Canada lost their opening match but they're the talk of Group F odds

World Cup Group F Odds: Can Belgium Walk Through This Group Unchallenged?

Belgium is still the class in World Cup Group F, at least on paper. The Canadians put the second-best team in the world to the sword on the Sportsbook day of Group F games. They didn’t win but my word, they should have. 

As such, the Belgians remain the favorites to win this group at -200 according to sportsbook Sportsbook, while Canada has the lowest odds to top the group at +1000. But there might be some value here in Canada, at least in terms of qualifying. 

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World Cup Group F Odds: To Win Outright

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World Cup Group F Odds: Odds To Advance From Group Stage

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Belgians Win By The Skin Of Their Teeth

Belgium is still considered the top team in this group. The second-best side in the world sits at the top of the group standings thanks to a lucky three points against the Canadians. Michy Batshuayi converted a great chance in the 44th minute that carried them through to the victory.

If not for Thibaut Courtois, though, this game ends in a draw. At the very least. 

Canada only held 47 percent of the possession, but they more than doubled the Belgians’ total shot attempts with 21 to nine from Belgium. Belgium was carded three times as they desperately tried to hold up the Canadians’ advances. 

Good teams always find a way and Belgium definitely found a way to win against Canada. But they were second-best; to win this group, they’ll have to step up big time. 

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Croatia and Morocco

The slow and steady approach didn’t really help out the Croatians in their matchup with the Moroccans. The Moroccans’ steady defense held its shape and even though Croatia held 64 percent of the possession, they managed fewer shot attempts and fewer shots on goal than the North African side. 

Picking up a single point off of Morocco was ... fine. But the Croatians desperately need to show more if they’re going to challenge Belgium and maybe even the Canadians in this group. 

The Moroccans need to pick up three points over the Canadians if they hope to advance. Canada will surely come after Morocco as they did against Belgium, and the North African squad will have the self-confidence to know they could keep the number of chances Canada creates to a minimum. The only worry for them is, who will score the goals?

At +200 there’s some good value here. And considering how Morocco dealt with a savvy Croatian side, there’s a real chance this hits.  

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Canada Surprises 

Canada is clearly scared of no one. They didn’t park the bus as most underdogs do when facing a top side in the world. The Canucks pushed and pressed their European opponents and honestly should have won the game.

Alphonso Davies has to realize that no superstar is bigger than the team. Canada’s opportunity to get a point was there on a silver platter and he squandered it when he was stopped on a penalty kick he should have allowed Jonathan David to take.

But even after that setback, the Canadians pressed, making Belgium look like a second-rate side. Canada held a respectable 47 percent of possession, 40 percent of the shots on target but 70 percent of the shot attempts and they held 75 percent of the expected goals. Canada, ranked 41st in the world, was better than the Belgians, who rank second.

If they can keep that type of play through the group stage, they could get a few points and maybe, just maybe qualify for the Round of 16. And at +225, there’s good money to be had here.

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