Best Ethereum Casinos for USA Players

Ethereum casino deposits are now a major payment option for US online players. Most of our top picks among the US casino sites accept Ether, so we've prepared an Ethereum online casino guide to help players explore this banking option.

Ethereum is a digital currency, much like Bitcoin. It's traded at online exchanges and stored in various cryptocurrency wallets. Like other cryptos, Ethereum uses decentralized tokens (in this case "Ethers") which use the distributed ledger blockchain to record transactions. As such, Ethereum payments are private yet transparent, thus making them safe and secure for users.

Overview of ETH Online Casino Payments

Like any payment method, Ethereum has its pros and cons. Here's a quick overview of both.


  • Ethereum is the second most popular crypto, behind only Bitcoin. It's accepted at most US online casinos we review. 
  • Also powers smart contracts, which are tamper-proof decentralized financial contracts and applications. 
  • Ethereum is designed to supplement Bitcoin, though it's emerged as a competitor on exchanges and at online merchants. 


  • Still not used at every US casino site. 
  • Fluctuations of the value of ether happen at a higher rate than the US dollar.

Top US Casinos That Accept Ethereum Deposits

The leading US casinos that accept Ethereum deposits all have a few things in common. In the sections below, there are a few additional things to look at, but these elements are key.

Overall Casino Reputation

Like with any online transaction, you want to make sure the casino you’re signing up at will meet all your needs. It’s not just about great game selection and solid bonuses. Safety and security, customer service and good vibes all come into play.

That’s why its important to look at third party reviews, read articles and generally do a lot of research before you sign up at an Ethereum casino. If you’ve never heard of the property, the owners, or can’t find any information about it, it’s probably not a safe place to play at.

Security & Safety Measures

In addition to overall reputation, you need to make sure your chosen casino has the latest security technology in place. Most sites require customers to enter personal information to gain access to games (even to play for free), that’s why it’s paramount that you look for SSL certification and other security measures on site.

Most legit sites are boastful about how secure they are (it’s important for them, too). So look for security information in the footer of the site or in a separate section. They’re happy to explain all they do. That said, Ethereum payments are secure on their own, but you still need to keep your personal information safe.

Regulations & Licensing

Not all legit casinos are legal in the US. In the USA, gambling laws vary by state, so if you want to make sure all your activities are above-board, check with your state first. In addition to state licensing, most of the leading online casinos also work with international regulatory bodies to ensure fair play.

In addition to this, game developers themselves must work with third party organization, eCOGRA, which regularly tests games and monitors their operations. By doing this, it keeps the industry honest at a global level.

Game Selection

The premium Ethereum casinos all stock the best selection of the newest and most buzzworthy games. Technology is rapidly evolving, so developers are constantly building and updating casino games with the best graphics and sound effects to keep up pace. There’s nothing like playing a game that’s been specifically designed for your preferred device.

Finally, the best casinos will have an incredible selection of games for you to choose from. It’s not uncommon to see sites offering 1000 slots or more. Some have hundreds of different varieties of table games to play, and since live dealer games are incredibly popular, they’re getting better all the time.

Things to Look For in an Ethereum Casino

So what should players look for in an Ethereum casino? The best Ethereum casinos excel in a number of areas: bonuses, withdrawal limits, and game selection being a few of them. For the best experience, Ethereum casinos should excel in the following categories. 

  • Bonuses: Most every player wants a big bonus when they make a first deposit. They should pay attention not only to the size of the bonus, but the wagering requirement and other terms of use. 
  • Payments: Etherum deposits should have a wide set of deposit limits. The minimum deposit is the smallest amount you can add to the player account. The max deposit is the absolute limit of what you can deposit at once. 
  • Payouts: This is the opposite of the previous factor. The minimum withdrawal limit should let players collect small winnings without a fee. Maximum withdrawal limits should be as high as possible, in case you get lucky. 
  • Safety: Transactions should be protected from identity thieves and other scam artists. 128-bit or 256-bit encryption is a must, especially if you make Ethereum transactions in public on your mobile phone.
  • Anonymity: Encryption should make payments private. Ethereum's blockchain technologies assures a player's privacy. 
  • Ease of Use: How easy are the controls? How easy is it to make a deposit? Is it quick and easy to send a withdrawal request? Does it work well for mobile casino players?
  • US Residents: Does the casino accept play from US players? American casino gambling online is complicated, because it has regulated and unregulated states. 
  • Languages: Does the Ethereum casino support your primary language? Does its customer support team speak your language? In the USA, English and Spanish should suffice. 
  • Currencies: Does the site acccept Ethereum? Does it support payments with US dollars? At US online casinos, paying in US dollars is almost universal. 
  • License: Which licensing agency regulates the casino? In the US gaming industry, most of the licensing takes place with offshore agencies. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and a few others license casinos themselves.
  • Reputation: Beyond licensing, what kind of reputation does the site have with everyday Ethereum users? Word gets around quick online, so always double-check an Ethereum casino's reputation.

Key Benefits of Ethereum Casino Deposits

Using Ethereum deposits has many benefits and few drawbacks. Beyond having limited usage in the US online casino industry, Ethereum is a perfect online casino banking methods. Luckily, the top online casinos we recommend all support Ethereum. That means they also benefit players in the following specific ways.

