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Jake Paul’s Fight Odds: Woodley Rematch Up Next?

Here are Jake Paul's next fight odds!

Jake Paul once again entered the boxing ring and silenced haters with his split-decision win over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on August 29. While the two agreed to run it back at the completion of the bout, could there be another opponent waiting in the wings? Here are the Jake Paul next opponent odds.

Jake Paul Next Opponent Odds

Online sportsbook Bovada has listed Jake Paul’s odds for his next opponent and has Tyron Woodley in the rematch as the +150 favorite. Woodley is followed by Tommy Fury at +200, Conor McGregor at +800, Dillon Danis at +800 and Jorge Masvidal at +900 to round out the top five on the oddsboard.

With Woodley being the favorite at +150, this means if you bet $100 on him to be Paul’s next opponent and it comes to fruition, you would profit $150. Our sports betting calculator tells us that the +150 odds have an implied win probability of 40.00 percent.

FighterCurrent Odds
Tyron Woodley +150
Tommy Fury+200
Conor McGregor+800
Dillon Danis+800
Jorge Masvidal+900
Nate Diaz +1200
Joe Fournier+1200
Anderson Silva+1200
Canelo Alvarez+1600
Manny Pacquiao+1600
Oscar De La Hoya+1600
Donald Cerrone+1600
Floyd Mayweather+2000
Vitor Belfort+2000
BJ Penn+2200
Nick Diaz+2200
Chuck Liddell+2800
Dana White+5000

Odds as of August 31 at Bovada

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Why Is The Woodley Rematch The Favorite?

I believe there are a couple of reasons why this fight is expected to take place again, the first being that the two men agreed to the rematch pending Woodley getting an “I Love Jake” tattoo on his body. The former UFC champ quickly accepted that deal and it appeared the rematch was made right then and there.

The second driving force is that both men vowed knockouts ahead of the bout and it ended in a split decision. Many people believe that Woodley won, while just as many people would argue in favor of Paul as the judges did – worthy of a rematch.

Why I Don’t Think The Rematch Will Happen

I believe Paul is a man of his word and he agreed to the rematch with Woodley in the ring following their first bout. That said, to me, the fight doesn’t make a ton of sense given where these two men are in their careers. Woodley is holding on for dear life trying to stay relevant and make some money. Paul has many suitors wanting to fight him, some with big names, which will help build his resume.

Ultimately, I think Woodley gets the tattoo and then Paul makes a fool of him by balking on the rematch deal and choosing a different opponent.

Who Is Jake Paul Fighting Next: Value Pick

Many will call for the Conor McGregor fight after Paul called him out in the post-fight press conference.

However, McGregor is under contract with the UFC, and UFC president Dana White is unlikely to allow this fight to occur as he’s not a huge fan of Paul. So for me, the only logical name is a boxer who was on the undercard for Paul vs Woodley – Tommy Fury, the half-brother of Tyson Fury. 

Clearly some beef here. Of course, Tommy’s older brother could be on the cusp of becoming the first-ever four-title undisputed heavyweight champion and Tommy’s boxing career is in its infancy and he would love a big name to burst onto the scene. The benefit for Paul is that he’s boxed a fellow YouTuber, a retired NBA player and two retired UFC fighters – an up-and-coming true boxer would be a feather in his cap.