Russell Wilson's Broncos have cashed the UNDER in three straight primetime games.

NFL Prime-Time Games Betting: UNDERs On A Roll

No scoring? No problem!

It’s UNDER season in the NFL. As exciting as this gridiron campaign has been to date, the points haven’t been flowing as they have in seasons past.

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For some fans, low-scoring games are dull and monotonous. But just because the end zone has been extra hard to find in 2022 doesn’t mean bettors can’t cash out on some sweet profits. That’s why we’ve amassed the NFL Prime-Time Games Betting Report to map it all out.

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NFL Prime-Time Games Betting: OVER/UNDER Records

So, exactly how often is the UNDER hitting this year? Overall, after Week 17, the UNDER was 141-111-3. That 55.29 percent success rate is significant, creating a trend NFL bettors can capitalize on. 

NFL Prime-Time Games Betting: OVER/UNDER By Season
2022 (Through Week 17)36-22-1 (0.610)
202130-25-1 (0.536)
202027-23-1 (0.529)
201931-18-1 (0.620)
201825-25-1 (0.490)
201722-26-1 (0.449)

The UNDER success applies to prime-time games, too. Under the bright lights (before Week 18), the UNDER is 36-22-1 (61 percent). Early in the year, the strategy was very easy: hammer the UNDER. The tide turned briefly, though, as the OVER hit in nine of 12, moving the prime-time OVER/UNDER closer to even.

The trend has rebounded again now, as the UNDER has gone 16-4 since the end of Week 12. 

In just a moment, we’ll zero in on which teams follow an OVER or UNDER trend in prime time.

NFL Prime-Time Games Schedule

Prime-time Games - 2022-23 Regular Season
Week 1 TNF: Bills vs RamsUNDER
Week 1 SNF: Buccaneers vs CowboysUNDER
Week 1 MNF: Broncos vs SeahawksUNDER
Week 2 TNF: Chargers vs ChiefsUNDER
Week 2 SNF: Bears vs PackersUNDER
Week 2 MNF: Titans vs Bills OVER
Week 3 TNF: Steelers vs BrownsOVER
Week 3 SNF: 49ers vs BroncosUNDER
Week 3 MNF: Cowboys vs GiantsOVER
Week 4 TNF: Dolphins vs BengalsUNDER
Week 4 SNF: Chiefs vs BuccaneersOVER
Week 4 MNF: Rams vs 49ersUNDER
Week 5 TNF: Colts vs BroncosUNDER
Week 5 SNF: Bengals vs RavensUNDER
Week 5 MNF: Raiders vs ChiefsOVER
Week 6 TNF: Commanders vs BearsUNDER
Week 6 SNF: Cowboys vs EaglesOVER
Week 6 MNF: Broncos vs ChargersUNDER
Week 7 TNF: Saints vs CardinalsOVER
Week 7 SNF: Steelers vs DolphinsUNDER
Week 7 MNF: Bears vs PatriotsOVER
Week 8 TNF: Ravens vs BuccaneersOVER
Week 8 SNF: Packers vs BillsUNDER
Week 8 MNF: Bengals vs BrownsPUSH
Week 9 TNF: Eagles vs TexansOVER
Week 9 SNF: Chiefs vs TitansUNDER
Week 9 MNF: Ravens vs SaintsUNDER
Week 10 TNF: Panthers vs FalconsUNDER
Week 10 SNF: Chargers vs 49ersUNDER
Week 10 MNF: Commanders vs EaglesOVER
Week 11 TNF: Packers vs TitansOVER
Week 11 SNF: Chiefs vs ChargersOVER
Week 11 MNF (Mexico City): 49ers vs CardinalsOVER
Week 12 TNF: Bills vs Lions (Thanksgiving)UNDER
Week 12 TNF: Giants vs Cowboys (Thanksgiving)OVER
Week 12 TNF: Patriots vs Vikings (Thanksgiving)OVER
Week 12 SNF: Packers vs EaglesOVER
Week 12 MNF: Steelers vs ColtsOVER
Week 13 TNF: Bills vs PatriotsUNDER
Week 13 SNF: Colts vs CowboysOVER
Week 13 MNF: Saints vs BuccaneersUNDER
Week 14 TNF: Raiders vs RamsUNDER
Week 14 SNF: Dolphins vs ChargersUNDER
Week 14 MNF: Patriots vs CardinalsUNDER
Week 15 TNF: 49ers vs SeahawksUNDER
Week 15 Saturday Game 1: Colts vs VikingsOVER
Week 15 Saturday Game 2: Ravens vs BrownsUNDER
Week 15 Saturday Game 3: Dolphins vs BillsOVER
Week 15 SNF: Giants vs CommandersUNDER
Week 15 MNF: Rams vs PackersUNDER
Week 16 TNF: Jaguars vs JetsUNDER
Week 16 Saturday Night Game: Raiders vs SteelersUNDER
Week 16 Sunday Game 1: Packers vs DolphinsUNDER
Week 16 Sunday Game 2: Broncos vs RamsOVER
Week 16 SNF: Buccaneers vs CardinalsUNDER
Week 16 MNF: Chargers vs ColtsUNDER
Week 17 TNF: Cowboys vs TitansUNDER
Week 17 SNF: Steelers vs RavensUNDER
Week 17 MNF: Bills vs BengalsSUSPENDED
Week 18 Saturday Game 1: Chiefs vs RaidersTBD
Week 18 Saturday Game 2: Titans vs JaguarsTBD
Week 18 SNF: Lions vs PackersTBD

