Bitcoin Casino USA Sites: Best Crypto Online Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are the safest and fastest way to send money to players in the USA. The trick in the past was to find a trustworthy casino operator that used crypto payment methods. That's no longer the case. The list of Bitcoin casino sites for US players is growing all the time, so the best USA online casinos support Bitcoin payments. 

Keep reading our US Bitcoin casino guide for all you need to know about getting started. Learn how to get a crypto wallet, how to buy Bitcoin at an exchange, and how to use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.  Read about the best games at Bitcoin casino, plus the best altcoins in the online gambling business. Let's start with crypto wallets.

How to Get a Crypto Wallet

Those new to Bitcoin casinos might not know how to get a crypto wallet in the first place. The steps are easy, so follow the handy guide to crypto wallets below. 

  1. Pick Wallet Type: Determine what kind of wallet you want to use. The options are desktop, mobile, or hardware. 
  2. Download the Wallet: Go to the wallet's website and download the wallet. Some wallets require payment to download. 
  3. Install the Crypto Wallet: Next, install the wallet's software on your device. This provides easy controls for moving Bitcoin from a wallet to a casino and back again. 
  4. Set Up Account: Set up your account. Take the time to set up the security features, so transactions have maximum security. 
  5. Deposit Cryptocurrency: Visit a crypto exchange to buy Bitcoin. The list of popular Bitcoin exchanges includes Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, and

Alternatives to Crypto Wallet Apps

Bitcoin users have other ways to move currency besides a Bitcoin wallet app. 

  • Bitcoin ATM: Players also can use Bitcoin ATMs to move cryptocurrencies, though you'll need a wallet app download to do so. Once you do, use to find Bitcoin ATMs in your area. Bitcoin ATMs are as fast, easy to use, and secure as the ATMs you've used with your bank card. It may ask for your ID and a Bitcoin address. Otherwise, insert the card into the machine and verify your address to purchase Bitcoin. 
  • Mobile Payment Services: A few mobile apps let you buy and sell Bitcoin without setting up an account or a wallet. For instance, CashApp lets you send Bitcoin directly to your WildCasino account without leaving the app. 
  • Peer-to-Peer Exchanges: Players also can use peer-to-peer exchanges to trade Bitcoin. We recommend this only for experienced Bitcoin users because you'll navigate ratings of users searching for a high rating reputation. is considered a trustworthy bitcoin trading site. 

How to Buy Bitcoin

Players buy Bitcoin at a crypto exchange. Wild Casino's recommended list of regulated exchanges includes Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, and Choosing the best exchange depends on your needs and preferences, but each of those listed is major exchange that are trusted and reputable. 

How to Use Bitcoin for Deposits at Online Casinos

Now that you have Bitcoin in your wallet, you're reading to deposit at the casino. 

  1. Go to Casino Cashier: Log in to your casino account. Once you do, go to the Cashier page. 
  2. Choose a BTC Deposit: Next, select Bitcoin (BTC) from the available deposit methods. 
  3. Enter Deposit Amount: Enter the deposit amount. Receive the QR code and wallet address once you do. 
  4. Scan QR Code: Scan the QR code with your mobile device. These are the strange patterns that many restaurants now offer for smartphone menu downloads. 
  5. Desktop Deposits: If you're using a desktop computer, simply copy and paste the wallet address into the exchange's site platform. 
  6. Blockchain Confirmed: Once the deposit is confirmed on the blockchain, your funds will appear in the casino. This often takes 15 minutes or less. 

How to Use Bitcoin for Withdrawals at Online Casino

Once you've played and won, you'll want to cash out your money and spend it. Speedy withdrawals are a priority for players. It's nice to know that most US online casinos offer same-day payouts for Bitcoin players. Using crypto withdrawals is the fastest, safest, and most private way to get paid. Here is how you withdraw with Bitcoin. 

  1. Log In: Sign in to your casino account. You should be able to log in from any page on the site. 
  2. Cashier Page: Visit the cashier page. Find the payout methods list. 
  3. Choose Bitcoin: Select Bitcoin as your preferred withdrawal method. Type in the amount that you want to withdraw.
  4. Public Wallet Number: Next, type in the public wallet number when prompted. Confirm the withdrawal request. 
  5. Wait Patiently: A short verification process takes place. The casino should send your winnings with 24 hours. Sometimes they arrive within an hour. 
  6. Pending Time: If you're uncertain about any step in the process, check the pending time on the Cashier page. Most legit online casinos display a pending time on payout requests. 

Most Popular Cryptocurrencies at Casinos

If you've used Bitcoin over the past several years but don't like the current fluctuations in the market, here's a list of the most popular cryptos in casino sites right now. Since most compare themselves to Bitcoin, we'll start with a quick profile of the original crypto payment method. 

