2022 MLB Draft Odds

2022 MLB Draft Odds: Who’s Going First Overall?

The best way to win the World Series is by building through the draft, having a glut of prospects and developing those young ballplayers into superstars. Sure, big payrolls matter, but even the best MLB teams start with the draft.

Ahead of the 2022 MLB Draft, sportsbook Sportsbook has released 2022 MLB Draft odds and prop bets. These include first overall pick props, specific selection OVER/UNDERs for a few big names, and all the MLB draft betting lines you’ll need. Below, we break these odds down, and you can get in on the MLB draft betting action today at Sportsbook:

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2022 MLB Draft Details

When: July 17-19, 2022
Where: Los Angeles, California
Television: ESPN, July 17 at 7 p.m. ET

The 2022 MLB Draft will begin with the first round on July 17. The draft will consist of 20 total rounds with 616 selections. The Baltimore Orioles will begin on the clock with the first overall pick and they’ll be followed by the other 38 picks in the first round of this year’s selection show. 

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2022 MLB Draft Odds

MLB Draft 1st Overall Pick Odds

2022 MLB Draft Odds - 1st Overall Pick
Druw Jones-145
Termarr Johnson+250
Jackson Holliday+400
Brooks Lee+600
Elijah Green+2000
Kevin Parada+10000
Gavin Cross+10000

These odds aren’t amazing, but there’s still some value in Druw Jones to go first overall. The latest mock drafts from Baseball America, MLB.com and The Athletic all have Jones as the No. 1 pick and he’s a safe bet to be the top guy off the board.

If you’re looking for value in these early MLB draft odds, Elijah Green (+2000) has been linked a decent amount at this first pick, and the Orioles have a habit of going off the board with top selections to save bonus pool money. He could go as late as No. 5 or 6, but at +2000 odds to go first, Green’s probably worth a sprinkle.

The Sons Of Stars Draft

The big storyline for this MLB draft is some familiar names ... at least familiar last names. Top draft prospects Druw Jones, Jackson Holliday and Justin Crawford are all sons of former big league stars — Andruw Jones, Matt Holliday and Carl Crawford, respectively.

They represent three of the top high school hitting prospects in the class this year, and could all hear their names called within the first 10 picks. Unfortunately for the Toronto Blue Jays, who have their share of sons of MLB stars, none of these three will probably fall to their pick at 23.

Our Best Bets - MLB Draft Position Odds:

Most of our best wagers for this year’s MLB draft betting odds come from the draft position OVER/UNDERs. Picking out a few players we think have great value, here are a few of those 2022 MLB Draft odds best bets from Sportsbook: 

Brock Porter Draft Position Odds

Brock Porter Draft Position
OVER 12.5-105
UNDER 12.5-125

There was a lot of buzz about Porter being potentially the first pitcher off the board, and maybe a top-10 pick, but he’s fading a bit days before the draft. If he can get by the Royals at 9 and Tigers at 12, those are probably the only true spots that could mess up this bet. If those two AL Central teams pass on this top prep arm, we’re walking away with cash.

The Bet: Porter OVER 12.5 (-105)

Dylan Lesko Draft Position Odds

Dylan Lesko Draft Position
OVER 16.5-120
UNDER 16.5-110

We’re going to bet on the upside of Lesko here and hammer the UNDER. This high school arm was touted as easily the most exciting pitcher in the class just a few months ago, and was arguably a top-five or even top-three pick before his Tommy John surgery.

But now, with an injured elbow and a falling draft stock, it’s a little harder to see where he lands. We’ll bank on a team being enticed by Lesko’s potential, though, and taking him before 17. He’s been linked to the Padres at 15 and the Guardians at 16, so we’re hoping he lands in one of those two spots.

The Bet: Lesko UNDER 16.5 (-110)

Justin Crawford Draft Position Odds

Justin Crawford Draft Position
OVER 13.5-260
UNDER 13.5+190

Both Baseball America and MLB.com’s latest mocks have Crawford in contention for a top-10 pick, and who wouldn’t be enticed by the upside of Carl’s speedy son.

He could fall, maybe even into the 20s, but with very real landing spots as high as ninth overall possible for Crawford, getting this huge plus money on his UNDER is too nice to pass up.

The Bet: Crawford UNDER 13.5 (+190)

You can find all these MLB draft odds over at Sportsbook:

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