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What are the odds on this and what are the odds on that? If you pay attention, you’ll hear sports betting references regularly in everyday conversation and even more so when watching sports or TV. “This is a big upset in the making as Team X was an underdog of 14 points today,” an announcer will say.

    These days, you're probably seeing scores and odds everywhere — on the television, in the newspaper, online, and on your phones. But seeing scores and odds and understanding what they mean — and more importantly how to profit from them — is where we come in.

    Below, we break down where you can find the best scores and odds, how to read sports odds, and all the different sports you can bet on. If you're looking for a more comprehensive tutorial, check out our how to bet on sports page and if you're ready to get started, go sign up at one of our top sportsbooks:

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    Where Do I Find Updated Scores And Odds?

    You can find odds for most sports over at our top online sportsbooks, but we've also gone out of the way to combine all available lines for any game into one place. Each online book can have lines that slightly vary, so looking at all sports odds aggregated into one spot is the best way to make sure you're betting on the best value.

    Some of the most popular odds pages we offer are updated NFL odds, NBA odds, and fresh lines for MLB games. At the bottom of this page we list all of our sports odds pages, with over 10 different sports to choose from. You can also click around the different sports selections listed on the menu at the top of our site to find the specific event you're looking for.

    Big Four Scores And Odds Pages

    How Do I Bet On Scores And Odds?

    Not everyone understands what -13.5 means in the NBA betting world and more still are unfamiliar with a moneyline such as -135. We take sports odds seriously and have devoted our entire site to gathering them, explaining them and educating people on what is a “good line” and a “bad line.”

    There are two main ways to look at sports odds, and that's a moneyline bet and a spread bet. A moneyline bet is a simple pick on who will win the game and probably the best place for a novice bettor to begin. We go in depth on what a moneyline bet is at our What Is A Moneyline Bet And How Does it Work? page.

    The other main bet, which is a little more complicated relative to scores and odds, is a spread bet. A spread requires the favored team to win by a certain amount of points and the underdog team to win, or just lose by fewer than a set amount of points. We also explain a spread in depth at our What Is A Point Spread And How Does It Work? page.

    When you feel more comfortable and have a better understanding of how sports odds work, check out the game previews and matchup reports on your favorite team or league and then investigate the best places to bet on sports as well. If you're still not quite sure how sports odds work, below is an example for scores and odds you'd find for an NFL game.

    NFL Scores And Odds

    Below is an example of moneyline odds and spread odds for a fictional NFL game. The top sports odds are in a moneyline format, and the bottom a spread:

    • Philadelphia Eagles +175
    • Dallas Cowboys -210
    • Eagles +4.5 (-110)
    • Cowboys -4.5 (-110)

    After the game, if you look at the scores and odds and see that the Cowboys beat the Eagles 27-24, you would've cashed $147.62 in winnings if you bet $100 on the Dallas moneyline (-210). That's your initial $100 back, plus $47.62 in profit. Check out our odds calculator to help you determine potential payouts on all your bets. A spread bet on the Cowboys, however, would not have won because they didn't win by over 4.5 points.

    All Sports Scores And Odds:

    Sports betting lines are common in your favorite leagues such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey but just as many fans around the world bet on soccer, rugby, mixed martial arts and more. Find a list to all our sports scores and odds pages below:

    If you can't find what you're looking for, check out general betting hub for updated odds pages and picks for all the sports and betting markets imaginable.

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