 -13.5 Dal
XXIX 1995 49ers Chargers 49-26 -18.5 SF
XXVIII 1994 Cowboys Bills 30-13 -10.5 Dal
XXVII 1993 Cowboys Bills 52-17 -6.5 Dal
XXVI 1992 Redskins Bills 37-24 -7 Wash
XXV 1991 Giants Bills 20-19 +7.5 NYG
XXIV 1990 49ers Broncos 55-10 -12 SF
XXIII 1989 49ers Bengals 20-16 -7 SF
XXII 1988 Redskins Broncos 42-10 +3 Wash
XXI 1987 Giants Broncos 39-20 -9.5 NYG
XX 1986 Bears Patriots 46-10 -10 Chi
XIX 1985 49ers Dolphins 38-16 -3.5 SF
XVIII 1984 Raiders Redskins 38-9 +3 Raid
XVII 1983 Redskins Dolphins 27-17 +3 Wash
XVI 1982 49ers Bengals 26-21 Pick'em
XV 1981 Raiders Eagles 27-10 +3 Raid
XIV 1980 Steelers Rams 31-19 -10.5 Pit
XIII 1979 Steelers Cowboys 35-31 -3.5 Pit
XII 1978 Cowboys Broncos 27-10 -6 Dal
XI 1977 Raiders Vikings 32-14 -4 Raid
X 1976 Steelers Cowboys 21-17 -7 Pit
IX 1975 Steelers Vikings 16-6 -3 Pit
VIII 1974 Dolphins Vikings 24-7 -6.5 Mia
VII 1973 Dolphins Redskins 14-7 +1.5 Mia
VI 1972 Cowboys Dolphins 24-3 -6 Dal
V 1971 Colts Cowboys 16-13 +2.5 Bal
IV 1970 Chiefs Vikings 23-7 +12.5 KC
III 1969 Jets Colts 16-7 +18 Jets
II 1968 Packers Raiders 33-14 -13.5 GB
I 1967 Packers Chiefs 35-10 -14 GB


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