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Benjamin Eckstein’s Dart Drinkery


Yes, FLIGHT, not fight. And it’s all about DARTS. Who doesn’t love a dartboard? Who doesn’t have a dartboard in their garage? And who doesn’t love a cocktail?

Well, you can get it all when you visit the new Flight Club at the Venetian Hotel. Think a British pub on STEROIDS with 16,000 square feet of goodness. A full bar, OBVIOUSLY, cool menu, and 20 traditional oak dartboards. You know my dart game is WICKED good, and if anyone wants a piece of me when you come to town, BRING IT!

NFL on tap. And if you’re thinking about a long-term investment, take a look at the OVER/UNDER total for the Tampa Bay Bucs. If you can find O/U 11.5 wins, and there are plenty out there, we’re gonna take a shot with the UNDER. Why?

It’s all about Tom Brady. If TB12 plays the whole season without getting hurt, then we probably tear up the ticket. However, at age 49, OK 45, his body ain’t what it was 10/15/20 years ago. And what’s behind Tommy Terrific? Blaine Gabbert would be next up, and his career numbers (56.3 percent completion rate with 50 TDs and 47 INTs) are mediocre at best. And after that, it’s Kyle Trask, who has not thrown a pass yet in a regular-season game. Gimme UNDER, baabbbeee!

And if you’re thinking about a visit, and looking to put a MILLION BUCKS in the bank, we have CONTESTS all over town.

Start with the Sportsbook SuperContest, which has been the big boy on the block for years, and you’ll have to pry $1,500 out of your wallet for the entry fee. The limit is two per person, so if you’re smart, you’ll get your wife involved. Just pick five NFL games against the spread each week, win, and you’re probably looking at HALF a MILLION.

On to the Circa Sports Million Pro Football Contest, the new BIG BOY on the block. The entry fee is $1,000 and the limit is three per person. Pick five NFL games against the spread each week with ONE MILLION to the Sportsbook.

At the South Point, the incredible Chris Andrews and his crew asks you to slip just $5 out of your wallet for the Pro Football Kickoff Weekend Jackpot Parlay Card. That’s a mouthful, but the good thing is there is no limit on the number of cards played, and there is a $25,000 guaranteed jackpot.

Wander downtown and the Golden Nugget presents the Ultimate Football Challenge. The entry is $1,000 and the limit is three per person. At the Nugget, you get to mix it up and can select seven college and/or NFL sides against the spread.

And for the locals, the Sportsbook Casino properties roll out the Last Man Standing (Pro & College). The entry fee is ONLY $25 and you can buy four with the fifth one free. You’ll select one NFL/college game against the spread each week, and if you lose, you’re GONZO! The NFL Sportsbook gets $150,000, the college Sportsbook pockets $100,000. However, if you think you’re a genius and can ROCK both NFL and college, it’s a GINORMOUS $750,000 payout.

Of course, if you ain’t a local, or will not be in town between now and Saturday, there are proxy people that will take care of you. If you need names, hit me up!

Benjamin Eckstein is a nationally syndicated sportswriter/oddsmaker. His column, America’s Line, with the Ecks & Bacon appetizer, has run in the New York Daily News and over 100 other papers since 1988. You can follow him online at He is beloved by most, when he picks Sportsbooks, and detested by others, when he picks the occasional loser. If you wanna piece of Eck, hit his email...

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