  • Faster Deposits and Withdrawals: Most online casinos have instant deposits, but payouts take 2 to 12 days, depending on the payment method. Most of that time involves the verification process, to assure the casino isn't sending the wrong person the money. Ethereum makes casino deposits secure, so the site can send payments quickly and safely.
  • Lower Fees: Web wallets, credit cards, and bank wire transfers often charge fees for each online casino transactions. Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other crypto payments often have free transactions. The most you might pay is a $1 fee at a crypto exchange for the sake of mining costs.
  • Privacy Yet Transparency: Players who use Ethereum want anonymity when they make a transactions. At the same time, they want a transparent record of payment, so the whole world knows they paid. The blockchain shows every transaction, while also leaving your transactions unhackable.
  • Accessibility: The best Ethereum casinos make their services accessible to the widest range of players possible. Some even use VPNs to assure accessibility on a worldwide basis.

How to Get Started With Ethereum

Most players who use Ethereum for casino gaming have used the cryptocurrency for a while now. Since we don't want players to forego the advantages of crypto payments because they're unsure of how it works, we've added a short guide to Ethereum deposits and withdrawals.

4 Easy Steps to Make Ethereum Online Casino Deposits

  1. Get a Wallet. Sportsbook suggests Coinomi as the best Ethereum wallet for online gambling. The site recommends Coinomi, because it's designed to work well for Android and iOS users.
  2. Buy the Ether. Use a credit card, debit card, or checking account to buy Ether through a regulated exchange. Sportsbook offers a list of recommended Ethereum exchanges.
  3. Send Ether to the Wallet. Open your digital wallet, then copy your "Receive" Ethereum address. Go to your chosen exchange and click "Send". Paste the long address in the "Recipient" field. Add the amount and submit.
  4. Send Ether to Online Casino. Visit your chosen casino site. Sign in and go to the Cashier page. Chose Ethereum as your payment method, then input the ETH amount you want to send to your player account. Confirm the payment.

Step-By-Step Guide to Ethereum Withdrawals at Casino Sites

  1. Clear the Requirement. Verify that you've cleared any wagering requirements on any casino bonuses.
  2. Choose an Exchange. Choose a crypto exchange, mostly likely the one you used to deposit. Connect an existing bank account to your exchange account.
  3. Use the Cashier Page. Visit your casino account's Cashier page. Select Ethereum and make a withdrawal request. Confirm to transfer Ether to the crypto exchange.
  4. Convert to Dollars. Sell your Ether against a preferred currency, such as US dollars for American players. Withdraw to your bank account. Pay any withdrawal fees the crypto exchange charges. 

Ethereum Casino FAQ

What is an Ethereum casino?

An Ethereum casino is a casino site that accepts Ethereum deposits and withdrawals. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that uses Ether as its currency. Like other cryptos, people can mine the Ethereum blockchain to create more Ether.

Players can buy and sell Ether at most major crypto exchanges (Bitcoin exchanges). Most major crypto wallets accept Ether, so it's easy to buy, store, and sell. 

Are casinos that accept Ethereum legal?

Yes, they are. A few US states regulate online casinos, while most have unregulated casino sites. In unregulated states, you'll need to play at offshore online casinos which are licensed in other countries.

The best offshore online casinos now accept Ethereum payments. Some support Ethereum deposits and withdrawals up to $100,000. 

Is there a crypto casino?

Yes, there are many of them. As recently as 5 years ago, many online casinos were crypto-only, while others didn't accept crypto payments at all. Now, most US casino sites that accept credit cards also accept Bitcoin and other cryptos.

All of the sites we recommend accept Bitcoin, while many of them accept Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. 

Where can I gamble with Ethereum?

Over half of the US online casinos that we trust accept payments with Ethereum. Some online casinos support $100k transactions or more, so they're great for high stakes players. 

Is buying Ethereum considered gambling?

Some traders argue that investing in cryptocurrencies is gambling, but buying Ethereum isn't considered gambling in a legal sense. Any currency has fluctuations in price from day to day and over time. Ethereum's fluctuations aren't nearly as wild as Bitcoin's have been over the past year. 

Ethereum has fluctuations, but it's considered one of the most stable cryptos at the moment. If you're using Ethereum for online casino gaming, you might consider those changes an additional gamble. The price of Ether has gone up over time, so it's a wager that's generally paid off for Ethereum users. 

What is an Ethereum casino for US players?

Several trustworthy Ethereum casinos for US players exist. We recommend doing your research and reading reviews before you decide on an online casinos that accepts Ethereum payments. 

Not all online casinos are created equal. Look at bonuses, customer service and deposit and withdrawal times, too. 

What's the best Ethereum casino in your opinion?

For high rollers, some casinos accept Ethereum deposits up to $100,000 and Ethereum payouts as high as $100k. These casinos have hundreds of slots, dozens of table games, a solid number of online scratchcards and Keno games, live dealer games, and jackpots.

If you're not a high roller, there are many other sites out there for you. Read our reviews to find the right combination of games, bonuses, and reputation. 

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