Worst People In Your Fantasy Football League

Worst People To Have In Your Fantasy Football League

Fantasy football leagues are supposed to be fun.

But, every league has those few people who bring down the vibe for the rest of us. Here are the six worst people to have in your NFL fantasy football league:

The Autodrafter

They always say they're gonna set a pre-draft queue. They always promise they'll be active after the draft. They always say they'll hop into the draft after the first few rounds. They never, ever do...

The only thing worse than having an autodrafter who doesn't set their lineup in your league is being the active GM who LOSES to them.

The Trade Spammer

On the other side of coin, this league member is overly active. Three trade offers a day, 50 waiver pickups every week, and plenty of lineup tweaks.

The only reason this person's team is any good is because they've sent so many awful trade offers that they wear down a few other GMs until they accept bad trades. This guy thinks he's the next NFL Coach of the Year when he's actually just annoying.

The Trade Loser

The trade loser is the trade spammer's best friend. Everyone has the one or two people in their league that nobody should be allowed to trade with. Everyone knows they're just in the league for fun, and don't actually know who the QB of the Saints is right now — gotta be Drew Brees right? They can be talked into accepting Eric Ebron for Travis Kelce or Jimmy G for Patrick Mahomes.

The best thing to do as a commissioner is to toss your veto power around with will when somebody tries to take advantage of this poor sap.

The Late Dues Payer

For most of the season, this person is only a thorn in the side of the commish. But, when the payment gets put off so long it'll eventually become a problem for the entire league.

In my experience, the best way to take care of this kind of insubordination is to lay down the hammer. No dues before Week 1? Your roster is locked. No payments after a few weeks? We're looking for a replacement GM. 

The Injury Complainer

They would've won for sure if Saquon Barkley, Joe Burrow, OBJ, and Darron McFadden all didn't get hurt at the same time. Sorry bud, everyone has injuries. That's just the game. Maybe don't draft every injury prone player next year?

The Punishment Dodger

Every good fantasy football league has a prize for first. But, more importantly, a punishment for last.

But, sometimes the last-place victims don't go down willingly. The worst part is the constant delays. With the lengthy NFL offseason, many punishments just get pushed further and further back during the summer months. The key is to put a hard deadline on when your league's punishment has to be completed by.