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Asian Handicap Explained

Asian Handicap is a type of wagering that effectively gives the underdog an advantage. Used in soccer, Asian Handicap removes the “draw” option for bettors and provides an edge to the underdog.

In typical soccer betting, you need to select either team to win the game outright or the draw. That gives you three options. Asian Handicap gives a bettor a choice between just the two teams but the favorite needs to win by a certain margin to be considered a winning bet.

Still a little confused? Let’s break down a few of the possibilities you can see when betting the Asian Handicap:

What Does Asian Handicap 0 Mean?

Any soccer game that sees the Asian Handicap at 0 essentially means the game is between two evenly matched teams. Whichever team you wager on needs to win for you to win your bet. However, since Asian Handicapping effectively removes the draw, if the two teams happen to draw, a bettor simply gets their bet refunded.

What Does Asian Handicap 0.25 Mean?

This line essentially says the favored team is one-quarter of a goal better than its opponent. By betting a “quarter bet,” you are minimizing your risk because it essentially means that you have two options to not lose your bet.  

Let’s say you wagered on Manchester United -0.25. If Man U were to win, you have a winning bet and you collect your money. However, if Man U were to draw in this game, it would be considered a “half lose” and you would still get half of your original wager back.

What Does Asian Handicap 0.5 Mean?

This line means that one team is half a goal better than its opponent. This means that the favored team needs to win outright for you to cash a winning bet. However, an underdog bet is considered a win if they win or draw.

For example, say Tottenham is a -0.5 favorite over Crystal Palace. Tottenham would need to win the match outright in order to be considered a winner for Tottenham bettors. However, since Crystal Palace is being given half a goal, they pay out for bettors in case of a win outright or a draw.

What Does Asian Handicap 0.75 Mean?

The line means that one team is considered three-quarters of a goal better than its opponent. This is likely the most complicated line in Asian Handicap, so let’s break it down in-depth.

Let’s say Liverpool is a -0.75 favorite against Bournemouth, who would be +0.75. If you bet on Liverpool, here are the possible outcomes:

If Liverpool wins by two or more goals, it is a successful bet for anyone who backed Liverpool. If Liverpool were to win by just one goal, then Liverpool bettors would get half of their bet back while the other half would be deemed a winner at whichever odds you got the bet in at. If Liverpool was to draw or lose, then all bets on Liverpool are considered losses.

Now, if you bet on Bournemouth, here are the possible outcomes:

If Bournemouth were to draw or win outright, then you win your bet. If Bournemouth loses by one goal, the bettor would receive half their money back with the other half being deemed a loss. If Bournemouth were to lose by two goals or more, then it is a loss.

What Does Asian Handicap 1.0 Mean?

Simply put, this means that one team is a goal better than its opponent. The favored team needs to win by two or more for it to be a winning wager. If the team wins by one, it is deemed a draw and bets are refunded. And if the favored team loses outright, the bet is a loss.

Underdog bettors will be deemed winners if their team wins outright or if the game ends in a draw. If the match ends in a draw, then all bets are refunded. If the underdog team loses by two or more, these bettors have lost.

How Asian Handicap Works

Your WagerFull WinPartial WinFull LossPartial Loss
-0.25Win by 1 Or More-Lose By 1 Or MoreDraw
+0.25Win By 1 Or MoreDrawLose By 1 Or More-
-0.5Win by 1 Or More-Lose By 1 Or More
Or Draw
+0.5Win by 1 Or More
Or Draw
-Lose By 1 Or More-
-0.75Win by 2 Or MoreWin By 1Lose By 1 Or More
Or Draw
+0.75Win by 1 Or More
Or Draw
-Lose By 2 Or MoreLose By 1
-1.0Win by 2 Or More-Lose By 1 Or More
Or Draw
+1.0Win by 1 Or More
Or Draw
-Lose By 2 Or More 

Advantages To Asian Handicap Betting

Though it can be hard to get your head wrapped around at first, Asian Handicap is actually a great way to minimize risk in betting. Instead of typical soccer betting – which gives bettors a one-out-of-three chance to win – Asian Handicap gives bettors a one-out-of-two chance to at least get some money back.