Who are the best Home and Away OVER/UNDER teams in the MLB?

MLB’s Best Home And Away OVER/UNDER Teams

Much of the 2022 MLB season is in the books now. We know what teams are expected to do well through the rest of the year and which teams are expected not to do so well.

We know the Dodgers, Yankees, Astros, Mets and Braves are going to do well going forward. So are the Padres after landing Juan Soto from the Nationals and closer Josh Hader from the Brewers. It gets difficult to find value by simply betting on the MLB moneyline right now because of this. 

Playing the totals might be a good way to find some value this late in the season. So let’s look at the teams that are more likely to hit the OVER or UNDER at home or on the road and then look at the more profitable teams for each.

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First, the best OVER/UNDER teams at home and on the road:

MLB Best Home and Away OVER/UNDER Teams

Best home OVER bets
TeamHome OVER Record
Milwaukee Brewers25-20-1 (55.6%)
New York Mets26-21-1 (55.3%)
Miami Marlins26-22-2 (54.2%)
St. Louis Cardinals26-22-2 (54.2%)
Cincinnati Reds30-26 (53.6%)
Best Home UNDER bets
TeamHome UNDER Record
Houston Astros29-19-2 (60.4%)
San Diego Padres30-20-1 (60.0%)
Arizona Diamondbacks30-20-4 (60.0%)
Los Angeles Angels29-22-3 (56.9%)
Minnesota Twins26-20-5 (56.5%)
Best Road OVER bets
TeamRoad OVER Record
Minnesota Twins29-20-3 (59.2%)
Philadelphia Phillies29-23 (55.8%)
Atlanta Braves24-20-2 (54.5%)
Washington Nationals25-21-3 (54.3%)
Kansas City Royals27-23-2 (54.0%)
Best Road UNDER bets
TeamRoad UNDER Record
Detroit Tigers34-16-4 (68.0%)
Houston Astros33-18-3 (64.7%)
Pittsburgh Pirates30-19-3 (61.2%)
Los Angeles Dodgers29-20-4 (59.2%)
Oakland Athletics30-21-3 (58.8%)


Takeaways From Best Home and Away OVER/UNDER Teams

There are a few significant takeaways from these tables.

The first is how frequently the top five teams hit the UNDER on the road. In 68 percent of Detroit’s away games, they’ve hit the UNDER. We’ll get to the top five profitable teams in each category, but I’m going to play spoiler here: Detroit’s 34-16-4 record in hitting the UNDER on the road would have returned a $1,465.43 profit. 

San Diego going UNDER 60 percent of the time is a bit of a surprise when you consider they have the eighth-best offense in baseball with 478 runs on the year. But as you can tell by the Padres hitting the UNDER 60 percent of the time at home, their offense dries up at home. Their 209 runs at Petco Park this year represents the eighth-worst home offense in baseball. Betting the UNDER on San Diego at home this year would have returned $734.37.

San Diego currently holds the eighth-best World Series odds at +2200.


MLB OVER/UNDER Most Profitable

Here’s a look at the top five most profitable teams in baseball when it comes to the OVER/UNDER totals both at home and on the road.

Most Profitable home OVER bets
TeamHome OVER Profits
New York Mets 25-20-1 ($287.29)
Milwaukee Brewers26.21-1 ($269.78)
St. Louis Cardinals26-22-2 ($170.43)
Cincinnati Reds26-22-2 ($144.02)
Miami Marlins30-26 ($122.23)
most Profitable Home UNDER bets
TeamHome UNDER Profits
Arizona Diamondbacks29-19-2 ($755.63)
Houston Astros30-20-1 ($744.71)
San Diego Padres30-20-4 ($734.37)
Los Angeles Angels29-22-3 ($445.17)
Seattle Mariners26-20-5 ($367.51)
Most Profitable Road OVER bets
TeamRoad OVER Profits
Minnesota Twins29-20-3 ($690.10)
Philadelphia Phillies29-23 ($291.97)
Kansas City Royals24-20-2 ($200.43)
Atlanta Braves25-21-3 ($184.54)
Washington Nationals27-23-2 ($174.00)
Most Profitable Road UNDER bets
TeamRoad UNDER Profits
Detroit Tigers34-16-4 ($1,465.43)
Houston Astros33-18-3 ($1,182.80)
Pittsburgh Pirates30-19-3 ($851.87)
St. Louis Cardinals29-20-4 ($675.40)
Los Angeles Dodgers30-21-3 ($664.56)

Profit margins clearly favor the UNDER here, specifically when teams are away. Detroit and Houston bettors would have profited $1,465.43 and $1,182.80 respectively if wagering $100 on the UNDER for all of their away games.

But there’s one team in the OVER tables that stands out, and that’s Minnesota. Betting $100 on the OVER for their away games would have brought a $690.10 profit. That’s well above the average $253.48 profit margin for betting the OVER on either the top five home or away teams.

The Twins offense isn’t awful with 470 runs on the year, which ranks 13th in baseball alongside Houston, but on the road, the Twins offense explodes. Minnesota’s 259 runs on the road are the sixth best for away teams in the league.

Hopefully, these data tables can help you find some value while betting on the MLB through the rest of the season.