Debit Card

Perhaps the most common method for depositing and withdrawing funds from poker sites is via debit cards. Similar to credit cards, major debit cards are generally accepted across most poker rooms, particularly for players in the U.K. and throughout the EU. While less common among U.S. sites, cards like Visa Debit, Switch and Maestro are still widely supported, and an often straightforward way of handling both deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Best Debit Card Poker Sites

Trusted by customers and poker sites alike, debit card banking allows you to accurately keep on top of spending levels, without the same facility for credit you’d find with credit cards. This makes it easier to understand how much you are depositing, and to see how much you are profiting from your poker play.

Debit Card Advantages
  • Widely supported by a huge range of poker sites worldwide, particularly for customers across the EU and the U.K.
  • Fast transaction processing on both deposits and withdrawals, with minimal delays for getting access to your funds
  • No card fees payable like with credit cards, with no fees for deposits and withdrawals across most poker sites
  • Instant funds access for withdrawals, available in online banking as well as at ATMs and supported third-party outlets
  • Claim large sign-up bonuses and incentives with your debit card deposit
Debit Card Disadvantages
  • Less fraud protection built in, with no chargeback features and similar security mechanisms. However, debit cards remain a very secure way to fund your poker account
  • No access to credit, or ability to spread the cost of deposits over the month
  • Less commonly supported for U.S.-based players


Deposits with a debit card are supported across virtually every online poker site worldwide, with almost no restrictions and limited to no fees on deposit and withdrawal. Deposits made via debit card will be instantly reflected on the account, perfect for players with online and mobile banking who can keep an eye directly on their spending. Debit card depositors can still take advantage of sign-up bonuses and new player incentives in the process, including multiples of their first stake as playing credit.

Because there is no credit facility tied to a debit card, players don’t run the risk of accruing interest to pay on their bankroll — ideal for keeping overall costs to a minimum, while allowing for much the same flexibility and transaction speed as credit card deposits.


Withdrawing to a debit card couldn’t be easier, and most poker sites are prepared to process these withdrawals free of charge. From the poker room’s point of view, their preference is generally to pay withdrawals to debit cards, which aren’t subject to the same damaging rejection rates as credit cards. For this reason, even poker rooms who charge a processing fee for credit card withdrawals often allow debit card withdrawals to process free of charges, reflecting the benefits for them and their customers in preferring debit card banking over other options.

Debit Card FAQs

There are a few common questions bettors ask before making a debit deposit at an online poker site:

Is Debit Card Recommended For Online Poker?

Debit cards are perfectly designed for online poker, making transactions seamless and cost-effective. Whether for depositing or withdrawing, both players and poker sites alike prefer debit cards over the range of other supported payment methods for a variety of reasons.

Will My Debit Card Get Banned?

Virtually all debit cards will support deposits and withdrawals of this kind, and there are no obvious reasons why your card should get banned. If you are in any doubt, you can double-check with your bank or debit card issuer, but this is unlikely to pose an issue.

Can I Get Instant Access To Funds?

Funds deposited and withdrawn with your debit card are instantly accessible, whichever poker site you are playing with. That means you can get access to your winnings without delay, available for withdrawal online, at an ATM or in any supported outlet via chip and pin or contactless payments — ideal for total flexibility and control over your money.

How Safe Are Debit Cards?

Debit cards are very safe, particularly for online gambling. It is impossible for a fraudster to rack up debt against your limit — with debit cards, you are capped at the balance available in the account. Many players use dedicated debit cards for their online poker play for the added security this brings, in preference to credit cards — even with their enhanced fraud protection features.




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