Joey Chestnut is favored to win his 16th Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Odds: Chestnut And Sudo Continue Domination

No one wants to know how a hot dog is made but everyone wants to know how quickly and how often someone can shove them down their face hole.

The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is about as American as apple pie. On Independence Day, July 4, at Nathan's Famous Corporation restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, we'll find out the 2023... weiner of the 51-year-old contest. 

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest: Men's Odds

Odds To Win Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest: Men's
Joey Chestnut-4000
Geoffrey Esper+1200
Nick Wehry+2000
James Webb+2500


The Gluttonous Glizzy Gladiator himself, Joey Chestnut is the heavy favorite to win his 16th title at -4000. Chestnut is on a wild seven-year run as champion, scarfing down 501 dogs in the process. Insane. 

But is the weenie warrior slowing down? Jaws only swallowed 63 dogs in last year's competition. That's his lowest total since 2014 when he ate 61 dogs. 

So is a title in reach for the holder of the second-best odds Geoffrey Esper? At +1200, he has an 8% chance according to oddsmakers. Esper's career high is 50 hot dogs. He's got to up his game by 140% to simply get in Chestnut territory.

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest: Women's Odds

Odds To Win Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest: Women's
Miki Sudo-5000
Michelle Lesco+1500


Sudo is the defending champion after munching 40 dogs in 2022. Sudo has dominated the women's side of the competition since 2014. The former pho-eating champ has won nine of the last 10 hot dog-eating contests. This would be her tenth title. 

Sudo didn't win in 2021 but look, she didn't even compete! She was expecting a hot dog of her very own (if you know what I mean) so she couldn't be there. Sudo will win again for Los Décima. 

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest: Picks

There is little reason to bet against the man they call Jaws. Having set world records in multiple years, Chestnut losing this event would be a massive upset. Other than his slip-up in 2015, he has dominated the contest to become the greatest competitive eater the world has ever known. 

There's no mustard on a -4000 bet, and, look, it's hard to bet against the grand champion. But there's a real chance we might be seeing Chestnut fall. I'm actually putting a unit on Esper on the off chance we see Chestnut drop off.

On the women's side, Sudo wins. After coming back from childbirth she crushed in by eating 40 dogs in 10 minutes. She proved motherhood hasn't slowed her down. And why would it? 

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest History: Men's

Nathan’s Famous Hot dog eating contest 
YearWinnerHot dogs and buns (HBD)Minutes
2022Joey Chestnut6310 min
2021Joey Chestnut7610 min
2020Joey Chestnut7510 min
2019Joey Chestnut7110 min
2018Joey Chestnut7410 min
2017Joey Chestnut7210 min
2016Joey Chestnut7010 min
2015Matt Stonie6210 min
2014Joey Chestnut6110 min
2013Joey Chestnut6910 min
2012Joey Chestnut6810 min
2011Joey Chestnut6210 min
2010Joey Chestnut5410 min
2009Joey Chestnut6810 min
2008Joey Chestnut5910 min
2007Joey Chestnut6612 min
2006Takeru Kobayashi53.7512 min
2005Takeru Kobayashi4912 min
2004Takeru Kobayashi53.512 min
2003Takeru Kobayashi44.512 min
2002Takeru Kobayashi50.512 min
2001Takeru Kobayashi5012 min
2000Kazutoyo Arai25+12 min


Just domination. We've never seen this level of command over a sport by a single individual as Chestnut has in the world of competitive hot dog eating ever. He's truly legendary. There's no one like Jaws.

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest History: Women's

Nathan’s Famous Hot dog eating contest
YearWinnerHot dogs and buns (HBD)Minutes
2022Miki Sudo4010 min
2021Michelle Lesco30.7510 min
2020Miki Sudo48.510 min
2019Miki Sudo3110 min
2018Miki Sudo3710 min
2017Miki Sudo4110 min
2016Miki Sudo38.510 min
2015Miki Sudo3810 min
2014Miki Sudo3410 min
2013Sonya Thomas 36.7510 min
2012Sonya Thomas4510 min
2011Sonya Thomas4010 min


Sudo might not be as dominant as Chestnut is in the men's scene. But nine titles in ten years is an insane record. She's the GOAT. 

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