College basketball prop bets and March Madness prop bets are here!

College Basketball Prop Bets: March Madness Prop Bets 2022

It’s not called March Madness because everything happens the way it’s supposed to. If that were the case, the NCAA college basketball Division 1 men’s tournament would be known as ... March Ball?

Sorry, we’re not known for our national championship puns. We’re Odds Shark, we’re known for our betting strategy and expertise in college basketball prop bets. We want to pass that online gambling expertise on to you so you can still experience the joys of college basketball’s Super Bowl even after your bracket gets busted

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Let’s face it, lots of brackets were busted within the first day or two, and that’s where March Madness prop bets come in. College basketball prop bets can keep you in the mix until the final game of the tournament – as opposed to the first few hours, after that No. 4 seed you had a hunch about gets blown out in the first round. 

Check out our massive list of college basketball prop bets below. You can bet on as many as you like. Why not bet them all? It certainly makes watching March Madness games more fun. While there’s only a few college basketball games remaining, we still have some Final Four props and a pick for you to finish off your NCAAB betting this year.

All 2022 March Madness odds are courtesy of Sportsbook, Sportsbook and Sportsbook.

For more information on the various ways to bet on the NCAA Tournament, check out our How to Bet on March Madness page. For the latest odds to win the tournament, keep it locked on our NCAA title odds article.

March Madness Betting Sites

Our Best College Basketball Prop Bets & Picks:

March Madness Exact Sportsbook Pick: UNC Over Kansas

While four of the best college basketball programs in the country remain, this year’s version of March Madness has been anything but predictable. So, to end off our prop picks this year, we’re going to embrace the chaos.

Sorry Coach K, your run comes to an end with another crushing defeat to UNC. And Kansas, you’ll win as expected in the Final Four but lose to the lower seed in the finals!

The Pick: UNC over Kansas +900

No. 1 Seed To Win:

A No. 1 seed has won 64 percent of all March Madness tournaments, including the last four. These +115 odds for a No. 1 seed to win imply a 46.51 percent chance, while history shows their odds are much higher. In the last 10 tournaments, a top seed has won the title seven times.

It’s not like this tournament had weak No. 1 seeds either, with Gonzaga proving to be a powerhouse and blue bloods like Baylor and Kansas eyeing deep runs, too. But only Kansas remains in the hunt for the title.

The Pick: No. 1 Seed To Win Tournament +115
Result: TBD

Wisconsin Sweet 16 Run:

Getting plus money on a top-20 team like the Wisconsin Badgers to make the Sweet 16? Sign me up.

The Badgers have been up and down at points this year, ending their season with losses to Michigan State and Nebraska, but they have also shown they can beat some of the best teams in the country. Led by Jonathan Davis, the Badgers have the talent and an easy enough path to make the Sweet 16. They should handle 14th-seeded Colgate and then must win just one more game against a lower-seeded team to make the top 16.

The Pick: Wisconsin To Make The Sweet 16 +105
Result: Loss

Final Four College Basketball Prop Bets:

2022 March Madness Exact Sportsbook

Exact Sportsbook Odds
Winning Bet Odds
Duke over Kansas +225
Kansas over Duke +300
Kansas over North Carolina +450
Duke over Villanova +500
Villanova over Duke +850
North Carolina over Kansas +900
Villanova over North Carolina +1000
North Carolina over Villanova +1200

Odds as of March 31 at Sportsbook

Final Four Highest Scorer Points

Most Points Scored By Any Player In Final Four
Winning Bet Odds
OVER 22 Points -150
UNDER 22 Points +110

Odds as of April 1 at Sportsbook

Final Four Highest Scorer Player

Most Points Scored By Any Player In Final Four
Winning Bet Odds
Ochai Agbaji +400
Paolo Banchero +500
Collin Gillespie +800
Brady Manek +800
Jermaine Samuels +950
Armando Bacot +1000

Odds as of April 1 at Sportsbook

Final Four Most 3s Made

Which Team Makes The Most 3-Pointers in Final Four?
Winning Bet Odds
Villanova +175
North Carolina +225
Duke +250
Kansas +300

Odds as of April 1 at Sportsbook

Coach K Wife On TV Prop

Total Times Coach K’s Wife Shown During Game
Winning Bet Odds
OVER 4 Times -110
UNDER 4 Times -130

Odds as of April 1 at Sportsbook

Other College Basketball Prop Bets

The following college basketball prop bets were found at Sportsbook. We will update this page with more odds when they come out next season:


Sister Jean’s Age Vs Lowest Total Score

What Will Be Higher?
Winning Bet Odds
Lowest Total Score Of The Tournament -150
Sister Jean’s Age (102) +110

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Best Top Seed

#1 Seed To Advance The Furthest
Option Odds
Gonzaga +140
Arizona +260
Baylor +325
Kansas +350

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Best No. 2 Seed

#2 Seed To Advance The Furthest
Option Odds
Kentucky -105
Duke +275
Auburn +400
Villanova +475

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Region Of Sportsbook

Which Region Will the March Madness Sportsbook Come From?
Option Odds
South +190
West +225
East +240
Midwest +375

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Red Or Blue State NCAAB Champ

Sportsbook From Red Or Blue State (2020 Election)?
Option Odds
Red -160
Blue +120

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

How Far Will Baylor Go?

Will Baylor Make The Sweet 16?
Option Odds
Yes -400
No +250

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

How Far Will Duke Go?

