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ENCE, Fnatic Favorites to Win Elisa Masters 2022

The CS:GO Elisa Masters will be taking place November 16-20 at the Espoo Metro Arena in Espoo, Finland, and will be host to some of the best CS:GO teams in the world.

The A-tier tournament will feature the likes of ENCE (+275) and Fnatic (+275), who are expected to take the $100,000 prize and qualify for the IEM Katowice 2023 Play-In, but in their way will be the likes of BIG (+500), Bad News Eagles (+750), Astralis (+800) and some other top sides.

All of this should make picking a Sportsbook for the CS:GO Elisa Masters title odds that much more exciting and difficult. There’ll also be two groups of six, followed by a double-elimination bracket playoffs round. The group matches will be best-of-one and the playoffs will be best-of-three. The prize pool for the CS:GO Elisa Masters amounts to $200,000.

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Who Are The Betting Favorites?

Elisa Esports Masters 2022 Betting Odds
Bad News Eagles+750


Odds as of November 14 at Sportsbook

Favorites To Win In The CS:GO Elisa Masters Title Odds

ENCE (+275)

ENCE will be heading into the CS:GO Elisa Masters after an excellent performance in the CS:GO IEM Rio Major against Vitality. On the whole, however, they lost quite a few big ties to the likes of MOUZ, Fnatic and Furia in the same competition. But they won’t be facing most of those big teams in the Elisa Masters, which should make it easier for them to get into the final stages of the playoffs.

Ranked 11th in the world according to HLTV.org, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that ENCE is leading the CS:GO Elisa Masters title odds table. No other team has a better ranking in this tournament.

SunPayus, who joined the team just two months back, has impressed since coming into the side. His all-time stats read 0.73 kills per round, 0.59 deaths per round, KD ratio of 1.23, and 74.9 damage per round. There aren’t many players in the tournament who’ll be matching those numbers. If he can keep that up at the Elisa Masters, ENCE shouldn’t have trouble going all the way.

Fnatic (+275)

Fnatic actually got the better of ENCE and BIG in the CS:GO IEM Rio Major recently, which means that they’ll have a psychological edge over the two sides if they end up meeting them again. They also beat the two sides quite convincingly, which should give them some momentum heading into the Elisa Masters.

Ranked 16th in the world, it was obvious that they would be one of the top teams on the CS:GO Elisa Masters title odds table, but the reason they’re tied at the top is their recent form against some of the teams who’ll be taking part in the competition.

Roej will have to be on top of his game if Fnatic is to go all the way. He averages 0.74 kills, 0.69 deaths and 83.3 damage per round, with a KD ratio of 1.08. If he gets going, it’s going to be hard for the opposition to stop him.

Fnatic is a massive brand in the esports world, and the team is always expected to dominate whatever esport they participate in. It’s no different in CS:GO esports.

Value Picks To Win In The CS:GO Elisa Masters Title Odds

BIG (+500)

After making a good start to the CS:GO IEM Rio Major with wins against MOUZ and Sprout, BIG lost their way a bit, losing three in a row to FURIA, Fnatic and Natus Vincere. Their opponents were of the highest quality, but they’ll need to psyche themselves up again after a string of defeats, and that might take time.

They could certainly grow into top contenders at the Elisa Masters with a few wins on board, and there’s a reason why they have CS:GO Elisa Masters title odds of +500, but the conditions heading into the tournament aren’t ideal.

Ranked 14th in the world, they certainly have the pedigree, and they have a real leader in tabseN, who has been their leader for five years. He averages 0.74 kills and 0.70 deaths per round and deals 84.6 damage per round, with a KD ratio of 1.04. He’s just the man who could lead them out of this little rut.

Betting Strategy for Sportsbooks of the CS:GO Elisa Masters Title Odds

This looks like a three-way tie between ENCE, Fnatic and BIG. ENCE is arguably the best side in the tournament, Fnatic has the best form and BIG has the best value.

Deciding between one of the three is no easy task, but Fnatic’s recent wins against both these sides suggests that they’re on the up and would make the most sense as the pick for the CS:GO Elisa Masters title odds.

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