NFL Win Total Predictions: 3 Picks

With the NFL preseason in the books, and with Thursday's NFL opener looming, it's time to focus on the final push toward win totals. This type of wagering is basically over/under on the number of wins a team will get during the year. Three teams jump off the NFL odds page as candidates to earn some profits.


New Orleans Saints - 9 at Sportsbook

One of the most intriguing numbers that stands out is on the New Orleans Saints, who won just seven games last season, but have a 9-win total posted at Sportsbook, with the Over favored at -150. Keep in mind the Saints won 11 or more games in each season under coach Sean Payton from 2009-2011.


And after spending last season suspended, Payton is back on the sidelines with a rejuvenated bunch that will clearly be out to resurrect the success from previous seasons.


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Kansas City Chiefs - 7.5 at Sportsbook


One of the biggest differentials is the Kansas City Chiefs, who went 2-14 last season but has a 7.5 posted for 2013, with the Over being -145. Sure, there's the rugged AFC West schedule, which might see the Chiefs get swept on the road, and conceivably only return just one home win - against the Oakland Raiders.


They also have to play the NFC East. That's a foursome that could deal four more losses, and with those predictions alone the Chiefs would be 1-9. Then there are games at the Jacksonville Jaguars, at the Tennessee Titans, versus the Houston Texans, versus the Cleveland Browns, at the Buffalo Bills, and versus the Indianapolis Colts.

Realistically, they could pull off wins against the Browns, at Jacksonville, and Buffalo. That would make the Chiefs 4-12. Trade out a loss for a win in the season finale against the Colts and you have a 5-11 team, falling two and a half games Under that 7.5 win total.

Indianapolis Colts - 8.5 at Sportsbook


And speaking of the Colts, who went 11-5 last season, they've been installed with an 8.5-win total with the under favored at -125, but there are several critics who believe they're going to have another successful campaign.


And it's understandable, with quarterback Andrew Luck coming in after a successful rookie campaign that saw him lose to the eventual Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the playoffs. The Colts are far too talented to win a mere eight games and not make a return to the postseason.


In fact, they're far too talented to lose in the Sportsbook round this time around. With a solid rushing attack to compliment Luck, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Colts go Over 8 wins.

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