The Bills, Bengals, Buccaneers, Chargers, Chiefs, Cowboys, Eagles, Patriots, Packers, Rams and 49ers will all play at least four prime-time games before season’s end.

NFL Prime-Time Games Betting: Which Teams Are Worth Following

Through 17 weeks,  the Ravens are kings of the UNDER at 12-4. Other notables include the Broncos, Jets, Buccaneers, Titans and Commanders, who are all at 11-5 on the UNDER. The Bills, another team with a significant prime-time presence this year, are 10-5 U.

Keep those teams in mind for UNDER betting, especially when they play each other.

Buffalo Bills (10-5 UNDER Record, 4-2 U in Prime Time)

Buffalo appears to be the most surprising entrant on the list, as its A-grade offense lends well to high-scoring affairs. Perhaps the sportsbooks recognize this and raise the O/U bar. Either way, the Bills have hit the UNDER 10 of 15 times, with their average score dropping 2.4 points below the O/U threshold.


The UNDER has hit in three of the last four Bills prime-time games: Week 8 vs Packers, Week 12 vs Lions (Thanksgiving) and Week 13 vs Patriots. The total went OVER during the Saturday evening game in Week 15 against the Dolphins.

Buffalo was slated to play the Bengals on Monday night in Week 17, but that game was suspended when Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field and was taken away in an ambulance. It’s unclear when that game will be resumed.

Week 18 Prime-Time Games

Since it’s our final week of handicapping prime-time regular-season games, let’s take a look at each matchup this upcoming week. 

Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders, Saturday, 4:30 p.m. ET

This game is a little tricky as the Chiefs (8-8 O/U) and the Raiders (8-7-1 O/U/P) are pretty neutral on their totals. Lately, though, both clubs have hit the OVER. Kansas City and Las Vegas are both 2-1 on the OVER in the last three games.

Given the Chiefs are 3-2 on the OVER in prime time this year, plus they also lead the NFL in points per game (29.1), I think this is a rare prime-time game that might break our UNDER betting trend. 

Prediction: OVER 53 Points

Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars, Saturday, 8:15 p.m. ET

This game is a ton of fun, as the Sportsbook wins the AFC South and clinches a playoff spot. As far as the total goes, the Jags are 8-8 O/U, while the Titans are 11-5 on the UNDER. 

Obviously, Tennessee’s O/U record stands out. The Titans have lost six games in a row, and the UNDER is 4-2 during that span. Conversely, Jacksonville is on a four-game winning streak, with the UNDER going 2-2.

As of Tuesday, the total sits at a modest 38.5. When the two teams played earlier this year, the total went OVER as the Jaguars won 36-22. Those numbers would suggest this game is destined for the OVER. However, Jacksonville is 2-0 on the UNDER when the total is less than 41. 

Prediction: UNDER 38.5 Points

Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers, Sunday, 8:20 P.M. ET

A potential playoff spot is on the line Sunday evening when the Packers host the Lions on Sunday Night Football. If Green Bay wins, it makes the playoffs. If Detroit wins and Seattle loses, the Pride get the final NFC playoff spot.

This will be a high-stakes affair, and, as of Tuesday, the total is set at 49. The point total was minuscule when the Packers and Lions played at Ford Field in Week 9 this year, as Detroit won 15-9 and easily cashed the UNDER 49.5. Green Bay is coming off a high-scoring beatdown of the Vikings last week, but with a 49.5-point total in Week 18 and the cold elements of Lambeau Field, I’m sticking with our trend and recommending the UNDER.

Prediction: UNDER 49 Points

How does OVER/UNDER work in the NFL?

Before each NFL game, your sportsbook will set a total points threshold. From there, you’d bet on if the game’s total points will go OVER or UNDER this points total (the combined score of both teams).

For example, let’s say the Bills are playing the Chiefs and the O/U total is 48.5. If you bet the OVER and the game finished 30-27, you’d win your bet. 

What is a prime-time game in the NFL?

Prime-time games are considered any game on Thursday night, Sunday night or Monday night. Since games in those time slots don’t overlap with other NFL matchups, the prime-time games get national TV coverage and a much larger audience. 

Who has the most NFL prime-time games in 2022?

The Bills, Bengals, Broncos, Buccaneers, Chargers, Chiefs, Eagles, Patriots, Packers, Rams and 49ers will all play five prime-time games during the 2022-23 NFL season.