Odds on which NFL quarterback will be the first to break Michael Vick’s rushing yards record.

Odds To Break Michael Vick’s NFL QB Rushing Record

With over 6,100 yards, Michael Vick is the all-time leader in rushing yards for NFL quarterbacks, but there are several QBs in the league right now who could one day pass him.

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Sportsbook has set odds on three current NFL quarterbacks, and who among those three could be the first to catch Vick’s 6,109 career rushing yards. Lamar Jackson has been deemed the runaway favorite (pun intended) at most NFL betting sites, but all three quarterbacks have an opportunity to reach that milestone number.

Who Will Be The First QB To Catch Michael Vick’s Career Rushing Record?

Odds To Break Michael Vick’s NFL QB Rushing Record
Quarterback Odds
Lamar Jackson -1500
Cam Newton +900
Russell Wilson +1500

Odds as of November 22 at Sportsbook

Why Lamar Jackson Will Have The Most Rushing Yards By A Quarterback

Lamar Jackson still trails Vick by 2,564 yards. Any other QB in NFL history would need to play a lot of football games to gain 2,500 yards. However, Jackson already has 3,545 rushing yards and has only needed 46 career starts to do it.

At his current pace and assuming good health, Jackson would still likely need just over two seasons worth of games to catch Vick. In 2019 and 2020, Jackson started 30 games and rushed for a combined 2,211 yards. Since then, the NFL has added a 17th game to the schedule, meaning more opportunities for Jackson to pad his rushing stats.


Jackson was drafted with the 32nd pick overall in the 2018 draft. The former Louisville Cardinal was the fifth QB selected that year.

2018 NFL Draft - Top 5 QBs Selected
Quarterback NFL Team Pick
Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns 1st overall
Sam Darnold New York Jets 3rd overall
Josh Allen Buffalo Bills 7th overall
Josh Rosen Arizona Cardinals 10th overall
Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens 32nd overall

Top 5 QBs selected in the 2018 NFL Draft

In 13 NFL seasons, Michael Vick was able to rush for over 1,000 yards in a season one time. In three full seasons, Lamar Jackson has already done it twice. In 2021, he is well on his way to another 1,000-yard campaign on the ground.

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There is no doubt that with good health, Jackson will eclipse 6,109 career rushing yards. In fact, Vick played 143 career games to get to 6,109 yards. It might take Jackson just half that many games to do the same.

Cam Newton Currently Second All-Time In Quarterback Rushing Yards  

Cam Newton is a long shot at +900 to be the first to pass Vick’s career rushing total.  However, if this bet had been available earlier in the 2021 season, I’m sure you could have bought Newton for a much bigger number than +900.

Since that time, the Carolina Panthers lost starting QB Sam Darnold to a shoulder injury and Newton went from out of football to becoming a starting NFL QB once again. A lot of NFL fans know that Vick is the all-time QB rushing leader, but how many would know that Newton is second all-time with over 5,400 yards?


The former first overall pick of the Panthers in 2011 may still trail Vick by 700 rushing yards, but there is one category in which he is far and away the all-time leader among his peers.

Most Rushing Touchdowns By A Quarterback
Quarterback Career Rushing Touchdowns Rank
Cam Newton 72 (still active) 1st
Steve Young 43 2nd
Jack Kemp 40 3rd
Steve McNair 37 T4th
Michael Vick 36 6th

In 2020, Newton started 15 games for the New England Patriots and picked up just under 600 yards rushing. If he has another 20 starts in the league, he will most likely catch Vick. The question gamblers need to ask themselves is will Newton get 20 more NFL starts?

Can Russell Wilson Become The All-Time QB Rushing Yards Leader?

At +1500, Russell Wilson is the longest shot on the board. Wilson has already played over 150 NFL games, something Vick was not able to do. The former third-round pick in the 2012 draft is still 1,500 yards behind the rushing record.

There is no doubt Wilson is one of the more athletic players at the QB position in the NFL, but getting to 6,100-plus rushing yards is still going to take him several years. Over his last three full seasons, he played every game (48) and managed just over 1,200 yards rushing.

Bet On NFL Quarterback Rushing Yards Today

There is definitely a chance that Wilson gets to the record before Cam Newton does, especially because Newton doesn’t have the same job security the Seahawks’ starting pivot does. However, for Wilson to get there before Lamar Jackson does would likely mean something unfortunate has happened to the Ravens’ starting QB along the way.

Jackson is deservedly the heavy favorite for this bet, but at -1500 odds to break Michael Vick’s rushing record, I will have to pass. Give me +900 on Cam Newton and I will hope that he can somehow find a way to play 20 more NFL games.