The ultimate guide of how to use Odds Shark databases

How To Use Odds Shark Databases: Searchable Sports Databases

We were the first to put searchable sports databases on the web in 1996 and we are revamping them again. The changes to the database pages from the “classic” style mean there are fewer drop-down menus. Here are a few tips and tricks to getting the best results from the Odds Shark databases.

Team field – Previously, you had to select a team from the drop-down menu. Now you simply start typing in a few letters of the team name and the database will auto-fill selections. You choose your team.

Opponent – Same as above, you start typing a team name if you want to search the Team against an Opponent. If you simply want to search the past 10 games of the Team, leave the field empty.

How many games – Self-explanatory. You can choose the past 10, past 20 or past 30 games.

Month – In month, again, leave it as “Any” or select a month from the drop-down if you want to see only games the team played in October, for example.

Played In – This allows you to sort by regular season only, preseason only, playoffs only or a combination of regular season and playoffs.

Where – Choose whether the results should focus on the Team’s home games, road games or all games. In college football and other sports, we provide a “Neutral” site option, so you can search how a college basketball team performs at a neutral site.

Favorite/Underdog – You can choose “Either” if you are not interested in whether the Team was a favorite or an underdog. If you select “Either,” you can ignore the Spread Range in the next box.

Enter Range – If you choose Favorite or Underdog, we default to point spreads between 1 point and 30 points in football (which is basically every game imaginable). Or if the spread in your game is 7 points, you can search the Team when it is a favorite of 6-7 points. Or to search for a Team as a double-digit underdog, select 10-30.

Click Search and you will get a page of results with a synopsis at the top explaining what you searched on. Scan the data and click a “Bet Now” link if you like the trend and wish to wager on it. Or click “Back” and try another search.

Before or After Bye

Bye week handicapping is important for football bettors. Some teams perform well, others perform poorly heading into a bye week. Some coaches do a better job than others with an extra week of preparation and practice time. Either way, the Bye week searches work like this.

In the image below, we have searched for Philadelphia’s past 20 games after a bye week anywhere (either home or away). You can just as easily pick the Cowboys’ past 10 games before a bye week when that pre-bye-week game is played at home.

Vs Division or Conference

Games within the division are often rivalry games and handicapping them is different than handicapping a game against a team from the other conference. In the example below, we have searched for the past 30 games Dallas has played against teams in its own division (NFC East) on the road. This search returns data based on regular-season and postseason games (not preseason action).

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