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A craze that has been picking up steam in the online gambling world is entertainment betting. Entertainment betting is exactly as it sounds, placing wagers on the biggest news stories, celebrities, & more from around the world with undecided variables. We've scoured the market and found entertainment betting websites with the best lines and promotions while weening out the ones faker than a Kardashian Instagram post. 

How To Sign Up At An Entertainment Betting Site

Finding and signing up at the best website for entertainment betting should be as easy as turning on your favorite show. Carefully look through your entertainment betting options and don't just jump into the first option you find, there could always be a better option around the corner.

Once you've found the betting site for entertainment betting that works best for you, make your first deposit and redeem any applicable signup bonus that comes with your registration. If you are still torn about where you want to take your entertainment betting action to, take into account our betting site criteria.

Entertainment Betting Site Criteria

  • • Deposit & Withdrawal Options
  • • User Interface
  • • Customer Service & Support
  • • Bonuses & Rewards
  • • Safety & Security
  • • Betting Types & Odds

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Not everyone bets the same, this doesn't just apply to what you bet on, but what you are betting with. In todays current climate there have never been more ways to spend your money in so many formats.

Check out each sportsbooks selection of deposit and withdrawal options so that you can bet how you want. Most online betting sites will accept traditional methods of payment such as credit cards (like Visa and Mastercard), E-wallets (like Skrill and Netteller), and a growing number of sportsbooks now accept several forms of cryptocurrency for you to bet with (like Bitcoin and Euthereum).

Find the online betting site that works best for your financial preferences so that you can get your winnings in your favorite format.

User Interface

A clean and easy to navigate user interface is imperative to your entertainment betting experience. Being able to use the service on any platform you plan to bet especially in regards to betting through mobile devices.

Being able to place your bets anytime, anywhere can be a game-changer, thats why it is always a huge plus to have the option to download an entertainment betting app when available. Be sure to check out if the sportsbook you're interested in has a mobile app or can be used via mobile browser.

Customer Service & Support

While these recommended betting sites are all trusted and vetted, you still may run into a situation where you will need assistance. Having a reliable and dependable customer support team is crucial to your entertainment betting experience. Whether you are having an issue on the site or need a question answered, these betting sites have you covered in a multitude of ways to troubleshoot your issues.

With FAQ's provided on-site, customer support emails, phone numbers, and in some cases 24/7 live-support, you will be able to find a resolution to your problem in no time.

Bonuses & Rewards

To kickstart your career in the entertainment betting market, welcome bonuses are a great way to get a leg up before you've even placed a wager. Each online betting site provides its own unique sign-up bonus that can be redeemed by new users. These bonuses can come in various shapes and sizes such as deposit matches, free-bets, entries to exclusive promotions.

On top of this, these online betting sites often provide rewards and bonuses that can be redeemed as a token of appreciation for your loyalty. This can range from free-bet credits all the way to VIP access and rewards for top bettors.

Find the bonus that works best for you but be conscious while looking at factors such as rollover, minimum deposit amounts, and how long the bonus remains available.

Safety & Security

Anytime you are inputting sensitive information such as personal, financial, and banking information into a site, you want to ensure that your information is being kept secure. These online betting sites take your privacy and safety incredibly seriously, implementing a number of encryption and online security measures to protect your information.

Don't bet with a site you do not trust 100-percent, your personal safety and security should always come first before placing a bet. But with any of the sites listed above, you are in good hands as we have carefully reviewed and authenticated each site to make sure they can protect your information.

Betting Types & Odds

Having variety at your online betting site is one of the biggest factors into what separates your betting experience from good to great. Be sure to check out the betting catalogue available at each site and find the one with the largest range of bets that interest you and fit your gambling style.

Find an online sports betting site with fresh lines and several types of betting options to place. In entertainment betting online there should be next to no limits to what you can bet on, do go with the betting site that can give you the most diverse range of odds.

Want to place your first entertainment bet? Our experts vetted the top sportsbooks to get you the best information available.

How To Bet On Entertainment

To kickoff our entertainment betting tips, let's focus first on how to place your wagers. Betting on entertainment events can be tricky at times, as having knowledge on a subject or genre can only get you so far. Everyone loves a good twist or shock, but this is not the case when gambling. A great entertainment betting strategy to keep in mind is when placing an entertainment bet you want to try to think outside the box and prepare for several possibilities.

Betting on real-life events at gambling sites that offer entertainment betting odds can be a bit more safe in regards to twists and turns that could arise but nothing is ever guaranteed. Be sure to do your research on whatever you decide to bet on to make sure have a competitive edge when placing an entertainment bet.

Types Of Entertainment Bets

While there is not shortage of events to bet on, the types of wagers you see will be fairly repetitive based on the nature of entertainment betting. When compared to traditional sports betting you might have options such as moneyline, point-spreads, and parlays, but in entertainment betting lines those do not apply.

