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Devin Booker's Suns are favored in the NBA Pacific Division Odds.

The Pacific Division has dwindled down to just two options after the Los Angeles teams have failed to find any strength or momentum through this season. The Phoenix Suns are looking resplendent so far, but do the Warriors have value? Odds Shark breaks down the NBA Pacific Division odds below.

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According to the NBA Pacific Division odds at Betway, the Phoenix Suns are the favorites at -800 for the division title, followed by the Golden State Warriors (+400), Los Angeles Lakers (+100000) and Los Angeles Clippers (+100000).

For more basketball odds, take a look at Odds Shark’s dedicated NBA page, which also includes prop betting opportunities and other betting suggestions from the National Basketball Association.

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Odds To Win The NBA Pacific Division
Team Odds
Phoenix Suns -800
Golden State Warriors +400
Los Angeles Lakers +100000
Los Angeles Clippers +100000

Odds via Betway on February 15

Favorites To Win The Pacific Division

This is easily the most crowded division of the NBA but favorites are starting to separate themselves from the underdogs.

Phoenix Suns (-800)

The Suns started this season in fabulous form and have not let up. They are easily the NBA’s best team statistically and otherwise. The Suns have raced away to a 46-10 record as of February 15, with a stunning win percentage of .821, which has shortened their NBA Pacific Division odds drastically since our last update.

Somehow, all of the different factors that make a great NBA team have come together at the right time to make the Suns a reliable candidate for the championship too. And all of this has happened in one of the most tumultuous seasons in recent memory, with the health and safety protocols impacting the NBA in unprecedented fashion.

This incredible season has been built on their offense. The Suns are averaging 113.7 points per game, which ranks second in the NBA. In terms of ball movement, they have dished out 27 assists per night, good for fifth in the league. In a 132-105 win against the Orlando Magic on Monday, the Suns managed a season-high 40 assists! Surely, coach Monty Williams is pleased with that?

“The ability, the will to turn down a decent shot or a good shot for a great shot, that’s who we are,” Williams said. “That’s our DNA. That’s who we have to be if we want to do something really, really special, which we believe we can.”

Only two players, Chris Paul and Mikal Bridges, have played in every game so far this season for the Suns. It is not coincidental that they have been pivotal players for Phoenix so far. Paul has already registered 30 double-doubles, getting there with 10 points and 15 assists against Orlando on Monday. He is averaging a double-double this season with 15 points and 10.7 assists per game.

Defensively, the Suns have been hard to dislodge in the paint. That can often be the case with two strong centers who have a strong presence. Deandre Ayton has played 35 games and is also averaging a double-double of 16.4 points and 10.3 boards per game. JaVale McGee has compensated for Ayton’s absence with 10 points and 7.0 rebounds per game as a backup center. Overall, the Suns are averaging 46.2 rebounds per game, fifth in the league.

Value Picks To Win The Pacific Division

Golden State Warriors (+400)

The Warriors seem to have lost some steam in the last few games. That is bound to happen over the course of a long season like this. Coach Steve Kerr suggested that their defense is to blame for their recent issues trying to close out games. As of February 15, the Warriors had lost three of their last four games, with the lone win a 117-115 squeaker over the Lakers.

“The main thing is that our defense has been bad,” Kerr said. “It’s been bad for six or seven games now. It’s hard to win in this league when you’re looking like we are, defensively, with so many holes in our games. It’s up to us. We’re going to have to find the effort, the communication, connection, to get back to doing the things we were doing before.”

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The Warriors are five games behind the Suns in the division standings and their NBA Pacific Division odds have lengthened drastically since Odds Shark’s last update. When up against this in-form Suns team for the division, even a week of poor form can be fatal.

The Warriors can still bank on two of the best shooters in the league in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Curry is leading the team with 25.7 points per game while Thompson, who has been on a minutes restriction since his return, is averaging 24.7 minutes and 17.9 points per game.

Betting Strategy

For now, it is fairly safe to assume that the Lakers and Clippers are out of the running. NBA Pacific odds of +100000 can attest to that. So your bet slip should be between Phoenix and Golden State at this stage of the season.

There was immense value in the Suns during our last update, which we pointed out. If you did heed our opinion, you could be up for a lucrative cash-out or could even hedge your bet and take a certain profit by betting on Golden State. If you did not bet on the Suns at that stage, then now is a bit too late given their current NBA Pacific Division odds.

Devin Booker, Paul and Ayton are looking like a lethal combination for the postseason. A five-game lead over the Warriors gives them some leeway, which they may not even need at this stage because the end of the regular season is not far away.

Is there value in the Warriors? That seems to be the only question in this market. The Suns are due for a loss of form, that’s for sure. It is hard to sustain excellence over such a long season, which could be a factor down the stretch. If that happens, then the Warriors are more than equipped to capitalize on that. Yes, there is value in the Warriors, especially at NBA Pacific Division odds of +400, but I would refrain from betting against the Suns.

Odds Shark will return in a few weeks for another update to the NBA Pacific Division odds. Till then, stay tuned to our pages for more updates from the NBA.

How to Read NBA Pacific Division Odds

All sportsbooks list odds in the same way. You’ll see futures betting lines that look like this:

Phoenix Suns -125

Golden State -112

If you were to bet $100 on the Suns at -125, you’d get a payout of $180 – your original cash is returned along with your winnings of $80. Conversely, that same $100 on the Warriors at -112 would get you $189.29 – you get your money back coupled with your prize of $89.29. You’d get a bigger reward if you bet on Golden State, however, there’s a reason their odds are as such. Don’t bet based on potential payoffs. Instead, bet based on the handicapping info on this page.

You can also see how much you’d win based on the odds and amount bet with our Odds Calculator.

What is a Pacific Division Futures Bet for the NBA?

When you make a bet on events that will happen weeks or even months in advance, that’s a futures bet. The lines for divisional odds are set prior to the regular season. But, they will shift as games are played, trades occur and players succumb to injuries. Lock in your bets soon otherwise we’ll be in the thick of the NBA Finals and you’ll miss out on great odds.