  • Bitcoin: The original cryptocurrency and still the most popular. Any crypto casino supports Bitcoin payments. The innovator of blockchain technology for safe, fast, and private online payments.
  • Litecoin: The first major competitor to Bitcoin. Litecoin has 4 times as many units as Bitcoin, so it's 4x faster but with similar safety and security measures. 
  • Ethereum: The second most popular crypto, behind only Bitcoin itself. Ethereum not only supports payments, but allows the use of smart contracts.
  • Bitcoin Cash: The first hard fork of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is a spinoff of the original. Like other altcoins on this list, Bitcoin Cash is designed to be faster than the original. 
  • Dash: An open source crypto created that was forked from the Bitcoin protocol in 2014 and run by its users. One of many altcoins, Dash is popular at a fair number of US online casinos. 
  • Ripple: A crypto that describes itself as a "gross settlement system, currency exchange, and remittance network". Designed by Ripple Labs, a US tech company. Found at a few US casino sites. 
  • Bitcoin SV: Another spin-off from Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV is available at a handful of casinos like Bovada, Ignition, Cafe Casino, and Slots LV. 
  • Dogecoin: Started as a joke about a dog back 9in 2013, Dogecoin has proven its reliability over the past 9 years. It remains a popular choice in the online gambling community. 
  • Monero: The designers of Monero offers an improved platform and protocols, which gives Monero the best privacy for online transactions. This makes it a great choice of casino gamblers. 
  • Stratis: Stratis was designed as a way to help businesses develop, test, and deploy new blockchain apps. Its blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform is popular with some casino players. 
  • NeoGas: NeoGas isn't that popular in North America but it has a big following in China. Originally known as AntShares, its token in used on the Neo platform. 
  • PeerCoin: Still a lesser known crypto that has solid potential. PP Coin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that has low costs and gives out an annual return for users. 
  • Tether: Tether is an asset-based cryptocurrency that's considered a stablecoin. Tether is owned by the Hong Kong-based iFinex Inc, which also owns the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange. At US online casinos, players use USD Tether. 

Most Popular Games to Play at Bitcoin Casinos

If you're a Bitcoin user who's new to casino gambling, you'll want to know which casino games to play. There's no right or wrong answer, because casinos have games for all types of personalities. Based on strategy elements, luck factors, and return-to-player (RTP) percentages, here's a profile of the most popular games at Bitcoin casinos. 

  • Bitcoin Slots: Slot machines are the most popular game in land-based casinos. With huge jackpots and fun themes, it's no wonder they're the most popular game for online casino players. Bitcoin casinos are no different. 
  • Bitcoin Blackjack: Blackjack is a game for players who like basic strategy, study, and skill. It also has the best odds among casino games. Bitcoin users pride themselves on their inside knowledge of crypto exchanges, so many Bitcoin players gravitate to blackjack.
  • Bitcoin Roulette: Roulette is the opposite of blackjack -- it has lots of betting options, a wide payout range, and no strategy. Bitcoin gamblers who prefer games of pure chance could do worse than roulette.
  • Bitcoin Baccarat: Baccarat is the casino game with no strategy elements and the best odds. That's why brick-and-mortar baccarat is so popular in Asia, and it's why online and mobile baccarat is a popular choice for players on the go.
  • Bitcoin Craps: Along with online Sic Bo, craps is a dice game that offers lots of bets and pretty good odds -- if you know the right bets to make. Of the two dice games, Craps has a better RTP than Sic Bo
  • Video Poker: Bitcoin casinos feature a series of video poker variants. Video poker requires strategy and, next to blackjack, has the best odds. If you want a game with a high RTP and rules based on draw poker, try video poker at Bitcoin sites. 
  • Bitcoin Keno: Keno is a 80-ball Chinese lottery game. Outside of slots, it's has the biggest jackpots at a Bitcoin casino -- though it tends to have a high house edge. 
  • Hot Drop Jackpots: Bitcoin users tend to be early adopters, so they should love Hot Drop Jackpots. These are special hourly, daily, and weekly jackpots that casinos offer for online slots play. 
  • Live Dealer Games: Live casino games allow gamblers to interact with live dealers who operate games in a brick-and-mortar studio. The games are livestreamed to your computer in real time. 

Why Casino Players Should Use Bitcoin

Online casino gaming often is heavily regulated. Due to the need to assure security and avoid legal issues, the verification process for payments tends to be slow. That's why casinos love crypto payments so much that they offer bonuses to players to use payment methods like Bitcoin. 

  • Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies have no connection to a government or banks. You have total control of your funds, so they can't be blocked. Your account can't be frozen.
  • No Transaction Fees: Most online payment services charge fees for deposits and withdrawals. Crypto payment methods tend to be free.
  • Bigger Bonuses: Many Bitcoin casinos these days offer a large welcome bonus for credit cards and web wallets, but a much bigger bonus for Bitcoin and other crypto deposits. 
  • Verification: Blockchain technology provides transparency. A blockchain is a public ledger, so you can see the payment publicly. You can prove payment, and you can verify that the Bitcoin casino sent your payment. 
  • Global Usage: Cryptocurrency payments have worldwide acceptance. Whatever your country of residence, crypto payments work the same. 
  • Privacy: Bitcoin protects your personal data because the people involved have anonymity. Identity thieves can't steal your payment information. Transparency and privacy walk hand-in-hand. 

Disadvantages of Bitcoin at US Online Casinos

Like anything else in life, Bitcoin payments have their upside and downside. Here are factors to consider if you want to use Bitcoin for online casino payments. 

  • No Chargebacks or Reversals: Neither the Bitcoin casino nor the wallet provider have control over the blockchain. Once the transaction enters the blockchain, you can't put a stop on payment or ask for a reverse withdrawal.
  • Volatility: Players buy cryptocurrency on an exchange, which points to another drawback. Bitcoin and other cryptos are actively traded, so the market fluctuates. The same goes with traditional currencies but Bitcoin fluctuates wildly at times. 

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Casinos vs Traditional Casinos

If you're still wondering whether to use a Bitcoin casino or a traditional casino, here is a quick rundown of the advantages of each. The benefits of Bitcoin deposits are many and the drawbacks are few, as you can see from the table below.

Bitcoin Casino: Pros Traditional Casino: Pros
Decentralized Currency Bitcoin Has Volatile Currency Values
No Transaction Fees No Reverse Withdrawals
Huge Welcome Bonuses Bitcoin Casinos Can't Help if Payment Goes Amiss
Useful Anywhere in the World Currency Not Regulated by a Bank or Government
Fastest and Safest Payment Method Not as Widespread as Visa or MasterCard
Transparent Verification  
Doesn't Share Your Payment Information  

Safety, Security, and Anonymity at Bitcoin Casinos

We've talked several times about safety, security, anomymity, and privacy. Bitcoin casinos are the ultimate in security and privacy for players, because they use blockchain technology to protect your payments. A blockchain is a public register of transactions. Each transaction receives a unique one-time passcode.

Anyone can see the ledger, so payments are easily verified and proven. At the same time, the password expires after you use it, so no one can steal your information. Thus, Bitcoin payments are both anonymous and transparent. Because verification isn't the requirement it would be for credit cards, web wallets, and bank wires, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are fast and secure. 

The Best Bitcoin Casinos for US Players

If you're new to Bitcoin casino gambling, you might want a few recommendations that you can research yourself. Here are our favorite US Bitcoin online casinos, along with a quick profile of their best features and notable drawbacks.

Wild Casino: Best for Bitcoin High Rollers

Wild Casino is our top pick overall and our recommendation for high rollers. Wild Casino supports Bitcoin deposits up to $500,000. When it's time to make a withdrawal, Wild Casino sends Bitcoin payouts up to $100,000. In an industry which often throttles payments, Wild Casino stands out as the best for Bitcoin high rollers. Payments arrive to your wallet within 48 hours. 

As far as games go, Wild Casino has over 350 casino games and live dealer games. Play all the major casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and Keno. Wild Casino also features Hot Drop Jackpots and a $1000 welcome bonus. 

  • Deposit Limits: $20 - $500,000
  • Withdrawal Limits: $20 - $100,000
  • Withdrawal Time: Within 48 hours
  • Fee: Free

Ignition Casino: Best for Those Who Also Like Poker

Ignition Casino is both a top Bitcoin casino in the US gaming market, but also one of the best Bitcoin poker sites for Americans. Players can use the same account for a full range of casino games, live dealer games, and poker. Mobile players receive full access to all of the available games. 

Ignition Casino is among a pack of casino sites behind Wild Casino when it comes to deposit and payout limits. While it's nowhere as accommodating as Wild Casino, Ignition is comparable to all other top competitors. 

  • Deposit Limits: $10 - $5,000
  • Withdrawal Limits: $50 - $9,500 
  • Withdrawal Time: Within 48 Hours -- Once every 3 days per coin. 
  • Fee: Free

Bovada Casino: Best for Casino Players Who Like Sports Betting

Bovada Casino features a full range of online casino games and live casino games, but it also features sportsbook betting and racebook betting. Use the same account for every form of gambling. Bovada is the US successor to Bodog, so it's an old and trusted Bitcoin casino site. 

When it comes to the size and time frame for payments, Bovada Casino is comparable with Ignition Casino. Make deposits for as low as $10, while withdraw winnings up to $9,500. Like Ignition, Bovada supports withdrawals with six different crypto methods: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Ethereum, and USD Tether. Also support $9500 payments every 3 days, allowing a player up to $57,000 in withdrawals every 72 hours. 

