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2018 WSOP: Klein Captures PLO Gold, Rangel Holds Monster Stack Lead

For many at the 2018 World Series of Poker, the goal is a shiny new WSOP bracelet. One of those bracelets was handed out Tuesday night in one of the premier events, while Wednesday will see another awarded in one of the “made for the WSOP” events on the schedule.

Event #48 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Monster Stack

Even after two Day 1s, a Day 2 and a full Day 3 of play, there are still 29 players remaining in the Monster Stack. When you start with a 6,260-entry field, that is usually going to be the outcome. After all the carnage, the final day will feature Vitor Rangel at the top of the ladder with his 8.91 million chips, but his lead is a tenuous one over such players as James Carroll (8.165 million) and Harald Sammer (7.17 million) who are in his rear-view mirror.

On Tuesday, 257 players came back to whittle the field down, with everyone guaranteed a $5,140 stack of cash for their efforts. From the onset, the brisk pace set on Monday continued as the Monster Stackers slogged onward. How quick was it? Within the first 15 minutes, 15 players were chopped from the field. It was a reality that many would face, including such players as Minh Nguyen, Andy Frankenberger, Sam Stein, Jackie Glazier, Alex Bolotin and Nam Le.

One player who was able to avoid it was start of day chip leader Steve Billirakis. The youngest player to ever win a WSOP bracelet in Las Vegas (of course, Annette Obrestad’s victory in the first WSOP-Europe ranks as the youngest player ever), Billirakis made a misstep at the start of the day that saw some of his chips slip away, but he was able to right the ship and made it to the final 29 players with a substantive stack of 4.145 million.

The star of the day was Rangel, however, as he has his sights (like those of every other player, to be honest) set on the $1,037,451 at the top for the eventual champion.

2018 WSOP EVENT #48 – Top 10 Chip Leaders
Vitor Rangel8.92 million
James Carroll8.165 million
Harald Sammer7.17 million
Rittie Chuaprasert5.785 million
Michael Benko5.25 million
Colin McHugh4.31 million
James Salmon4.21 million
Ryan Tosoc4.145 million
Steve Billirakis4.0 million
Raul Manzanares Lozano3.365 million

Event #49 - $10,000 Eight-Handed Pot-Limit Omaha Championship

For the third time in as many years, Loren Klein won a WSOP bracelet. The battle wasn’t an easy one, however, as Klein had to fight through another three-time bracelet Sportsbook, Rep Porter, to capture the crown.

The final six players from the eight-handed official final table saw WSOP bracelet Sportsbook Brandon Shack-Harris leading the way with his 7.73 million chip stack. His stack was more than 2.5 million bigger than Ryan Hughes’ (5.14 million), while Klein lurked in third at the start of the day with 4.24 million. Rounding out the table were Porter (2.68 million), Jerry Wong (2.16 million) and Scott Bohlman (1.855 million), who had work to do if they were going to contend.

Shack-Harris tried to run and hide on the rest of the table, but Klein refused to let him get away. In a two-hand span, Klein yanked the lead out of Shack-Harris’ hands and went on a run for the ages. He took out four of his five opponents (only Porter’s takedown of Wong in fourth place kept it from total domination), going to heads-up against Porter with a six million chip lead. Klein only took about 30 minutes to swipe all of Porter’s chips, using an A-A-3-2 against Porter’s K-K-J-5 on a 10-high board to take his third WSOP championship in three years.

2018 WSOP EVENT #49 – FINAL Table
Loren Klein$1,018,336
Rep Porter$629,378
Brandon Shack-Harris$433,259
Jerry Wong$303,491
Ryan Hughes$216,391
Scott Bohlman$157,097
Mike Leah*$116,166
Alexey Makarov*$87,522

(* - eliminated on Monday night)

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