San Diego Padres Betting Trends

The San Diego Padres: The Clutchest Team In MLB

San Diego Padres fans have been lucky this year. Their baseball team is great, their GM has made some of the splashiest moves in recent MLB memory, and San Diego is transforming into a baseball town.

The team has also been lucky too, or maybe just super clutch. The Padres are the only team in baseball this year to rank within the top five in one-run record, extra-innings record, and close game record (games decided by three or fewer runs). Is it luck or is it some Southern California clutch? Let's find out.

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Padres Dominate In Close Games

Best 2022 MLB Teams In One-Run Games
TeamRecordBetting Profit
Seattle Mariners26-15+$1141.11
San Diego Padres20-11+$560.06
Chicago White Sox20-12+$576.19
Houston Astros19-12+$59.55
Cleveland Guardians18-12+$753.18

Data courtesy of Odds Shark's database

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With a 20-11 record, the Padres have been the National League's best team in one-run games this year and the second-best squad in MLB. 2022 has been a huge bounce back in the clutch for the Padres, who finished with a 21-26 record in one-run games last year, and were 8-8 in extras.

Is Clutch Or Luck For The Padres?

Sure, it takes a bit of luck to rattle off a great record in close games and extra-innings, but this Padres team is built to win these games, with plenty of clutch hitters and pitchers.

Padres hitters rank within the top 10 in high leverage batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage this season. While some of the other teams ranking atop these lists have inflated batting averages on balls in play (often signalling luck), the Padres' BAbip is actually well below average (.284) and the lowest mark of any team in the top 10 in high leverage OPS.

With big-game hitters like Manny Machado and Juan Soto, this Padres team is flush with clutch.

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Extra-Inning Success

Best 2022 MLB Teams In Extra-Inning Games
Team RecordBetting Profit
New York Mets9-1+$628.39
Cleveland Guardians8-2+$736.33
San Diego Padres10-3+$550.36
Cincinnati Reds6-2+$712.0
Seattle Mariners7-4+$145.44

Data courtesy of Odds Shark's database

Who On San Diego Is Clutch?

The Padres' success in close games comes down to a few players performances in high leverage situations, and it's not the players you'd think.

Despite rostering Manny Machado and Juan Soto, it's San Diego's Brandon Drury and Jake Cronenworth who are two of the best high leverage hitters in baseball this season. Drury ranks No. 1 in high leverage batting average, hitting .500 in big moments this year. 

On the pitching side, the Padres have seven relievers with ERAs of 3.57 or better in high leverage situations, and that doesn't even count the recently added closer Josh Hader.

San Diego Flourishing Under The Lights

While the Pads are 21-23 during the day, they improve to 41-28 in night games. Maybe it's connected to their clutch performance—playing under the bright lights, in the nationally televised games—or maybe it's not. But, when we get to October, most of the playoff games out west will be night games, so keep the Padres night success in mind for your October and World Series baseball wagers.

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How To Bet On The Clutch San Diego Padres

The easiest way to utilize these Padres betting trends is through live betting. If the Padres are playing in a close game or in an extra-innings game, betting on the Padres during the contest would be extra-profitable.

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