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Big Brother Season 24 Odds & Props: Double-Eviction Aftermath

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After last week’s double eviction, which you may still be suffering anxiety from, there are only five houseguests remaining before the $750,000 cash prize is handed out. A lot has happened, so it’s time to get caught up. First, the basics:

The final two boys top the charts with Monte Taylor favored to win Big Brother at +110. Matthew Turner follows at +150. 

Taylor Hale is the heavy favorite for America’s Favorite Houseguest at -200. It seems the majority of the house and most Big Brother viewers rallied behind her after she was picked on for the Sportsbook weeks. 

Online sportsbook Sportsbook has updated its Big Brother bets and we break down those odds below. As we know, Big Brother’s motto is to expect the unexpected. So, placing the best bet on the favorite is an option, but don’t count out any value picks lower on the list, especially with more twists being uncovered.

How Do I Watch Big Brother Season 24?

  • Where To Watch: CBS, CBS app, Paramount Plus
  • Episode Schedule: Thursdays 9 p.m. ET, Sundays and Wednesdays 8 p.m. ET
  • Grand Prize: $750,000
  • Host: Julie Chen Moonves

Big Brother 24 Odds: Sportsbook 

Big Brother Season 24 Sportsbook Odds
Monte Taylor+110
Matthew Turner+150
Taylor Hale+400
Brittany Hoopes+2500
Alyssa Snider+2500

Odds as of September 10 at Sportsbook

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Big Brother 24 Odds Favorites: Double Eviction Leads To Big Moves

Michael Bruner, with six Power of Vetos and three HOH’s, tied Big Brother great Janelle with most competitions won – a 16-year-old record.

But, with all those wins on your resume, a target is on your back. 

Last week he was HOH again but refused to target the larger threats in Monte and Turner. He thought some loyalty remained with Monte. Michael didn’t want to punish Turner for evicting Kyle last week, after some controversial racial game strategies were uncovered. 

Monte and Turner then chose to rally with Michael, a plan to swap HOH’s until all the girls were eliminated. 

Well, the shocking double eviction changed everything.

Michael, unable to compete, handed his HOH key to Turner, who quickly nominated Alyssa and Brittany. Then, Monte snagged the POV to pull Alyssa down and blindside Michael. Yeah, this all happened within like 10 minutes and I’m still recovering. 

Michael stormed out of the BB House, no hugs or goodbyes – as you should, King. He joins Indy, Jasmine, Joseph, Kyle and Terrance in the jury. They’ll return to crown a Sportsbook on September 25. 

Big Brother 24 Odds: Sympathy For Taylor Makes Her Heavy Favorite

Big Brother Season 24 America’s Favorite Houseguest
Taylor Hale-200
Michael Bruner+450
Matthew Turner+450
Joseph Abdin+650
Monte Taylor+1600
Terrance Higgins+3300
Brittany Hoopes+5000
Alyssa Snider+10000
Jasmine Davis+10000
Indiana Santos +10000
Kyle Capener+15000
Nicole Layog+15000
Ameerah Jones+15000
Joe Pucciarelli+17500
Daniel Durston+17500
Paloma Aguilar+17500

Odds as of September 10 at Sportsbook

It’s not often you get to see the magic of the underdogs becoming the favorites, while the favorites plunge to be underdogs.

It’s no secret the pageant queen had a rough few weeks to open season 24, being put on the block over and over again and having a target on her back since Day 1. She was excluded from the “girls-girls” alliance, which didn't last. She has been called out more than once by other houseguests, including Daniel Durston and Monte Taylor, for lying and rubbing people the wrong way. But she’s fought her way out each time and now her revenge has been served. 

Now, she has multiple paths to the finals. She is close with Monte, who will ultimately attempt to bring her to the final three. But, she also has loyalty in the remaining girls, who all want to see a female reign as champion. 

Her resilience has shined and watching them rise from the bottom is actually inspiring.

How To Bet On Big Brother Futures Odds

Like any futures bets, Big Brother futures odds are long-term bets on the Sportsbook of a given season, in this case Big Brother season 24. The favorite is the player with the lowest odds (sometimes a minus number), while higher odds mean a lower chance to win — as determined by Sportsbook.

Best Big Brother Betting Sites

If a player has +125 odds to win, a $100 wager on that player would profit $125 if they were to win it all and remain as the final houseguest. You would get your original $100 back plus your winnings of $125.

If you’re betting on a long shot, with odds as high as +30000, a $100 wager would pay $30,000. Yes, their odds to win are essentially slim to none, but if you’re right, the payout would be massive.

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