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Weird Things You Can Find on Las Vegas Craigslist

You don’t have to look long or hard to find something weird in Las Vegas. From wild pool parties and gun ranges to drag shows and hangover buses, you’re bound to see something amazing everywhere you look.

What happens on Las Vegas Craigslist, though?

Las Vegas Craigslist certainly has a variety of weird listings for visitors to search through. As you can imagine, you might come across some items that catch you off-guard. Some might just be the city, while some might be the fact that people have to sell a few things to pay for their debts.

Nonetheless, we did a deep dive of our own to see what we’d find.

Free Dirt

They say the best things in life are free but ‘they’ probably didn’t have dirt in mind.

One Craigslist seller in Las Vegas decided to list 20 loads of dirt to anybody that might be interested. The advertisement features pictures of the dirt, along with other possible transportation options along with it.

While it’s kind of a funny post, the reality is this would work well for someone who is doing a lot of gardening.

Slot Machines

It’s not entirely surprising, but there are full blown gambling machines that are listed on Craigslist. Many of them are simply old and refurbished. You can actually find a solid amount of them on here – especially if you are looking for slots in particular or different themes.

One time, a buyer was able to find a roulette wheel available. Other searches have found furniture and card tables from official casinos that are located on the Las Vegas Strip.

Talking Master P Doll

If you weren’t already surprised by some of the items on the list, maybe a talking Master P doll might catch your eye.

One Craigslist post had shown images of this particular doll but lists that it’s a tad beat up. Another problem is that the doll is missing the hat and microphone that it previously had with it. The doll’s voice box doesn’t necessarily work like it used to either.

The seller indicated that it pretty much solely makes a buzzing sound when you try to make him speak. If you happen to be curious about purchasing the doll, the seller has stated that they will meet you at Toys “R” Us to finalize the sale.

Mother’s Wedding Ring

There’s no question that Las Vegas is a place where people might be in need of money. All of the gambling resorts are right there, and it’s quite frequent that someone might be playing irresponsibly. That’s why if you scour the pawn shops and Craigslist, you’ll probably find some valuable gold.

One poster was selling his mother’s wedding ring. Although we don’t know the whole backstory, the post did not explicitly make it clear that he had clearance from his mother to sell that ring. If you’re buying jewelry in Vegas, just be careful as there are many cases where it’s stolen. If that comes back to you, you’ll have to return it.

Minion Car

If you happened to get a driver's license and want a flashy new ride, the unique Minions car could be perfect for you. The listing shows a 1970 Honda n600 that is exclusively shown off in a “Minions Style”, with a Minion windshield as well, which includes the eyes. The ad does state that the windshield design is simply a cover and doesn’t actually impede vision when driving the vehicle.  The car does cost a good amount, sitting at a price of $7,500 in total. However, this is just a small price to pay for those of you that are in love with the Minions and their movies in general. The listing was taken down though, as it likely was able to find itself a new home. This could be the only Minions style car around at the moment.

Skunk Pelt Purses

In case you’re in need of weirdly designed purses and bags, this listing will be absolutely perfect for you. There is a listing in Las Vegas that shows off a special Skunk pelt purse that will set you back approximately $90. Apparently, the listing with this item had been taken down a while back. 

However, a new user reuploaded the listing with similar images to keep it alive and going strong. It might not be the best use of your $90, but it will certainly be an interesting item to own.

Free Sailboat

Dreaming of a perfect sailboat ride? Craiglist Las Vegas might be the perfect place to find it. Wait…what?

This listing on Craigslist Las Vegas is from a seller that is showing off his old grandfathers' sailboat. The positive is that he isn’t asking for any money on this particular sailboat; it’s completely free!

The only thing that holds this free price tag away from its potential is that you have to get it out of his pool without causing any damage to the surrounding area. On top of that, the sailboat isn’t necessarily in the best condition. The sailboat also doesn’t have a sail or a trailer attached to it, so it will take some legwork on your end to transport it. However, if you have been dreaming about sailing and you have some handy skills to collect the boat, you can’t beat the price of free!

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