Complete Guide to Micro Betting

Micro Betting: A Complete Guide To Micro Betting

What Is Mico-Betting?

Micro-betting can be best described as live betting on individual events within a game that doesn’t directly impact the final score. Now that might sound like a traditional prop bet. But the major difference is that micro-betting will settle much faster than a traditional prop.

A micro bet can be on the result of the very next play, pitch, or basket and can be resolved when either is made. A traditional prop bet might only be settled at the end of a quarter, a half, or at the end of the game.

How To Read Micro Bets Odds

Understanding odds is the first step in making a prop bet. You’ll see micro-bet odds listed as follows:

What will be the outcome of the next pitch?

Strike Out -133
Batter Gets On Base +125

If you believe the next pitch thrown will result in a strike and you wager $100 on that outcome, a winning bet would return a $175 payout - your original $100 is returned along with your $75 prize.

For the purpose of this example, we used American odds. However, you can choose between decimal (1.20) or fractional (1/5) if you want. Bettors in North America tend to prefer their namesake odds, whereas those in the UK gravitate to fractions. Most betting sites will offer each odds type.

To determine how much you’d win based on the odds and how much you bet, you can use our Odds Calculator.

Making A Micro-Bet

Micro-betting is quickly becoming the most popular way to bet on professional sports. If you thought in-play betting was quick, micro-bets are even quicker. Odds are live for minutes at a time and require almost instant attention.

If you want to place a micro-bet you need to find a sportsbook you can trust. Here is a list of sportsbooks you could use to place your micro bet:

Find Your Micro Bet Sportsbook

Where to find the micro-betting markets will differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. Typically, you can find these markets in the ‘Live’ section of your favorite sportsbook.

What Sports Can You Use Micro Betting?

Micro-betting can occur for just about every sport. If live-betting markets are open for a specific sport you’ll also likely find micro-bets available. So far, this list of sports have had micro-bets available for bettors to place wagers on:

Baseball and football are the best sports when it comes to micro-betting because of their constant stoppages in play. This allows for an incredible number of micro-bet markets per game.

Handicapping Your Micro Bets

Handicapping a micro bet is quite difficult because of its short life span. These betting markets exist for only a few minutes. You can keep it locked to Odds Shark since we have betting news and trends for every top sport.

Micro Betting vs Live Betting

Micro bets look exactly like typical prop bets but the main difference is how quickly micro-bets are resolved.

Traditional prop bets focus on three categories: player props, team props and game props. All props within these categories are settled at the end of a quarter, a half or at the end of the game itself.

Because micro-betting is wagering on a very specific event during the game, they can be resolved within seconds or a few minutes.

Micro Betting FAQ

How does micro betting work?

A micro bet is a wager made on a very specific event during a game.

Can micro betting PUSH?

Micro bets are wagers that take place within a game, but do not rely on the final outcome. Most of the prop bets have a Sportsbook and a loser as opposed to a PUSH. Point spreads and OVER/UNDER wagers can result in a PUSH, where everyone gets their wagers back.

What is the difference between micro-betting and live betting?

The difference between micro-betting and live betting is when each bet is resolved. Live bets are resolved either after a half, a quarter, or a game. Micro bets are resolved after the next event within the game.

What are the most popular micro bet sports?

The best sports to place micro bets on are:

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