James Harden is a big name in 2023 NBA Free agency odds

NBA Free Agency Odds: Where Will Harden & Kyrie Go?

Let the NBA free-agent carousel start to spin.

This year, the rumors seem even juicer, and there seems to be a myriad of big-name NBA stars ready to switch teams and secure a big contract. Free agency is the first step towards building a championship contender.

Even though not all these guys are officially free agents, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and (gasp) Damian Lillard are all big names in the 2023 NBA free agency odds, so let's dive in. 

James Harden NBA Free Agency Odds

Where Will James Harden Play To Start The 2023-24 NBA Season?
Los Angeles Clippers+125
New York Knicks+175
Miami Heat+350
Houston Rockets+600
Milwaukee Bucks+700
Boston Celtics+800

Odds as of June 30

ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski dropped the bomb that Harden was opting into his deal with the 76ers, but only for the purpose of being traded. Yeesh. So where could he go?

NBA fans are clamoring for a Rockets reunion at +600 — I don't hate that as a longshot bet — but, to me, the Clippers seem more likely. 

Best Bet: Clippers (+125); Dart Throw on Rockets (+600)

Damian Lillard NBA Free Agency Odds

Where Will Damian Lillard Play To Start The 2023-24 NBA Season (if not blazers)?
Miami Heat-250
Brooklyn Nets+250
Toronto Raptors+350
New York Knicks+700
Los Angeles Lakers+1000
Los Angeles Clippers+1200

Odds as of June 30

Um, these odds are wonky, but I get it. Lillard isn't technically a free agent, but there's always drama about when he might bail from the middling Trail Blazers organization.

The oddsmakers love the Heat, and I suppose that's a good fit. I doubt the Raptors make a move, so I'm actually eyeing the Clippers (+1200) and Lakers (+1000) down the list. If the Clips whiff on Harden, they can pony up for Dame. And with sand pouring out of LeBron James' hourglass, he can pitch the front office to swing a big deal for Lillard.

Best Bets: Value Picks on Lakers (+1000) or Clippers (+1200)

Kyrie Irving NBA Free Agency Odds

Where Will Kyrie Irving Play To Start The 2023-24 NBA Season?
Dallas Mavericks-500
Los Angeles Lakers+650
Miami Heat+850
Phoenix Suns+1000
Los Angeles Clippers+1400

Odds as of June 30

Ugh, does anyone even want to see Dallas run it back? Kyrie showed up last year and somehow made a backcourt run by Luka Doncic look unusable. That's a hard pass for me if I'm Mark Cuban.

But alas, Irving is chalked to return to Dallas. Fine. But we'll poach value elsewhere. I really like him at +650 to the Lakers. A lil' LBJ reunion.

Best Bet: Lakers (+650)

Draymond Green NBA Free Agency Odds

Where Will Draymond Green Play To Start The 2023-24 NBA Season?
Golden State Warriors-500
Portland Trail Blazers+600
Los Angeles Lakers+1000
Dallas Mavericks+1400
Memphis Grizzlies+1600

Odds as of June 30

I like the Mavericks here, and no I won't be taking questions. Just kidding.

I think there's an avenue for a sign-and-trade deal where the Warriors ship Draymond to Dallas in exchange for a wing defender like Reggie Bullock.

Best Bet: Mavericks (+1400)

Russell Westbrook NBA Free Agency Odds

Where Will Russell Westbrook Play To Start The 2023-24 NBA Season?
Los Angeles Clippers-250
Dallas Mavericks+650
Chicago Bulls+1000
Miami Heat+1000
Washington Wizards+1800

Odds as of June 30

I'm not very high on Westbrook, but he seemed to really click in his time with the Clippers as a shockingly efficient member of their backcourt rotation. All to say, I'll bet he returns to L.A.

But since we can't choke on chalk, I'd take the Miami Heat as a value pick at +1000.

Best Bet: Heat (+1000)

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