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Survivor season 41 host Jeff Probst

It’s been a long, cold winter but we’ve finally arrived at another Survivor season filled with challenges, blindsides and some weird producer twists. The first episode of Survivor 42 will air on Wednesday, March 9, on CBS.

The show’s 42nd season was filmed just after the previous season, so it’s fair to expect some gameplay and twists similar to Survivor 41. The shorter time on the island created a faster-paced game with more advantages and guaranteed chaos.

With some preseason press tours already done and the cast officially released for Survivor Season 42, our top entertainment sportsbook Bovada has established Survivor betting odds.

Alabama native and beach service company owner Jonathan Young (+500) has opened as an early favorite, tied with student and Survivor super-fan Zach Wurtenberger. Lock in your Survivor betting odds picks ahead of the opening episode!

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Here’s a look at the full list of odds to win Survivor Season 42:

Who Leads Survivor Betting Odds?

odds to win Survivor Season 42
Contestant Odds
Jonathan Young +500
Zach Wurtenberger +500
Daniel Strunk +750
Hai Giang +750
Jackson Fox +750
Mike Turner +750
Omar Zaheer +1000
Tori Meehan +1000
Chanelle Howell +1200
Lindsay Dolashewich +1200
Lydia Meredith +1600
Maryanne Oketch +1600
Rocksroy Bailey +1600
Romeo Escobar +2000
Drea Wheeler +2500
Jenny Kim +2500
Swati Goel +2500

Odds as of March 8 at Bovada

Survivor Season 42 Odds: Best Bet

Zach Wurtenberger (+500)

I normally stay away from betting on young Survivor contestants as they often find it hard to relate to the entire cast and can come off as brash and inexperienced. However, 22-year-old Zach Wurtenberger is a favorite for a reason and seems to have a solid makeup for a good Survivor player.

Comparing himself to Survivor China winner Todd Herzog, it seems Wurtenberger will try to navigate the game with strong social play and control of the vote from the shadows.

Lock in a bet on your Survivor 42 pick over at Bovada:

Who Are The Best Survivor Betting Odds Value Picks?

Jackson Fox (+750)

The Houston-based healthcare worker told Entertainment Magazine that his two favorite hobbies are puzzling and weightlifting. That seems to me like the perfect combination for a dominant and well-rounded Survivor player.

There isn’t much about Fox in the preseason biographies or press and that could be a good or bad thing. They may be trying to hide the eventual winner and not give anything away, or Fox could just be an early boot.

Omar Zaheer (+1000)

Back-to-back Canadian Survivor winners?

If Ontario native Omar Zaheer can play up to his preseason hype, I think we could have a repeat sole survivor from the north. A veterinarian, Zaheer is a self-described silly and empathetic person who will look to play Survivor with the strategic prowess of Rob Cesternino.

From preseason bios and press, Zaheer seems to be the perfect mix of strategic, self-aware, relatable and adaptable. If he can keep his threat level low and make some core alliances, there’s a clear path to victory.

How To Bet On Survivor Betting Odds Futures

Like any futures bets, Survivor betting odds and futures are long-term bets on the winner of a given Survivor season. The favorite is the player with the lowest odds (sometimes a minus number), while the higher the odds, the lower the chances to win — as determined by Bovada.

Bet On Survivor Now!

If a player has +125 odds to win, a $100 wager on that player would profit $125 if they were to win it all and remain as the sole survivor. You would get your original $100 back plus your winnings of $125.

If youre betting on a long shot, with odds as high as +30000, a $100 wager would pay $30,000. Yes, their odds to win are essentially slim to none, but if you’re right, the payout would be massive.