As the dog days of summer give way to cool autumn weather, the MLB regular season is coming to a close. Lots of attention is centered around playoff bets or World Series odds, but there’s still money to be won on good ol’ live betting, either runline or straight up.

A club’s success – or lack thereof – often comes down to how well the offense performs with runners in scoring position (RISP). Our RISP baseball leaderboard offers unique insight for baseball bettors who love the chance to jump on a good rally and win money.

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What Does ‘Runners In Scoring Position’ Mean?

In baseball, whenever a runner reaches second base or beyond, he’s considered “in scoring position.” When a batter steps up to the plate with a runner on second base, third base or with the bases loaded, he is taking an at-bat with runners in scoring position (RISP). 

RISP opportunities are a club’s best chance to score runs during a game. Typically, the best teams and the best players capitalize in these situations. But that’s not always the case, and there are exceptions that can actually offer bettors sneaky live-betting value. 

Why Is Hitting With RISP Important For Handicapping/Live Betting? 

When there are runners on base with a chance to score, a sportsbook might move the odds a smidge in the hitting team’s favor. There are a variety of factors that influence live-betting odds – including how bad the opposing team’s bullpen is, for example – but a big inning with runners on the bases typically offers a great opportunity to hammer the odds on the hitting team or fade a club that is awful at hitting with RISP.

MLB RISP Leaders: Best Teams

All stats come via Fangraphs as of September 21.

RISP Baseball Team Rankings (2022)
Los Angeles Dodgers.830
Milwaukee Brewers.809
Atlanta Braves.804
Philadelphia Phillies.800
St. Louis Cardinals.791
Houston Astros.790
New York Mets.780
New York Yankees.778
Toronto Blue Jays.776
Texas Rangers.772
Seattle Mariners.766
Colorado Rockies.765
San Francisco Giants.761
Chicago White Sox.759
San Diego Padres.759
Cincinnati Reds.757
Boston Red Sox.748
Cleveland Guardians.748
Tampa Bay Rays.729
Arizona Diamondbacks.712
Los Angeles Angels.707
Minnesota Twins.699
Baltimore Orioles.697
Oakland A's.687
Chicago Cubs.685
Kansas City Royals.678
Miami Marlins.672
Washington Nationals.665
Pittsburgh Pirates.665
Detroit Tigers.636

It’s no surprise to see the Dodgers, baseball’s best team, sport the best on-base plus slugging (OPS) percentage among all major-league teams. But since LA will already be heavily chalked in the games they play, there’s not much value to be found there. Let’s zoom in on some other teams.

Milwaukee Brewers (.809 OPS with RISP)

The Brewers, currently out of the playoff picture, are somehow the second-best squad in all of baseball at hitting with RISP. And it’s remarkable how they’ve accomplished that feat.

Milwaukee is a top-10 offense in baseball, but barely. The Brew Crew has a season OPS of .726 in all scenarios. Yet with RISP, their offense shoots up the leaderboard with a whopping .809 OPS. The majority of that damage comes via the long ball, too, as Milwaukee ranks second in MLB with 53 homers while runners are in scoring position. 

Rowdy Tellez is the most clutch of the bunch, racking up a wild 1.014 OPS with RISP. Willy Adames (.995 OPS) and Christian Yelich (.945 OPS) aren’t far behind either. If you’re anticipating a closely contested ball game and these three are in the lineup, count on the Brewers to win or for these players to deliver the OVER on the total bases. 

Texas Rangers (.772 OPS with RISP)

The Rangers have underwhelmed in the standings this season, but they’ve proven their offense can be potent, especially with runners in scoring position. While their offense is good for the 10th-best OPS with RISP, the Rangers are also a high-contact team, producing the sixth-best batting average with RISP (.268).

Texas is crafty too, ranking third in MLB in stolen bases with runners in scoring position (38), which represents an aggressive strategy to move runners from second to third.

Nathaniel Lowe (.947 OPS), Corey Seager (.907) and Adolis Garcia (.875) are all very solid hitters with men on. If these three are set to bat in a tightly contested game, get your live-betting fingers ready for some lucrative action. 

Baltimore Orioles (.697 OPS with RISP)

We’ll touch on the O’s quickly, as they’ve become the talk of the league by exceeding expectations and becoming one of baseball’s most profitable betting teams. That said, Baltimore has struggled to hit with RISP all season. The Orioles’ issues have less to do with power numbers with RISP and more to do with their lack of ability to hit for average (.239 BA) and get on base (.312 OBP).

