What team will Ben Simmons play for next? Will he even be traded? Check out Odds Shark's breakdown of Ben Simmons prop bets.

Ben Simmons Prop Bets: Will The Sixers Star Be Traded?

Ah, what to do with Sixers guard Ben Simmons. The enigmatic Simmons has been the subject of trade rumors for months and was being actively shopped around the league by his team for much of the offseason. His response seemed to pretty much be “go ahead.”

But now that the 76ers appear unable to get a deal they like for the talented guard, they reportedly expect him to show up to training camp. His response seems to be some version of “no.” You have to respect it.

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And now, oddsmakers are wondering whether or not Simmons will show up for camp or be traded.

You can now bet Ben Simmons prop bets at both [Sportsbook not available for your region] and Sportsbook where you can find Ben Simmons next team odds and more.

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Ben Simmons Props: Ben Simmons Next Team Odds

Ben simmons next team if traded
Portland Trail Blazers+200
Minnesota Timberwolves+350
Cleveland Cavaliers+400
Sacramento Kings+600
Golden State Warriors+700
San Antonio Spurs+900
Toronto Raptors+1000
Oklahoma City Thunder+1400
Los Angeles Clippers+1800
Los Angeles Lakers+2200
Shanghai Sharks+3300

Odds as of September 10 at Sportsbook    

Ben Simmons Next Team If Traded

Best Bet: Golden State Warriors (+700)

The reality of today’s NBA is that big-name players often control their own destiny. We have seen it dozens of times since LeBron James took his talents to South Beach and influenced a generation of future basketball negotiations in the process.

The Ben Simmons situation isn’t all that different with Klutch Sports super-agent Rich Paul representing Simmons and pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Paul is the most powerful agent in the sport, and his clients often get to decide their futures, even if they’re under contract.

Simmons has reportedly requested to be traded to one of the four California teams, so it seems like bad process to recommend betting on the Sixers guard landing anywhere else at this point.

Though there are potential deals out there with Portland, Toronto or Minnesota that fans and bettors can talk themselves into, it just seems more likely that Simmons lands in California with likely either the Kings or Warriors.

We’ll go with the Warriors here with slightly more attractive odds and a more attractive organization with plenty of recent success.

There are reports that the Golden State front office isn’t sold on acquiring Simmons. But bringing him into the fold in a deal including some combination of Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman and other pieces, with Simmons and maybe a Matisse Thybulle going the other way, should be mighty enticing for a team concentrating on maximizing its championship window with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

Ben Simmons Props: Where Will He Play Game 1 Of The Season?

Where will Ben Simmons play game 1 of 2021-22 season?
Philadelphia 76ers+200
Minnesota Timberwolves+300
Portland Trail Blazers+400
Sacramento Kings+500
Cleveland Cavaliers+800
Golden State Warriors+1200
Toronto Raptors+1600
San Antonio Spurs+2500
Indiana Pacers+3000
Detroit Pistons+3000

Odds as of September 10 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Best Bet: Golden State Warriors (+1200)

Slightly different approach to the situation here at [Sportsbook not available for your region]. This prop gives bettors the option to include Simmons staying in Philly as one of the potential options.

It does seem extremely unlikely that he has any interest in suiting up for the Sixers, so we’ll double down here and say the Warriors are the best bet.

If you think Simmons ends up with another team before the start of the year, this bet provides better odds for essentially the same outcome as the previous prop from Sportsbook.

Ben Simmons Props: Will He Attend Training Camp With The 76ers?

Will ben simmons attend training camp with the 76ers?

Odds as of September 10 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Best Bet: No (-500)

You aren’t going to make much money on this bet, but as of now it feels like there’s essentially no chance Simmons attends camp in Philadelphia. He has made that pretty clear, and if we know Rich Paul, he’s not about to let that happen either.

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