  • Deposit Limits: $10 - $5,000
  • Withdrawal Limits: $50 - $9,500 
  • Withdrawal Time: Within 48 Hours -- Once every 3 days per coin. 
  • Fee: Free

Cafe Casino: Best for Low Rollers

Cafe Casino is our pick for penny players and mid-stakes players. Our reason is twofold. First, Cafe Casino has a 350% welcome bonus up to $2500 when making a crypto payment. Make a $715 deposit to max out your welcome bonus. Second, players can make a $10 deposit, so anyone can fund their account and receive a welcome bonus. 

Cafe Casino is also our choice of players who prefer live dealer games. While Cafe Casino's other competitors also have a life casino, Cafe Casino focuses only on casino games and live casino games. It's the lifeblood of the site, so players who want to focus on roughly 160 casino games in all should enjoy Cafe Casino. Like Bovada and Ignition, players can use up to 6 cryptos: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Ethereum, and USD Tether. 

  • Deposit Limits: $10 - $5,000
  • Withdrawal Limits: $50 - $9,500 
  • Withdrawal Time: Within 48 Hours -- Once every 3 days per coin. 
  • Fee: Free Best for US Bitcoin Bonus Shoppers

Slots LV is our choice for players who consider the Bitcoin bonus to be the most important factor in their decision. Slots LV features around 150 casino games, plus live blackjack, live baccarat, and live roulette. While that's a small selection of games by Wild Casino's standards, provides a Bitcoin bonus that blows the rest away. 

Receive up to $7,500 in bonus cash over your first 9 deposits at The first bonus matches deposits at a 150% rate up to $1500, while the bonus matches the next 8 deposits at 150% up to $750 apiece. When it's time to withdraw winnings, supports one Bitcoin withdrawal every 3 days up to $9,500. If you want to increase your payout rate, you can withdraw with the same payout limit using Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Ethereum, and USD Tether, as well. 

  • Deposit Limits: $10 - $5,000
  • Withdrawal Limits: $50 - $2,500 
  • Withdrawal Time: Within 48 Hours -- Once every 3 days per coin. 
  • Fee: Free

USA Bitcoin Casino Overview

Casino Name Deposit Limits Payout Limits Payout Time Fee
Wild Casino $20 to $500,000 $20 to $100,000 Within 48 Hours Free
Ignition Casino $10 to $5,000 $50 to $9,500 Once every 3 days per coin. Free
Bovada Casino $10 to $5,000 $50 to $9,500 Once every 3 days per coin. Free
Cafe Casino $10 to $5,000 $50 to $9,500 Once every 3 days per coin. Free $10 to $5,000 $50 to $9,500 Once every 3 days per coin. Free

Bitcoin Casino FAQ

How do Bitcoin casinos work?

Bitcoin casinos work similarly to Visa and MasterCard casinos, or gambling online with eChecks, bank wire transfers, and e-wallets. When it's time to make a deposit or make a withdrawal, you visit the Cashier page and select Bitcoin from among the payment methods. 

What US online casinos accept Bitcoins?

Many casinos accept Bitcoin as a payment method. In fact, we recommend 13 different US online casinos that accept Bitcoin. Our casino reviews of these sites include ratings of their software, games, welcome bonuses, promotions, payment information, mobile support, and customer support. Each is trusted, safe, and optimized for Bitcoin. 

Among those, our top five Bitcoin casinos at the moment are Wild Casino, Ignition Casino, Bovada Casino, Cafe Casino, and

Are Bitcoin casinos illegal?

Not at all. Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning national governments and banks can't block it. More than that, US Bitcoin casinos operate most often in the unregulated gaming market.

While US players can play at Bitcoin casinos in 50 states, they won't receive the same consumer protections they would in one of the 5 states that have regulated online casinos. That means you should read Bitcoin casino reviews and choose only trusted, reputable sites. 

Are Bitcoin casinos legit?

Yes, they are. Bitcoin protects your hard-earned cash better than any other payment method. Due to the blockchain, you can verify that you sent payment if challenged. Even better, you can check to see if the Bitcoin casino sent payment when they say they did. It's all there on the ledger. 

Beyond, more of the established, legitimate online casinos support Bitcoin than ever. Not long ago, Bitcoin players dealt with casino sites that specialized in cryptocurrencies. Now, crypto is mainstream, so the best US casinos accept Bitcoin. 

What is the best Bitcoin casino?

We recommend Wild Casino. Not only does Wild Casino feature over 350 casino games, it has a 200% welcome bonus up to $1000. Players can deposit up to $500,000 with Bitcoin (or as little as $20).

When it's time to withdraw your winnings, Wild Casino supports payouts between $50 and $100,000. That's far higher than Wild Casino's competitors.