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Odds to Win Survivor Season 40: Winners at War

Odds are out on which player will win Survivor Season 40: Winners at War.

It’s hard to believe that a reality show that premiered on May 31, 2000, would still be going strong 20 years later but Survivor is in its 40th season and the cast is filled with previous winners.

Many families across North America hop on their couches every Wednesday night to cheer on their favorites and now you can make a wager on who you think will outwit, outplay and outlast the rest of the cast, claim the $2-million prize and be crowned the sole Survivor for season 40: Winners at War.

With the finale airing on May 13, there is still much to be determined but online sportsbook BetOnline has listed season 28 winner Tony Vlachos as the sizable -1000 favorite, followed by season 32 winner Michele Fitzgerald at +1600, season 29 winner Natalie Anderson at +1600, season 34 winner Sarah Lacina at +1600 and season 31 winner Jeremy Collins at +2500 to round out the top five contestants on the oddsboard.

Here’s a look at the full list of odds to win Survivor Season 40: Winners at War:

Who Will Win Survivor season 40: Winners at war?
Tony Vlachos-1000
Michele Fitzgerald+1600
Natalie Anderson+1600
Sarah Lacina+1600
Jeremy Collins+2500
Nick Wilson+2500
Sophie Clarke+2500
Yul Kwon+2500
Ben Driebergen+3300
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe+3300
Tyson Apostol+3300
Wendell Holland+3300
Denise Stapley+5000
Parvati Shallow+5000
Adam Klein+6600

Odds as of May 13 at BetOnline

Survivor Season 40: The Finale

There are currently five contestants remaining: Tony, Michele, Sarah, Ben and Denise. The latter has odds of +5000 and has a one-in-six chance of being awarded the $2-million prize. That’s right, I said one-in-six as there will be a competition for the players currently on extinction island that will bring one back into the game. Judging by Natalie’s odds, combined with the advantages she has, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is her that wins that battle-back competition.

At this point, Tony has competition wins, big moves and has played a superior social game that, if he advances to the final three, should win him the game. I’ve liked Sarah all season, but she would need a big move by getting rid of Tony to win. Denise is providing a lot of intrigue, especially at +5000. She took out Sandra in a great move, has won challenges and is quite underrated, though I think she will be the next person voted out.

Why Is Tony Vlachos Favored To Win Survivor Season 40: Winners at War?

Tony is a police officer from New Jersey who is playing in his third season of Survivor. He won his first season which was Survivor Cagayan: Brains, Brawn and Beauty. In his second season, he was the second person voted out in Game Changers because of how well he played in the season that he won.

With his police background, he was constantly using surveillance on his tribemates by setting up a “spy shack” in the season that he won, learning what moves they were making so that he could always be a step ahead. He has also shown the ability to be able to form a tight alliance with a couple of people but for everyone else, he has no problem lying and backstabbing to further his game. Lastly, Tony is strong and fit, making him a threat to win immunity idols as well. Overall, he’s a tough competitor and worthy of being the favorite.

Who Is Providing Better Odds Than Tony To Win?

Looking down the oddsboard, the name that stands out to me immediately at +1600 is season 34 Survivor: Game Changers winner Sarah Lacina. Like the favorite, Tony, she also is a police officer and has a bond with him because of that kinship. She is very smart, constantly getting intel on tribemates while gaining trust and power.

Lacina has already pulled off a blindside of Survivor king Boston Rob Mariano and is slowly building her resume for the finale if she can make it there. She is a perfect blend of strength and a great social game that makes her extremely dangerous and definitely one to watch. At +1600 she is providing the best value on the oddsboard in my opinion.