PayPal Poker Sites

Perhaps the biggest alternative payment method available online, PayPal is widely supported by poker rooms for both deposits and withdrawals. Linked to your bank account, PayPal is an intermediate e-wallet, sitting between your personal details and the recipient account. You can choose to use existing funds in your PayPal account for your deposit, or pay directly through linked cards, and withdrawals to PayPal are equally seamless. Widely accepted internationally, with support for customers around the world, PayPal is a popular choice for online and mobile players alike.

Best Poker Sites That Accept PayPal

The ease of PayPal is perhaps one of its main advantages, as well as the protection it affords your personal information. As one of the world’s most trusted payment brands, you can be sure your details are protected with PayPal. Once you’ve set up your account, there is no need to disclose any further banking information — PayPal takes care of the rest, both for sending payments and receiving withdrawn funds.

Paypal Advantages
  • Easy-to-use payment method, for both holding funds and transaction directly from your card
  • Entirely secure, with no sensitive payment or personal information shared beyond PayPal itself
  • One of the world’s most trusted payment brands, used right across the internet to fund transactions and send money to family and friends
  • One-time account setup allows total payment flexibility, both for deposits and withdrawals
  • Quick payment processing and withdrawal times, so you can get access to your funds as quickly as possible
Paypal Disadvantages
  • PayPal fees can be higher than other corresponding payment methods for receiving withdrawals. However, these are still negligible, and an affordable price for the ease of use and security features
  • Not supported for gambling use in some countries, depending on local laws and regulatory requirements
  • Not accepted by all poker sites, although all those we recommend accept PayPal deposits


PayPal deposits are easy, and players can choose whether to use their standing balance or funds from any linked bank account or card to fund their deposit. PayPal payments are usually processed incredibly quickly, and are not generally subject to any additional fees or charges. Any deposits you do make are processed securely through the PayPal interface, for added peace of mind.


Withdrawals to PayPal are seamless, with no excess fees charged for the privilege. A two-step process, you can choose to hold your withdrawn amount in your PayPal account for spending online, or alternatively pull the money to your bank account instantly, or in one to two days depending on the type of account you hold. Most poker sites support withdrawals by PayPal, and players tend to favour the security, speed and ease of use of this method.

Paypal FAQs

There are some common questions asked when bettors are about to make a PayPal deposit:

Is Paypal A Safe Payment Method?

One of PayPal’s main strengths as a payment method is the security it offers. Players can fund their account through existing PayPal credit, or through a direct payment billed to their linked account, without any excess information being shared with the poker room. This gives added peace of mind to those concerned about sharing their private information, as well as protecting funds against fraud and unauthorized loss.

Can I Use Paypal Universally?

If PayPal is supported in your country, and you find online poker rooms that accept PayPal as a banking method, you should be able to use it without difficulties. Not every jurisdiction allows PayPal as a method for gambling sites, but this is something of a grey area when it comes to poker. If you are in doubt, check with the poker room or with PayPal — in the vast majority of cases, you should be able to deposit without difficulty.

What About The Costs Of Paypal?

There are no costs to withdraw to or deposit from PayPal on the poker room side, and this is often a favored method of transacting for this reason. There may be fees to pay on the PayPal side, depending on the type of account you have and the level your fees are set at. However, these are a small price to pay on balance, given the control and efficiency that comes with using PayPal to handle these transactions.

Is Paypal An Efficient E-Wallet For Poker?

PayPal is perfect for handling your poker funds. Most poker rooms process deposits and withdrawals to PayPal quickly, and in any case you benefit from a further layer of protection on the PayPal side. Once you receive funds to your PayPal account, it is possible to withdraw same day by Faster Payments and equivalent payment schemes where supported, or in a couple of business days where this option isn’t available.

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