The Orioles have also been much worse at hitting with RISP in September, registering a measly .584 OPS as a team this month. If the O’s get a rally going in a game and the odds shift in Baltimore’s favor, be sure to queue up a bet to fade the Chaos Birds, as it’s unlikely they’ll come through.

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MLB RISP Leaders: Best Players (Minimum 100 PAs)

RISP Baseball Player Rankings (2022)
PlayerOPS w/ RISP
Aaron Judge (NYY)1.302
Shohei Ohtani (LAA)1.284
Jose Ramirez (CLE)1.069
Freddie Freeman (LAD)1.060
Pete Alonso (NYM)1.056
Andres Gimenez (CLE)1.052
Justin Turner (LAD)1.047

Aaron Judge (1.302 OPS with RISP)

What more can be said about Judge? He’s having an MVP season, nearing the Triple Crown and just hit the 60-homer mark. He’s been an absolute stud all year, which makes it no surprise he’s also fantastic at hitting with RISP. 

It doesn’t take astute analysis to bet in Judge’s favor, which means the sportsbooks will be all over live-betting odds with Judge at the dish. There’s more money to be made by betting on Judge to come up clutch with RISP during the seventh, eighth and ninth innings, where his OPS rises to a massive 1.602. 

Judge is great at what he does, but when it comes to late-game hitting, the next guy on our list is better. 

Shohei Ohtani (1.284 OPS with RISP)

If you think the books are chalking Judge, then wait until you see Ohtani. There’s probably not a ton of cash to be made by betting the OVER on his total bases, but there’s tons of value on wagering on Ohtani in the seventh, eighth and ninth. 

Shohei has been an absolute god at hitting with runners in scoring position in the final three innings of a game. His major league-leading 1.792 OPS during those situations is outrageous. As a team, the Angels stink, plain and simple. But if you see an opportunity to live-bet the Angels in a close game with men on and Ohtani on deck, for example, jump all over it.

MLB RISP Leaders: Worst Players (Minimum 100 PAs)

RISP Baseball Player Rankings (2022)
PlayerOPS w/ RISP
Nicky Lopez (KC).447
Jonathan Schoop (DET).450
Marcell Ozuna (ATL).495
Bobby Dalbec (BOS).509
Yuli Gurriel (HOU).523
Hunter Dozier (KC).528
Max Kepler (MIN).538

Marcell Ozuna (.495 OPS with RISP)

We’ll narrow in on Ozuna since he plays for a very good Atlanta Braves squad. As a whole, the Braves have the third-best OPS with RISP (.804). Clearly, Ozuna is not a part of that. The outfielder has had plenty of trouble at the dish during the worst year of his career, but he’s been especially terrible with runners in scoring position. While his .179 average isn’t the worst on the list, his .213 OBP is absolutely dreadful. 

Ozuna has somehow spent time hitting as Atlanta’s cleanup man this season. Nowadays, he hits way down in the order, where his miserable offensive season makes less of an impact.

There’s one caveat to Ozuna’s numbers, though. He’s actually a great hitter when there’s only a runner on third base. When he steps up to the plate with a runner on third and all other bases empty, he’s batting .313 with one homer and six RBIs. Ozuna is brutal in all other RISP situations, but keep an eye out for the man-on-third situation, specifically.

Yuli Gurriel (.523 with RISP)

Another struggling hitter on a juggernaut team, Gurriel is having an awful time with runners in scoring position. The Astros do well as a team, but Gurriel is excluded from that list. 

By now, sportsbooks will have caught on to Gurriel’s poor season. He’s no longer the contact machine he once was, so if there’s good value on his UNDER total bases, that’s a bet worth investing in. With men on base, bet against Yuli.

Gurriel is also especially terrible with the bases loaded (.333 OPS). If you see Yuli coming to the dish with the bases juiced, bet against him and the Astros, assuming the circumstances make sense. 

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Who is the best RISP hitter in baseball?

Aaron Judge is arguably the best hitter with men aboard, putting up a 1.302 in RISP situations this season.

Which baseball team is the best with RISP?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the best-hitting team with RISP (.830). The Milwaukee Brewers are the second-best team at capitalizing on RISP situations (.809).

What does RISP stand for in baseball?

In baseball, whenever a runner reaches second base or beyond, he’s considered “in scoring position.” When a batter steps up to the plate with a runner(s) on second base, third base, or with the bases loaded, he is taking an at-bat with runners in scoring position (RISP).