This makes getting involved in entertainment betting opportunities that much easier as there is less of a learning curve for new bettors and leaves less room for error.

Prop Bets

The backbone of entertainment betting, prop bets are where you will find the most topical odds. Prop bets invelop nearly anything and everything you could possibly want to place a bet on. These wagers range from award and election winners, outcomes of a movie or TV series, or event specific bets.


Bust out your crystal ball like your Miss Cleo and take a shot at predicting the future. Futures bets are a great way to maximize your winnings on an upcoming event by placing it in advance. By doing so the oddsmakers will generally have jucier lines for you to bet on as wagering on an event that is yet to happen is far more difficult than placing a wager on the day of.

What Can You Bet On For Entertainment?

Simply, everything and anything. While that sounds like a bit of a stretch, in entertainment betting news there are no limits to what you can bet on. There is a never-ending amount of drama and rumors within the entertainment world and whether its on-screen or off of it, there's always a bet to be made.

While some wagers are a bit more niche than others, here are some of the extremely popular entertainment betting odds.

Award Shows

From the most prestigious academy award shows such as the Oscars and Grammys, to the lesser known or irony-based shows like the Razzies, award betting allows you to bet on the winners of any category featured. 

This means if you're a real movie buff and think you know where the academy is going to lean, no need to charge the stage, just stay in your seat, place a bet, and watch the winnings roll in. Award shows are often unpredictable and can play host to some wild events within them, and these zany events can make for the most entertaining bets.

Prop bets on OVER/UNDER speech length, outfit predictions, musical guest set-lists, and everything in-between, betting on award shows can leave you on the edge of your seat, as if you were nominated for the grand prize.

Reality TV

Arguably the most popular type of entertainment bet, wagering on reality TV can take the drama and excitement on-screen to new levels. Whether you're getting in on the action of your favorite reality TV series such as Survivor, Big Brother, American Idol, or the Bachelor/Bachelorette, getting some skin in on the events about to transpire can generate electric results.

One intriguing aspect of betting on reality shows is that unlike any other form of betting asides from politics, you can make a direct impact on the event you are betting on. With some series allowing for viewer engagement in the form of voting for your favorite/least favorite member of the cast, you can swing the tides in your favour by backing you bet while betting on TV shows. In most cases such an act in gambling would constitute as fixing the game, in reality TV betting it's just a par for the course.


Wherever you lean on the political spectrum is irrelevant for politics betting. Whenever a major election is coming up you are able to place bets on who will win the election, as well as specific events such as what States will be won by which party. 

You can also wager on who will be nominated as a leader for a political party or appointed to a certain position in parliament. While you may not be happy with the outcome of the election, you might as well make a few bucks off of it.

Movies & Television

If you are an avid-fan of a particular series, you can make use of your expansive knowledge of useless facts and start placing bets on your favorite movies and television shows today.

Betting on movies & television can include both on and off-screen events. Whether your wanting to bet on who will be featured in the latest episode of House of Dragons, or want to predict who will cast as the next James Bond, there's an endless amount of bets to be made. 

You can even use your knowledge to predict how a movie or series will end, so that even if your favorite character dies, your bank roll is still staying strong.


Once you've familiarized yourself with the ins and outs of the entertainment betting comes the union of entertainment and sports betting. Quasi-sports betting is wagering on events that while not considered a sport, are still in the realm of athletics and competition. 

A great example of this is the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest. While it seems the GOAT Joey Chestnut may never be dethroned, you can place several wagers on this contest as well as several other competitive eating contests. Bets can be as simple as a moneyline wager on who will win the contest, to OVER/UNDER on how many items will be consumed.

Another popular quasi-sport to bet on is professional wrestling. With a large following, mainstream giants in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW), you can wager on the outcome of any given match, place a futures bet on who will become world champion, and more.

Open wide and win like you're the heavyweight champion of the world with quasi-sport betting today.

Entertainment Betting Sites FAQ

Can You Bet On Entertainment?

Yes you can bet on entertainment. Betting on entertainment is one of the hottest new betting trends currently, allowing bettors to wager on the biggest events, news stories, and more from around the world. You can get involved in entertainment betting by signing up at a sportsbook that provides entertainment betting odds.

Can I Bet On Movies?

Yes you can bet on movies but there are restrictions that can apply to these wagers. Due to spoilers and other external factors, betting on movies must take place before the official premier of a motion-picture. Betting on movies can be exciting as it adds to the excitement and suspense of a film. You may also bet on off-screen events related to films such as cast members, film length, and more.

How Do You Bet On TV Shows?

Betting on TV shows follows the same process as wagering on any traditional sporting event. First, sign up and make a deposit with a reputable sportsbook that offers entertainment betting odds. Once you have done that, find the TV show you would like to wager on and find the best bet that both intrigues you, as well as can improve your bank roll.

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