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Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs have the likeliest shot of meeting the Rams in Exact Super BowlMatchup Odds.

After a solid Wild Card Weekend and a magical NFL Divisional Round, the Super Bowl picture is beginning to come into focus. NFL playoff betting continues to be electric, and there’s still time to lock in a high-paying futures bet.

There are exciting conference championship games on tap between the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams in the NFC championship game and the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship game. If you think you know which two teams are going to win, an exact Super Bowl matchup bet might be the best way to profit.

Sportsbooks tend to go all-out for the NFL playoffs, so it’s no surprise to see prop specials on the board for exact Super Bowl matchup odds. Bovada has released exact Super Bowl matchup odds on the most likely Super Bowl matchup in 2022 for the big game on February 13.

Chiefs over Rams is the likeliest outcome on the board at +240 in exact Super Bowl matchup odds and results, followed by Rams over Chiefs (+300) and Chiefs over 49ers (+450). Find all these odds and other Super Bowl futures at one of our top NFL betting sites:

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For outright Super Bowl odds, head over to our Super Bowl futures article. Looking to wager some money on the gridiron? Our Sportsbook Review page will give you a hand in finding the right book for you.

Exact Super Bowl Matchup Odds

Super Bowl 56 Exact Matchup and Results Odds
Matchup Odds
Chiefs to beat Rams +240
Rams to beat Chiefs +300
Chiefs to beat 49ers +450
49ers to beat Chiefs +600
Rams to beat Bengals +1000
Bengals to beat Rams +1200
49ers to beat Bengals +1800
Bengals to beat 49ers +2000

Odds as of January 24 at Bovada

Place your possible Super Bowl matchups and results bets over at Bovada, our leading Super Bowl betting site:

Chiefs Vs Rams: Best Super Bowl Bet?

The Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams came into this season with some of the best odds to make it to the big game, and they’ve both overcome some bumps in the road to remain atop the oddsboard heading into the semifinals.

Based on regular-season performance and Vegas’ perception of teams, the Chiefs may have already beaten their toughest opponent on the way to the Super Bowl. Trading blows all night with the Buffalo Bills in the divisional round, the Chiefs won a coin toss and ended a spectacular game in overtime to earn their spot in the AFC conference championship. While the Bengals toppled the No. 1-seeded Titans themselves, this Chiefs team seems Super Bowl-bound once again.

On the other side, a skidding Matt Stafford stopped a rough stretch of games and helped lead the Rams over Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in the NFC. After the 49ers upset the Packers, the Rams will be favored at home to earn their spot in another Super Bowl.

Value In Bengals Over 49ers?

The best bet, per Bovada’s odds, is the Chiefs topping the Rams in the Super Bowl, but at +2000 I think the best value might be the last matchup on the board.

A 49ers-Bengals Super Bowl probably isn’t the most likely Super Bowl matchup in 2022, but the line is too good to pass up. With one of the best coaching staffs in football, the 49ers have already found a way to contain two of the best offenses in the Packers and Cowboys, and are getting just enough out of Jimmy G and the offense. If the Niners can contain Cooper Kupp, Odell and Matt Stafford, San Francisco should be able to win a ground battle against the Rams.

The Bengals, too, have shown the ability to beat some top teams. Their best chance for a win over Kansas City is flashing the better defense and forcing some turnovers. The Bills learned the hard way you can’t beat these Chiefs in a shootout, so the Cincinnati D will have to win the Bengals the game.

How To Read Super Bowl Matchup Odds

When you check out an NFL betting site, you’ll see odds displayed like this:

Chiefs vs Packers +300

Chiefs vs Saints +600

Chiefs vs Buccaneers +650

Unlike a moneyline bet where the favorites are represented by the minus sign (-), and the underdogs with the plus sign (+), here the fave is the matchup with the lowest odds (Chiefs vs Packers).

If you were to bet $200 at +300, you’d get a payout of $600 – your original $200 is returned along with your winnings of $400. Our Odds Calculator will tell you what you’d win based on the odds and amount bet.

What Is A Prop Bet On The NFL?

A prop bet is a wager you make on the occurrence or non-occurrence of team or player milestones that may not correlate to the outcome of a particular game. In this case, you’d be betting on the exact Super Bowl matchup.

As the season progresses and more games are played, oddsmakers will adjust the lines. A surging squad in November would see their odds to make it to the big game change to reflect their on-field performance. For instance, if the Chiefs had a rough start but then spend the next 10 weeks destroying their opponents, the odds will shift in their favor.

Exact Super Bowl Matchup Odds FAQ

What are exact Super Bowl matchup odds?

Exact Super Bowl matchup odds are essentially a prediction of which two NFL teams will be playing against each other in the Super Bowl. Oddsmakers set betting lines on which team will represent the AFC in the NFL championship, and which team will represent the NFC in the big game.

How are exact Super Bowl matchup odds determined?

Exact Super Bowl matchup odds are determined as the season progresses. As more games are played, oddsmakers will modify the lines to reflect teams’ performances on-field. The better a team plays, the more favorable their odds will become of being one half of the Super Bowl matchup. If a team falls apart down the stretch of the regular season, the odds will shift in the other direction as well.

What are the odds on Super Bowl matchups?

Bovada has the Chiefs over Rams as the likeliest outcome on the board at +240 in exact Super Bowl matchup odds and results. The Super Bowl 56 matchup best bet is followed by Rams over Chiefs (+300) and Chiefs over 49ers (+450). It's clear Vegas likes Kansas City and Los Angeles to meet in the big game.