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Cloud9 Faves to Win LCS 2021 Lock In

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The North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) is set to kick off with a bang this year in the form of a brand new Lock In tournament just before the start of the Spring Split.

This will add some much-needed competitive LoL action in January, as well as give us some insight into how teams may fare during the regular season. Of course, it’ll also be possible to place wagers throughout the entire event – an opportunity that has been very limited since Worlds ended in October.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the teams and how this new event will work overall.

Who’s Playing at The LCS 2021 Lock In?

The Lock In tournament will feature all 10 LCS teams, so fans can expect to see all their North American favorites. It is essentially a prelude to the competitive season, however, that doesn’t mean the Lock In isn’t unique or important.

First off, it features a hefty $150,000 prize pool, all of which is going to the winning team, so that gives each team a good bit of motivation to really go for the win. The winning team also receives the honor of being the first-ever Lock In champion and an additional $50,000 to donate to a charity of their choice.

Odds to Win LCS 2021 Lock In
Team Liquid+225
100 Thieves+900
Evil Geniuses+900
Golden Guardians+10000

Odds as of January 15 at Bovada

How does the LCS Lock In Work?

Even the tournament format is a little different, as the top two teams of the 2020 Summer Season get to draft their groups. This means TSM and FlyQuest will get to pick who they face in the groups, creating an interesting dynamic.

The teams will then face off in two groups of five and move on to an eight-team single-elimination playoff. 

Why The Offseason Makes The Lock In Hard to Predict

Despite a clear list of favorites and underdogs, it’s impossible to count anyone out of the Lock In, especially after the offseason. Each team has seen (or will see) a ton of changes since the last competitive matches in October.

From players to coaching and support staff, organizations have been shifting around their rosters to aim for success. European superstar Perkz joining Cloud9 was definitely the highlight transfer so far, but even underdogs like Immortals and Dignitas have made some very impressive moves by signing some promising youngsters.

Even if a team doesn’t make any dramatic changes, there is always some tinkering behind the scenes and no squad will be exactly the same as it was in 2020. This lends an air of mystery to every team, and while we can forecast the big names to perform well, this is the best chance for the underdogs to make some noise.

Will Perkz Carry Cloud9?

While the mysteries of the offseason do make it hard to know exactly what will happen at the Lock In, there’s one thing we know for sure: Perkz has arrived in North America.

For those who haven’t followed League of Legends or the LEC much, Perkz is one of the legends in the region and undoubtedly one of the best players in the world. Despite a ton of changes, Perkz had remained a constant on the G2 squad, dominating Europe since 2016 and even challenging the world’s best at international tournaments.

His move to North America was quite unexpected and it’s likely one of the biggest transfers in League of Legends, if not the biggest. The Cloud9 roster already seemed to be at the highest level in NA, having just barely crumbled at the end of the Summer Season after a dominant run, so with the addition of a true superstar, the region seems to be theirs for the taking.

Of course, we won’t know exactly how things will work out until we see Cloud9 in action, but Perkz seems to be exactly what the team needed.

Can TSM and FlyQuest Continue Playoffs Success?

The 2020 LCS Summer Playoffs ended in a way few could expect as the third- and fourth-placed teams in the regular season found themselves securing the top two playoff spots and tickets to Worlds.

Practically everyone expected Cloud9 or Team Liquid to win it all considering the regular season and the odds at the Lock In point to the same thing. However, considering their previous performances, it’s clear we can’t count out TSM or FlyQuest.

Both teams have also beefed up their rosters during the offseason and will look to build on the surprising success. However, every other team has strengthened as well, and not having seen anyone play for a few months, it’s very difficult to call the Lock In. But if you’re looking for some higher odds to back, these two are definitely prime candidates.