NFL Super Bowl Prize Payout

Super Bowl Payouts: How Much Do Players Receive For Winning The Super Bowl?

Most NFL players aren’t trying to win a Super Bowl for the cash. But you know what they say: Money makes the world go ’round ... and makes people want to win the Super Bowl sometimes.

While players who win the NFL title get a ring and the lifelong prestige as a Super Bowl champion, they do also get a hefty cash bonus. The payouts are written into the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and change over time. Below, we outline the payment structure and how much players get for winning the Super Bowl:

How much do the winners of the Super Bowl get paid?

For the 2023 Super Bowl (2022-23 season), winners of the NFL’s finale will receive a $157,000 bonus. Players also get bonuses for winning earlier playoff rounds, so the maximum bonus for playoff success in 2023 would be $320,000 for a player who plays in every postseason game and wins the Super Bowl.

How much do players get for participating in the Super Bowl?

You don’t even need to win the Super Bowl to get in on the prize pool for the big game, though, as losing players also get a lesser bonus. For Super Bowl 57, that amount will be $82,000 per player.

The below payout chart is taken directly from the most recent NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, negotiated between the league and NFLPA in 2020. It outlines the agreed-upon playoff bonuses for players for the next few years:

NFL Playoff Payouts

How has the Super Bowl payout increased?

The Super Bowl prize payouts have steadily increased over time and will start to make even more significant jumps going forward. Under the currently negotiated CBA, the Super Bowl-winning prize will reach as high as $228,000 in 2030, with the losers getting over $150,000 each that year. Here are the last 10 years of Super Bowl prize payouts:

Super Bowl Prize Payout History - Last 10 years
Year (Super Bowl)Winner PayoutLoser Payout
2022 (LVI)$150,000$75,000
2021 (LV)$130,000$65,000
2020 (LIV)$124,000$62,000
2019 (LIII)$118,000$59,000
2018 (LII)$112,000$56,000
2017 (LI)$107,000$53,000
2016 (L)$102,000$51,000
2015 (XLIX)$97,000$49,000
2014 (XLIII)$92,000$46,000
2013 (XLII)$88,000$44,000
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