Will Duke Make The Sweet 16?
Option Odds
Yes -300
No +200

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

How Far Will Gonzaga Go?

Will Gonzaga Make The Sweet 16?
Option Odds
Yes -850
No +450

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

How Far Will Wisconsin Go?

Will Wisconsin Make The Sweet 16?
Option Odds
Yes +105
No -145

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

The following college basketball prop bets can be found at Sportsbook:


Final Four Combined Seeds

Combined Seed Number For Final Four Teams
Option Odds
OVER 10.5 -125
UNDER 10.5 -105

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Top Seeds In The Final Four

How Many No. 1 Seeds Will Make The Final Four?
Option Odds
OVER 2.5 +450
UNDER 2.5 -775

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Buzzer-Beaters March Madness Prop Bet

How Many Game-Winning Buzzer-Beater Shots In R64?
Option Odds
0 -145
1 +225
2 +700
3 +1200
4 +2000
5 +3000
6+ +4000

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

First-Round Overtime Games

How Many r64 Games Will Go Into Overtime?
Option Odds
OVER 2 +105
UNDER 2 -135

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Total Double-OT Games

How Many March Madness Games Will go Into Double OT?
Option Odds
OVER .5 +135
UNDER .5 -180

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Biggest Margin Of Victory

What Will Be The Biggest March Madness Margin Of Victory?
Option Odds
OVER 38.5 points -110
UNDER 38.5 points -120

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Most Points Scored: Round of 64

What will be highest total scored by 1 team in R64?
Option Odds
OVER 97.5 points -170
UNDER 97.5 points +130

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Seed Of Champion

What Seed Will ’22 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion Be?
Option Odds
1 +115
2 +300
3 +600
4 +1400
5 +1200
6 +3500
7 +5000
8 +4500
9 +6000
10 +5500
11 +4500
12 +12500
13 +20000
14 +25000
15 +30000
16 +35000

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

First Round 3-Pointers

How many total 3-pointers made in Round of 64?
Option Odds
OVER 485.5 -135
UNDER 485.5 +105

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

Perfect Bracket?

Will there be a perfect bracket In NCAA’s Bracket Challenge?
Option Odds
Yes +5000

Odds as of March 17 at Sportsbook

March Madness Betting Sites

How to Make A Prop Bet On March Madness

Props are any bets that may or may not directly correlate to the outcome of a single game. Any of the bets we list above are props because you’re not betting on college basketball point spreads or totals, you’re wagering on things like which conference will have a better showing. 

Let’s say you want to bet on wins. Prop odds at the sportsbook would look something like this:

Which team will have more wins in the 2022 college basketball tournament?

Duke -200

Purdue +160


If you believe the Blue Devils will have more wins and you lay down $100, you’d get a payout of $150 – your original money is returned along with your winnings of $50. 

That same $100 on the Boilermakers would give you $260 – you get your $100 back, coupled with your prize of $160. 

Our Odds Calculator will tell you what you’d win based on the March Madness prop odds and amount you bet.

Game Props

One of the more exciting aspects of March Madness is that any given game can become an instant classic. Whether it goes to overtime or perhaps a 12 seed becomes the Cinderella of the tournament with a buzzer-beater, these are situational betting spots that the average bettor can have fun with.

Game props for March Madness can include “How many buzzer-beaters will occur during the Round of 64?” or “What will be the highest point total scored by one team during the Round of 64?” These college basketball prop bets are incredibly hard to handicap, so betting large amounts on them wouldn’t be recommended with so many variables in play.

Team Props

Team props for the NCAA Tournament are usually only found before the tourney begins. Once you see the seedings, you can bet on which team will go further than another before being eliminated.

For example, you see that both the Baylor Bears and Gonzaga Bulldogs got a No. 1 seed but you think Baylor will be eliminated before Gonzaga. The odds vary depending on the matchup and the props usually involve teams that aren’t playing in the same region.


Player Props

The player props for March Madness can be quite enjoyable for the average bettor because, in basketball, one player can change everything. Betting on the number of points a player will score in a game or which player will lead the NCAA men’s tournament in total rebounds are just some of the college basketball prop bets you can wager on.

National Player of the Year candidates like Oscar Tshiebwe of the Kentucky Wildcats will likely be in the mix for each of these props. Another sneaky way to bet these props is to take a player on a team that you think will go far in March Madness, offering them more opportunity to rack up the stats.

College Basketball Prop Bets FAQ

Are there certain betting sites that are better for March Madness?

There are specific sites that are better for betting on March Madness than others, so Odds Shark’s experts have taken the time to rank and review the best March Madness betting sites. Though most popular prop bets can be found at any site, each sportsbook often posts unique props and betting markets for college basketball bettors to browse.

Is it too late for me to make a March Madness bracket?

While it is too late now to make a bracket, you can still get into the games by betting on the NCAAB Tournament. Odds Shark has put together a comprehensive How to Bet on March Madness guide that shows you how to read college basketball odds, the kind of bets you can make on the tournament, and how to make them.

Are prop bets and March Madness brackets the same thing?

March Madness brackets are opportunities to try to predict the outcome of every game. Prop bets allow you to bet on every game, and wager on the fun and small outcomes within a game that may not affect its final result. Our bets over brackets page outlines all the reasons why wagering on March Madness takes more skill, is more fun, and can be more profitable than your bracket.